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  • Title
    Alexander Grant - glass negatives and lantern slides chiefly of the Botanic Gardens, Sydney, ca. 1895-1902
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    ON 169
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  • Date

    ca. 1895-1902
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  • Physical Description
    Photographs - 71 glass photonegatives - 8.5 x 11 cm.
    Photographs - 44 lantern slides - 8.5 x 8.5 cm.

    Gardener, Alexander Grant (1845-1906), was born at Cullen, Banffshire, Scotland. He served his apprenticeship in the gardens of the Earl of Seafield, Cullen House, Banffshire. After arriving in New South Wales, Grant worked as a gardener for Thomas Walker, at Yaralla, Concord; Alex. Campbell of Rosemont, Ocean Street; and Mr Tooth of Darling Point.
    From 1882 Grant was employed in the Botanic Gardens, Sydney as a propagator. He specialised in fungi and did mycological work for the Department of Agriculture. He was vice-president of the Horticulture Association from its foundation.
    For further details see PXn 876, Mitchell Library.
  • Scope and Content
    1. [Deaf Dumb and Blind Institute, City Road, Darlington]
    2-3. [Wishing Tree, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    4. [Australian Museum, College Street]
    5. [Memorial, Mrs Macquarie's Point]
    6. [Statue `The Discus Thrower', Royal Botanic Gardens]
    7. [Statue Sir Richard Bourke]
    8. [Medical School, Sydney University]
    9. [Statue, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    10. [Gate, Royal Botanic Gardens, cnr. Bent/Macquarie Streets]
    11. [6 females (daughter-in-law Jean Wilson & sisters?) ca 1898]
    12. [Alexander Grant in Fern House, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    13. [Alexander Grant outside his residence, Mrs Macquarie's Rd]
    14. [William Brodie Grant (Snr.), Alexander Grant's son in Scots College cadet uniform ca 1902]
    15. [Woolloomooloo Bay]
    16. [Eastern Market and Eastern Market Hotel]
    17. [Shed, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    18. [Seed beds and propagating frames, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    19. [Statue, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    20. [St Stephens Church and Rum Hospital, Macquarie Street]
    21. [Statue, `Mercury' Royal Botanic Gardens]
    22. [Potted palm and water pump]
    23. [Museum from Aviary, Royal Botanic Gardens] (see 110)
    24. [William Brodie Grant, Scots College cadet, 1902]
    25. [William Brodie Grant, November 1902]
    26. [J. H. Maiden in Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    27. [Museum and Aviary, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    28. [Statue, `Captain Cook', Hyde Park]
    29. [Gates, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    30. [Statue `Apollino' Royal Botanic Gardens] (see 86)
    31. [Cottage off Mrs Macquarie's Road]
    32. [Statue `Ceres', Royal Botanic Gardens]
    33. [3 females at Herbarium door]
    34. [Statue `Architecture' Royal Botanic Gardens]
    35. [Margaret Grant and her son William Brodie Grant on bridge in Royal Botanic Gardens] (see 106)
    36. [Statue, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    37. [Building, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    38. [Statue, Wynyard Square ?]
    39. [Glass house, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    40. [Margaret Grant on back verandah of house, Mrs Macquarie's Road] (see 83)
    41. [Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens] (see 85)
    42. [Copy negative cottages in Britain] (see 91)
    43. [Australian Club, cnr. Bent / Macquarie Streets]
    44. [Australian Club, Governor Bourke Statue] (see 74)
    45. [William Brodie Grant (snr.) in academic gown 1902]
    46. [Cottage, Mrs Macquarie's Road]
    47-48. [Bridge with waterfall, Royal Botanic Gardens] (see 95)
    49-50. [View in Royal Botanic Gardens]
    51. [Urn in Royal Botanic Gardens]
    52. [3 females outside Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    53. [Ferry to `Mossmans Bay']
    54-55. [Fungi] (see 94 & 107)
    56. [3 females]
    57. [Statue, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    58. [Sydney Harbour]
    59. [Oxford Street (now Whitlam Square)]
    60. [Colonial Secretary's Office, Macquarie Street]
    61. [Fungi]
    62. [Ivy covered wall]
    63. [Pond and statue, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    64. [3 females and 2 males, including William Brodie Grant]
    65. [Alexander Grant?]
    66. [William Brodie Grant and 3 females]
    67. [Office interior, Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    68. [Museum, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    69. [William Street, looking east]
    70. [William Brodie Grant (snr.), Scots College cadet]
    71. [Alexander Grant in fernery, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    72. Cullan House, [Banffshire, Scotland] (G. W. Wilson photo)
    73. [Pressed specimen of fern(?)]
    74. [Australian Club and Sir Richard Bourke statue] (see 44)
    75. [William Brodie Grant and Robert Montgomery Wilson]
    76. [Fungi] (see 101)
    77. Cullen, [Scotland] (G. W. Wilson photo)
    78. Woolloomooloo from Cottage window 1899
    79. Woolloomooloo Bay April 1899
    80. [A. Grant's house Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney 1901]
    81. [St. Patricks Seminary, Manly]
    82. [Bananas, Royal Botanic Gardens]
    83. [Margaret Grant on back verandah of house, Mrs Macquaries Road] (see 40)
    84. Weigh-house, Haarlem (G. W. Wilson photo)
    85. [Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens] (see 41) [broken]
    86. [Statue, `Apollino', Royal Botanic Gardens] (see 30)
    87. Ivy Bridge, Cullen House [Banffshire, Scotland] (G. W. Wilson photo)
    88. [Path through palms, Royal Botanic Gardens] (see 96)
    89. [St. Mary's Cathedral]
    90. St. John's College, Cambridge University
    91. [Cottages, Britain] (see 420)
    92. Dunnoltar Castle (G. W. Wilson photo)
    93. [engraving, John Wesley?]
    94. [Fungi] Schizophyllum commune 6/99 B.G.S. [Royal Botanic Gardens] Dead Wood no. 1. (see 54)
    95. [Bridge and Waterfall, Royal Botanic Gardens] (see 48)
    96. [Path through palms, Royal Botanic Gardens] (see 88)
    97. Dirleton Castle (G. W. Wilson photo)
    98. [Engraving, unknown male]
    99. The "Parallel Roads" in Glen Roy [Scotland] (G. W. Wilson photo)
    100. [Engraving of bridge]
    101. [Fungi] (see 76)
    102. Cullen House from the South [Banffshire, Scotland] (G. W. Wilson photo)
    103. The "Bow Fiddle Rock", Cullen, [Scotland] (G. W. Wilson photo)
    104. Bridge Street, Sydney
    105. [Bridge and waterfall, Royal Botanic Gardens] (see 47)
    106. Mrs Margaret Grant with son, William Brodie Grant Snr. (see 35)
    107. [Fungi] (see 55)
    108. Miss G. L. Rockery, B.G.S. [Botanic Gardens Sydney] Feb. 1899
    109. W. B. Grant, B. Gardens Oct. 26 1902
    110. Museum from Aviary B.G.S. [Botanic Gardens Sydney] 1895 (see 23)
    111. House from Museum B.G.S. [Botanic Gardens Sydney] Nov. 1899
    112. Pond, Royal Botanic Gardens
    113. Man with baskets, Mrs Macquarie's Point
    114. [Statue], `Meleager pupil of Chiron' [Royal Botanic Gardens]
    115. [Statue] `Meleager' [Royal Botanic Gardens]
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