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  • Title
    Collection 1: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras records, 1978-1994
  • Call number
    MLMSS 5977
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    SERIES 1: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras records

    BOX 1
    Annual Reports; Constitution, 1983; Certificate of Incorporation, 1981-1993; Thesis (by Kym Seebohm) and Evaluation (by Ian Marsh and John Greenfield), 1990; Evaluation - Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras: an evaluation of its economic impact by John Greenfield, 1993 (MLMSS 5977/1)

    BOXES 2-3
    Mardi Gras Guides - iincludes advertisers' accounts and contracts, advertising copy, artwork/graphics, quotes, distribution, editorial originals and subbed, correspondence, 1982-1994 (MLMSS 5977/2-3)

    Mardi Gras Newsletters, 1983-1992 (MLMSS 5977/3)

    BOXES 4-10
    Newspapers and Magazines
    The Galah, 1989-1990; Oxford Weekender News, 1983-1984; The Sydney Star, 1979-; The Star, 1982-1985; Green Park Observer, 1983 (MLMSS 5977/4); Sydney Star Observer, 1987-1992 (MLMSS 5977/5-6); Melbourne Star Observer, 1988-1991 (MLMSS 5977/7); Village Voice, 1986-1990 (MLMSS 5977/8); Campaign, 1986-1990; Outrage, 1984-1989 (MLMSS 5977/9); Miscellaneous - includes Catch 22, Westside Observer, Vertigo, 1987-1993 (MLMSS 5977/10)

    BOXES 11-12
    Newscuttings, 1994 (Call No.: ML MSS 5977/11-12)

    BOXES 13-25 Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files), 1980-1993

    BOX 13
    Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files) - includes P.S. Your Cat is Dead; Patry ticket, Who Stole My Closet; Our Lives OUrselves Festival, Media Contacts Australian and overseas; FIlm Festival; Festival Art Exhibition; Minutes (promotion & marketing); Newsletters; Other organisations; Postcards; Posters and Logos; Sylvester tour; Luna Park; Front Bag Registration mailout; Questionnaire, 1980-1986

    BOX 14
    Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files) - Includes Logos, Enquiries from overseas, Audiovisual, Promotional Pack, Sponsorship, Marketing & Promotions, Market Research, Report, Programme, Press Release, Writers, Forum, Pulp and Circumstance, Calendar, Secretary/correspondence, 1986-1987

    BOX 15
    Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files) - includes Robin Tyler Season, Return to Lesbos, Film Guide; Vito Russell & Gay FIlm Festival, Exhibition-Rosslyn Oxley 9 Gallery; Gay Sensibilities Forum; Opening Night, Fundamental Attack; Birthday-David Wilkins, State Film Library; Newscuttings, Awards, Admin.& Community History, Media; General, Wicked Women Gardening Competition, Birthday, 1988-1989

    BOX 16
    Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files) - includes Pink Summers, No Reassessing NOrmal, Correspondence, Quilt Project, Pink Ink, Vita-a Fantasy, Lesbian Perforamnce & Theatre Info, Kathy Triffitt Exhibitition, Romansky & Philips, Topp Twins, 1989-1990

    BOX 17
    Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files) - includes Blood & Honour, Forums, Drawing the Line Exhibition, Witch Theatre, Film Festival, Cabaret Club, SBS, Visual Arts General, Lesbians on Parade, Outlines Proposal, Parade Publicity, Promotions & Publicity, Police Department, Guide Tenders, 1989-1990

    BOX 18
    Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files) - includes ticketing & accounts, Parade Co-ordinator, Parade, Committee & General Personal & General, Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby, General Correspondence, David Jones, Publicity, Birthday, Caps, Promotional Material, 1989-1990

    BOX 19
    Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files) - includes Correspondence, Anti-Discrimination Board, Staffing, Job Vacancies, Robin Tyler/Linda Gerard, Community Cultural Development Application, Agreements/Contracts/Accounts, Litigation, Admin. Sub-Committee, C.Revai, Administration, 1989-1990.

