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  • Title
    Early engraved portraits relating to Australia
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    PXE 775
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    Partly Digitised : Nos. 8a, 17, 19, 20c, 27a, 32a, 32c, 32d, 33b, 36.
  • Physical Description
    0.03 metres of graphic and textual material - album (67 engravings, 15 photoprints, 1 textual material) - blue morocco with gilt designs embossed on covers and and gilt edges of 40 pages - 40.3 x 33.7 cm
    0.03 metres of textual material - 1 album - 1 volume of 288 roneoed pages bound in cloth-backed boards - 22.1 x 33.5 cm
  • Scope and Content
    Volume 1

    2. Philips de derde (Phillip III, King of Spain) -- engraving
    3. William Dampier -- photoprint of oil painting (original in National Library of Australia)
    4. Captain William Dampier -- photoprint of engraving by Thomas Murray
    5a. Commissary John Palmer -- photoprint of late nineteenth century watercolour
    5b. Captain Arthur Phillip -- photoprint of late nineteenth century watercolour
    5c. Captain William Bligh -- photoprint of late nineteenth century watercolour
    5d. Captain Arthur Phillip -- photoprint of oil painting
    6. Capt.n James Cook F.R.S. -- 1784 aquatint by Francis Bartolozzi after John Webber
    7. Capt.n James King L.L.D. F.R.S. -- 1784 aquatint by Francis Bartolozzi after John Webber
    8a. Sir J.ph Banks (Voyageur-Naturaliste) -- stipple engraving after Ambroise Tardieu
    8b. Sir Joseph Banks Bart. -- line engraving by Wagstaff after Thomas Phillips
    8c. J. Banks -- 1835 line engraving by Hewrdiviller
    8d. Dr. solander. -- line engraving
    9. (Sir Joseph Banks) -- 1789 J. Collyer line engraving (without letters) after John Russell
    10. Sir George Young Kn.t Admiral of the White Squadron -- 1814 stiple engraving by Blood after John Smart
    11. Sr. Arthur Philip. Esqr. -- stipple engraving by Ermer?
    12. Captain John Hunter -- 1792 stipple engraving by D. Orme after Robert Dighton
    13. John Hunter -- photoprint of oil portrait by William Bennett (original now in National Library of Australia)
    14. Lieut.-Governor Francis Grose -- photoprint of engraving
    15a. Lieut.t Shortland. -- stipple engraving by W. Sherwin after S. Shelley
    15b. David Collins Esqr. -- 1804 stipple engraving by A. Cardon after miniature by J.T. Barber
    16a. Captain Phillip Gidley King -- photoprint of late nineteenth century wood engraving
    16b. Surgeon Thomas Jamison -- photoprint of late nineteenth century (probably) oil painting
    16c. Governor Lachlan Macquarie -- oil painting sometimes said to be Governor Macquarie (original is at Windsor Court House)
    16d. Admiral Hervey -- photoprint of oil painting
    17. Perouse -- line engraving by Mague
    18. Lis Ane de Bougainville -- lithograph by de Delpech
    19. L. A. Bougainville -- line engraving by Forget
    20a. Rene Primevere Lesson -- 1827 line engraving by Ambroise Tardieu
    20b. Dr Balmain -- photoprint of oil painting
    20c. Bougainville Cook La Perouse Baudin Navigateurs-Decouvreurs -- 1836 line engraving
    21. George Shaw -- stipple engraving by Ambroise Tardieu
    22a. Major James George Semple Lisle -- line engraving
    22b. George Barrington -- 1801 stipple engraving by S. Chapman
    22c. Thomas Townsend Viscount Sydney -- photoprint of oil painting [possibly that in the Dixson Galleries at DG 191]
    22d. Major James George Semple Lisle -- 1799 stipple engraving by Harding
    23a. George Barrington, Late Officer of the Peace, at Parramatta -- 1803 stipple engraving
    23b. George Barrington. -- line engraving
    23c. David Brown Dingham George Barrington drawn from the life -- 1777 (London Magazine) line engraving
    23d. George Barrington, As He appear'd at the Bar of the Old Bailey, Drawn by an Artist during the Trial -- line engraving
    24a. Jos. Hunt. Aged. 27 -- 1823 etching
    24b. Joseph Hunt. -- etching
    24c. Jno. Thurtell. Jos. Hunt. W.m Probert. -- etching
    25a. Thomas White Midshipman at the Bar of the high Court of Justiciary for the Murder of William Jones Seaman on the Shore of Lieth on the 15th of June 1814. -- 1814 line engraving by J. Kay
    25b. W.m Probert Jos. Hunt. Jno. Thurtell -- line engraving
    26. Allan Cunningham -- photoprint of A. Pickens' lithograph
    27a. Capt: James Cook. F.R.S. -- 1790 line engraving by T. Hollonray after Nathaniel Dance
