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  • Title
    [Panorama of Newcastle : watercolour drawings attributed to Edward Close]
  • Creator
  • Call number
    PXD 576
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  • Physical Description
    Drawings - watercolour, panoramic drawing on 7 sheets which have been laid onto cloth backing. Paper has been cut in 3 equidistant places to enable the drawing to be folded - 41.5 x 364 (approx.) cm.
  • Access Conditions

    Access via appointment
  • Copying Conditions
    Out of copyright: Artist died before 1955
  • General note

    Attributed to Edward Close, whose signature appears on the work.
    This watercolour was for some years attributed to Sophia Campbell, after comparison with what appear to be preliminary drawings for it in a sketchbook held by the National Library of Australia (call no. PIC R7255 LOC 8631) which was said to be by Campbell.
    Edward Close was in Newcastle in June 1821. On 13 June 1821 he petitioned Governor Macquarie for a land grant in the Hunter district: 'In some late excursions from Newcastle some tracks of country have induced a change of profession...' State Records of NSW Fiche 23035 4/1826 no.25. Close arrived in NSW in 1817 with the 48th Regiment, and was transferred to Newcastle in the early 1820s to supervise engineering works there. Close was appointed engineer of public works at Newcastle in November 1821.
    The designation of Sophia Campbell as an artist, now discounted, was based on long-standing Campbell family history. In May 2009 a companion sketchbook was offered for sale by Sotheby's Australia. Careful examination of the internal evidence of this sketchbook revealed that the artist of both sketchbooks was not Campbell, but instead Edward Close.
    Digital order no:Album ID : 843942
    High resolution images available on request
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    N.B. This Corrobory [i.e. corroboree] has no business here as it is never danced in the day-time. Taken at and finished in Newcastle on Hunter River. June 11th 1821. E. C. Close -- in ink at bottom on third sheet from right
  • Topic
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  • Exhibited in

    The work of art - Australian women writers and artists - State Library of New South Wales (14 August, 1995 - 11 February, 1996)
    A Rage for Curiosity - State Library of New South Wales (September 1997 - January 1998)
    An unbroken view - early nineteenth century panoramas - State Library of New South Wales (June 2006 - October 2006). Applies to: Exhibited as photographic reproduction only.
    Grand Vistas - Panoramas from the collection - State Library of New South Wales (May 2022 - April 2023)

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