    BOX 20
    Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files) - includes Mailing lists, Radio Skid Row, Advertising, Street Watch, Gay Games, Police/Gay Liason, Correspondence, Board, 1990

    BOX 21
    Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files) - includes Counteraid, Bent, Cash Advance/Float, Darling Harbour, Personnel, General Correspondence, Newscuttings, Trade, Grants, Contracts/Agreements, Members, Office Manager Applications, Australia Council, Flags/Banners, 1990

    BOX 22
    Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files) - includes Video, Party Photographs (Peter Elfes), Gaywaves Radio, Gay Pride Comic, Miscellaneous, Pink Passes Artwork, Awards Night, Umbrella Events, Fair Day, 1990

    BOX 23
    Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files) - includes Publicity, Sport, Exhibitions & Film Festival, Belvoir Street Shows, Photographs, Costume Olympics, Penny Clifford, ATAEA, Printing Artwork, Festival, Carnival Products, General, Community Events, Community Groups, 1990

    BOX 24
    Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files) - includes Belvoir Street Shows, Festival Documents & Correspondence, Reports & Evaluations, Calendar, Fair Day-Glebe, Blood & Honour (Alex Harding), Costume Olympics, 1990

    BOX 25
    Festival - Parties, Performances, Promotion (files) - includes Mailing List, Kissing Booth, Background Notes, Flyers, Newscuttings, Calendar, Poster, Sponsors, Publicity, Tender, News Express, 1991-1993

    BOXES 26-29
    Scripts of plays for submission, 1988-1991 (MLMSS 5977/26-29)

    BOXES 30-32
    T-Shirts and Caps, 1986-1994 (MLMSS 5977/30-32)

    BOXES 33-35
    Miscellaneous Ephemera - includes badges, stickers, flyers, invitations, programs, letterhead, handbills, brochures 1988-1994 (MLMSS 5977/33-35)

    BOX 36
    Fred Nile Marches, 1989-1990 (MLMSS 5977/36)

    BOX 37
    Sleaze Ball - includes press releases, newscuttings, correpondence, minutes, general business, radio log. Also include some material concerning Bent, birthday and other parties (see also Boxes 12-18), 1982-1990 (MLMSS 5977/37)

    BOXES 38-41
    Parade - includes newscuttings, correspondence, badge designs, Task Group, parade route, press releases, meetings, minutes, police, marshals, interviews, floats, reports, work notes etc., 1978-1992 (MLMSS 5977/38-41)

    BOXES 42-66 - General Administration (files), 1980-1993

    BOX 42
    General Administration (files), Mardi Gras Task Group '80, Lance Gowland, General, 1980-1983

    BOX 43
    General Administration (files), Community Arts Grant, Fax Copies, Functions Licences, Functions R. A. S., Security Licences, Performing Rights, Budget Claim, Lease Newtown, Lease Brown Lane, Premises Brown Lane, Reports and Procedures, Grant Information, Correspondence and Business '84, General Business, Telexes, Reports, Bicentennial Authority, 1983-1990

    BOX 44
    General Administration (files), Advertising and Promotion, Miscellaneous Correspondence, General Sleaze Ball, Twenty-Ten Party , Gordon Frost Organisation, Other Organisations / Groups, Correspondence In, Workshop, ADB, Gay Mardi Gras Committee, 1984-1985

    BOX 45
    General Administration (files), Committee, Messages of support, Membership Forms, Correspondence In and Out, Correspondence Received, Constitution, Protest Actions-Legal Rights, Old Papers, Police / Gay Liason, ID cards, General, Minutes, 1985-1986