    27b. (James Cook commemorative medal designed by Lewis Pingo and struck by Royal Society in 1784) -- 1785 line engraving
    27c. Capt: James Cook, F.R.S. -- 1780 line engraving by J. Collyer after Nathaniel Dance
    27d. J. Cook. -- line engraving by Pigeot
    28a. Captain James Cook, F.R.S. -- hand coloured line engraving
    28b. Captain James Cook -- 1821 line engraving by Cosmo Armstrong after Nathaniel Dance
    28c. Capt: James Cook -- 1784 hand coloured line engraving
    28d. Captain James Cook -- stipple engraving by W. Holl after Nathaniel Dance
    29. (Lieut. Col. Molesworth Phillips) -- etching by A. Geddes
    30. James Cook -- 1788 line engraving by J. F. Bolt after Nathaniel Dance
    31. Lord George Gordon, President of the Protestant Association -- 1780 line engraving by R. Bran
    32a. Joseph Gerrald A Delegate to the British Convention -- 1784 line engraving by J. Kay
    32b. George Mealmaker, Author of the "Moral and Political Catechism of Man" -- 1793 line engraving by J. Kay
    32c. Citizen Skirving Secretary to the British Convention - A Tried Patriot and an Honest Man. -- 1794 line engraving by J. Kay
    32d. Citizen Margarot Delegate from the London Corresponding Society to the British Convention -- 1794 line engraving by J. Kay
    33a. (The Telegraph) -- 1952 printed text of poem by Thomas Muir
    33b. Illustrious Martyr in the glorious cause of truth of freedom and of equal laws (Thomas Muir) -- 1793 line engraving by J. Kay
    33c. Thomas Muir -- line engraving
    34a. Rob.t Watt -- 1794 line engraving by J. Kay
    34b. Richard Parker -- stipple engraving by Tassaert
    34c. Gen. Holt. The Leader of the Irish Rebels. -- line engraving
    34d. David Downe -- 1794 line engraving by J. Kay
    35a. Charles Sinclair. A Delegate to the British Convention -- 1794 line engraving by J. Kay
    35b. Citizen M. C. Browne. Delegate from the Sheffield & Leeds Const.l Soc.s to the British Convention. -- 1794 line engraving by J. Kay
    35c. Sir Joseph Banks. Bar.t K.B.: P.R.S. OB. 1820. -- Line engraving by H. Robinson after Sir Thomas Lawrence
    36. Laperous (La Perouse) -- hand coloured line engraving by Blanche
    37a. Captain Cook -- stipple engraving by Thomson
    37b. A Man Publickly Whipped in the Sessions House Yard in the Old Bailey -- line engraving
    37c. John Tawell -- wood engraving from The Pictorial Times, London, 1845
    38a. Sir Phillip Stephens Bt. -- photoprint of engraving
    38b. Dr. Hawkesworth. -- stipple engraving by Holl
    38c. Charles Lord Hawkesbury -- 1791 line engraving by C. Warren
    38d. The Monument erected in St. Pauls Cathedral to the Honory of Captains Mosse & Riou -- 1806 line engraving by S. Rawle (frontispiece to European Magazine vol. 49)
    38e. Rev.d J. Beazley. Sydney. New South Wales -- line engraving by J. Cochran from a photograph
    39a. John Hawkesworth, L.L.D. one of the editors of Cooks First Voyage -- line engraving
    39b. Captain James King, L.L.D. F.R.S. Capt.n Cook's Coadjutor in his Third & Last Voyage -- Line engraving
    39c. Sir Philip Stevens Bar.t -- 1810 stipple engraving by W. Ridley (published in the European Magazine)
    39d. The Right Honorable George Rose -- 1818 stipple engraving by T. Blood after Wivell

    Volume 2
    Titled "Portraits of people connected with Australia, New Zealand and the South Seas from 1579 to 1960 (with a few additions from Public Collections) in the Rex de. C. Nan Kivell collection ... by Rex de C. Nan Kivell, London, 1962".
    It is described as "Draft only of Text". The text is very close to that finally published in "Portraits of the Famous and Infamous"
  • Copying Conditions
    Out of copyright:
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
  • Description source

    One album of portrait engravings and one volume of descriptive text compiled by Rex Nan Kivell and Sydney Spence.
  • Variant title

    Nos. 9, 27b, 33a title designated by cataloguer.
  • General note

    These albums were compiled approximately 1962 by Rex Nan Kivell and Sydney Spence, from Nan Kivell's personal collection, and formed the basis of their book, "Portraits of the Famous and Infamous", London, 1970, Ref.1/F704.942/1A Mitchell Library
    Digital order no: Album ID : 823516
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  • Exhibited in

    Any news of La Perouse? - State Library of New South Wales (August - October 2005). Applies to: vol.1 p.36
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