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    Thornbury Family Collection
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    The Thornbury family included Nathaniel Henry Thornbury (1808-1881), his son Edward Barton (1850-1899), and Edward's wife Pauline and their four children.
    Edward Thornbury was born at Malabar Hill in India in 1850. He studied Civil Engineering at the Zurich Polytechnic, Switzerland. He graduated in 1870. During the 1870s he worked in railway construction in Hungary, and undertook survey work for railways in Africa in the Bulawayo region surveying the line from Durban to Johannesburg.
    In 1880 he migrated to Australia and worked as a surveyor in New South Wales. In 1881 he sent for his family. His wife Pauline and their four children, Henry Frank, possibly known as Frank, (d. 1970), Edward Barton Stanley (d. 1964), Ellen Marguerite (Daisy) and Paulina Bertha, travelled to Sydney as saloon class passengers on the City of Adelaide, arriving in July 1881.
    Two more children, Ruby Muriel (b. 1885) and Gladys I. (b. 1888), were born in New South Wales.
    Paula was accompanied by her father-in-law, Nathaniel Henry Thornbury, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in His Majesty's Indian Army, and her widowed sister-in-law, Mrs Grace Mallock. Nathaniel died en route and was buried at sea off Cape Town. Before his death he had drawn the family on board ship.
    Sources: PXn 846 ; www.familysearch.org
  • Scope and Content
    1870s; Carte de visite, Edward Barton Thornbury (Call No.: P1/Thornbury, Edward Barton)
    1876-1877, 1880-1883; Diaries (Call No.: MLMSS 5565)
    1881; Watercolour drawing, Thornbury family on board ship, City of Adelaide (Call No.: SV/6 ; previously located at SV*/Ships/6 )
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