    BOX 46
    General Administration (files), Correspondence Out (Administration), Correspondence In and Out (Guide), Editorial (Guide), Advertisers' Contracts, Calendar Distribution, Brochure / Handbills, ALSO, Community Employment Program, Membership Records and Forms, Advertisements, Minutes (Administration), Secretary's Reports, 1986 Sleaze Ball, Donations, Australia Council, AIDS Council of NSW, AIDS Research Project, Community Relations, General, 1986-1987

    BOX 47
    General Administration (files), Invitation Lists, Correspondence, San Francisco Band Foundation, Complaints, Support Messages, Promotions - handbills / posters, Promotions - T Shirts, Gay and Lesbian Bands of America, Committee, AGM - agenda / reports / ballot, AGM - nominees' credentials, Newsletters '87 from other organisations, Entertainment Overseas, Ticketing '88 Correspondence, Parade / Workshop Reports, Minutes / Reports / Policies / Budgets, 1986-1988

    BOX 48
    General Administration (files), Promotions Officer, Tourism, Executive Director, Office Assistant, IGTA, Executive Director Applications, AM_STA, STA Travel Costume Olympics, AM to Bruce Pollack, Cases and Statistics - AIDS, SGMGA-Grant Applications, Hordern Pavilion, Editorial Unsubbed (Guide), Employment of Entertainers, AM-Current, Taxation Liability Reports, Security, 1986-1988

    BOX 49
    General Administration (files), NSW Tourism Awards Application, Promotions - Tourism, General Press Releases, Resignations, Marks Croker and Cheetham, Financial Management Letter from Auditors, Workshop, Promotions - questionnaires, Guide Distribution, Guide Quotes, 1986-1988

    BOX 50
    General Administration (files), Guide - correspondence and planning, Sleaze '87, Annual Statements '86, Letterhead, Workshop, David Ryan, Arts Policy, Info Folder and Contents, Copyright Clothing, Theatrical Employers Permit, Review '90, Tourism, Correspondence '89-'90, Pride, Team Leaders and Marshalls, Larrikin Survival Kit, Incorporation, Constitutional Matters,Royal Agricultural Society, 1986-1990

    BOX 51
    General Administration (files), Legal, Insurance, Tickets, Office Equipment, Flag sponsorship, Guides to be Sent, Festival '90 - artists / performers / publicity, Poster, General, 1986-1990

    BOX 52
    General Administration (files), Committee Minutes '87, Festival '87, Treasurer's Reports / Audits, Parade Entries, Executive Director's Reports, Sleaze Ball, Grants, General, 1987

    BOX 53
    General Administration (files), Cabaret, Meetings and Reports, Art Exhibition, Executive Director, Calendar, Advertising Rates, Ticketing, Sub Committee, Party and Sleaze Ball Report, Correspondence In (Sleaze Ball), Front Bag, MG Association Committee Meeting Minutes, Correspondence 88, 1987-1988

    BOX 54
    General Administration (files), Poster 88, Guide 88, Correspondence In and Out (Party), Correspondence In and Out (Festival), Advertising Arrangement, AFTRS, Correspondence In and Out (Promotions), Quotes (Promotions), Administration Committee Reports, Performers, General, 1987-1989

    BOX 55
    General Administration (files), Correspondence In and Out, Sleaze, Winter Party, Complimentary Lists, AIDS Council of NSW, Marketing and Promotions, General, 1988

    BOX 56
    General Administration (files), Administration 88, Memo and Articles of Association - Drafts, Tony Westmore and Paul Young Discussions, Awards Night Program 89, Applications for Executive Director, Applications for Art Director, Police / Gay Liason, Applications for Festival Director and Events Director, Anti-Discrimination Board Gay Consultation, Grants, Party Letters, Clover Moore, Standard Agreements, General, 1988-1989

    BOX 57
    General Administration (files), Auditor's Report, Candidates' Credentials - AGM, With Compliments Slips and Letterhead, Press Clippings, Annual Reports, AGM, 1989 Package sent to Members, Pride I Survey, Correspondence and Miscellaneous, Promotion Pack for Gay Travel Conference in Miami, Workshop Files, 1988-1990

