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    Lawson family papers, 1848-1926
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    DLMSQ 209
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    after 1848-1926
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    0.07 metres of textual material (1 box) - manuscript, typescript, printed, clippings

    Louisa Lawson was born at Mudgee, N.S.W. in 1848. She married Nils Hertzberg Larsen, known as Peter Lawson. Their children included, Henry 1867, Charles 1869, Peter 1873 and Getrude 1877. Louisa Lawson produced three journals of note: 'The Republican', edited by her son Henry, 'Dawn' which was a feminist publication, and 'Young Australia'. In 1889 she issued invitations to a meeting which marked the beginning of women's suffrage in Sydney. Her poetry was published mainly in the Sydney press. She died on 12 August 1920 in Sydney.
  • Scope and Content
    Louisa Lawson
    Item 1: Typescript volume of poems (84 pages)
    Includes The Exile, The flower and the book, Once more, Man's love, Love not. To a friend, Baby's troubles, The common lot, A nation's woe, Uloola, Baa Mee. Seddon, Wattle gold, World weary, A misunderstanding, From the hearts watch tower, Gone, The old brown hen, The flight of the nightingales, May pity women, Earth worn, A loves quarrel, They are taking the old piano, After many days, The shadow of the grass, We walk alone, Castles in the air, Queen of the weir, One day in December, Toll at the earth and sea, The song of the owls love, An Australian hero, Inspiration, Welcome rain, Christmas bash, At close of the day, The wayfarer, Found in the swamps, God's own, Golden gully, Visions and voices, Oblation, Life's dues, The War Torch, The women of the bush, It is blessed to live, For his sake, Australia Felix, The Harbour flag, Sweet Australia, Life, life battles, Life clues

    Item 2: Press clippings of verses published in the Sydney press, `a Coronation ode [for King George V]. Sydney : Coffill & Co [1910]; Memorium card with poem printed on it `Mary, beloved and only child of P & K Toohey', some manuscript and typescript verses (29 pages). Poems include: Australia Felix, Baa Mee, Uloola, Bring them home, The lonely man, Willow witches, Toll of the earth and sea, It is blessed to live, Richard Seddon, Jack the Hatter
    Item 3: Early history of Hartley : its rise and decline / W. D. O'Sullivan. Sydney : Worker Trade Union Print, 1913, with handwritten notes by Louisa Lawson on the cover.
    Item 4: Bank book belonging to Louisa Lawson, showing state of current account with the Union Bank of Australia Limited, 9 January 1901-2 November 1903
    Item 5: Bank book belonging to Louisa Lawson, showing state of current account with the Union Bank of Australia Limited, Sydney. 2 November 1903-20 December 1911; with loose pages for 29 February to 29 July 1912
    Item 6: Memorandum of agreement between Henry Lawson, Charles Lawson, Getrude Eloisa O'Connor and Peter James Lawson, children of Louisa Lawson to share her estate which had been willed to Peter James Lawson, 31 March 1921

    Peter H. Lawson
    Item 7: Bank book belonging to Peter H. Lawson showing state of current account with the Australian Joint Stock Bank, Mount Victoria, 16 January-31 December 1888

    Henry Lawson
    Item 8: Correspondence from NSW. Premier's Dept. relating to the memorial for Henry Lawson to Peter James Lawson and Louisa Lawson, 8 September 1922-6 January 1926
    Item 9: Newspaper article `To honor Lawson, Redfern renames Street', Evening News, 2 February 1923, pg. 10
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    Out of copyright:
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
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    Information transferred from Dixson Manuscript Card Catalogue as part of the eRecords Project, 2011-2012.
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    Transferred from DLADD 29
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