    BOX 58
    General Administration (files), Annual General Meetings and Election, Mardi Gras Party, Parade Budget, Fax Transmissions, Moving Quotes, Anti-Mardi Gras Literature, Overseas Groups, Refurbish - Rushcutters Bay, Motorola, Correspondence, Meetings and Reports, General Minutes, 1989-1990

    BOX 59
    General Administration (files), Party, Reports and Minutes, Reports Appended to Board Minutes, G. M. 'S Working Copies of Minutes, 1989-1990

    BOX 60
    General Administration (files), Executive Director, Committee Meeting, 4 April 1990, The Directory, Incorporation of Mardi Gras, Minutes (Administration), Pink List Mardi Gras Party, Workshop - Cath, Awards Sponsorship, Administration Current, Budget, Security System, Management Report from SKOAP, 1990

    BOX 61
    General Administration (files), Newsletter, Merchandise, Committee Nominations, Committee Meeting, 13 February 1990, General Manager's Appointment, Murders, Darling Harbour Authority, Section Leader, Reports, Streetwatch, 1990

    BOX 62
    General Administration (files), Minutes, Correspondence and Miscellaneous Material, Press, Tickets, Parade 90, Pride III, Pride, Raine and Horne, Crystal, Terry Goulden Personal File, 1990

    BOX 63
    General Administration (files), The Production Manual, 1990

    BOX 64
    General Administration (files), Reports / Guide / Sleaze Ball, Reports Appended to Board Minutes, Rangers, Acoustical Compliance Monitoring Sleaze Ball, 1990-1991

    BOX 65
    General Administration (files), Pridetime, ATS Pacific, Movies, Report on the Parade, Correspondence, Dewtrust, Reports, Minutes and Agendas, General, Enmore, Dasett, Australia Post, Xmas Party, Girls, P. Wells, Staff Minutes, Office Manager, RAS, Bent Over, D. A. Boundary Street, Police Liason, Mardi Gras Party, Australia Council, Programs to Assistance, Tickets and Rangers, General, Application for Festival Director, 1991-1992

    BOX 66
    General Administration (files), Liquor Administration Board Enquiry, includes correspondence, submissions supporting statements etc., 1993

    BOX 67
    Mardi Gras Ranger Uniform (MLMSS 5977/67)

    The families we choose'. Radio program produced by Tim McNamara for 2SER-FM. Program 2 of series 'We are family', ten radio programs that explore the diversity of contemporary families in Australia and examine the issues and challenges they face' (Call No.: MLOH 173/1)

    Series 2: Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Limited photographs and slides of parades and festival events

    Series 3: Mardi Gras Parade films
    1. Mardi Gras Parade - Orff - Carmina Buran; Stormy Weather; Have Nothing (VT 478) - 8mm film
    2. Mardi Gras Parade - Jeff Duff Orchestra. Walk on the Wild SIde-Sleaze Version (VT 479) - 8mm film
    3. Mardi Gras parade and party, 1991 (VT 480)
    4. Mr Star presents Mardi Gras, 1992 (VT 481)

    POSTERS (86)
    Collection of posters promoting the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and associated events. Also includes AIDS and violence to Gays and Lesbians, 1981-1994. (Call no: POSTERS 452-469)
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    Restricted - This collection contains confidential, personal and/or culturally sensitive information: Written authority is required from Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Please contact Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras at Address: 94 Oxford St Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia 2010 Phone: (02) 9383 0900 Email: reception@mardigrasarts.org.au The Library requires you to sign an ‘Undertaking with regard to access’ for this collection to protect the privacy of individuals. This form will be supplied to you prior to access. Guidelines for accessing sensitive collections.
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    Information transferred from the Oral History Accession Register as part of the eRecords Project, 2011-2012
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    A detailed contents list of the above record series is available in the Mitchell Library, at MLMSS 5977.
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