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  • Title
    Item 03: Althouse & Geiger Pty Ltd : painters, signwriters, silk screen printers, advertising & exhibition display specialists [album of original illustrations and photographs], ca. 1945-1959
  • Call number
    PXE 1514/Box 2
  • Level of description
  • Date

    ca. 1945-1959
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Scope and Content
    'Althouse & Geiger Pty. Ltd. Painters Signwriters Silk Screen Printers Advertising & Exhibition Display Specialists' in gold stamping on leatherette album.
    Includes Althouse & Geiger illustrated promotional material bound in 3-ring binder, original artwork in watercolour, tempera, photograph graphs and lithographic and other printed material. Location identified as Sussex Street, Sydney. Includes signs, brackets for signs, cut out letters, display units, exhibition work, fluorescent signs, letter types, legibility, metal work, murals, painting, pennants, plastics, 'Scotchlite', show ribbons, silk screen and signwriting. Most material undated, ca. post-1945 to the latest date noted 1959.

    p.1 Table of contents

    pp.2-6 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.7 Union House, George St, cleaning process / Milton Kent
    Black & white photograph

    p.8 Althouse & Geiger artwork

    p.9 Hordern Bros, George St, decorated for Queen Elizabeth visit, 1954
    2 contact prints, colour

    pp.10-12 Althouse & Geiger artwork

    Atlantic petrol station, signage
    Black & white photograph
    William A. Cooney, signage on motorcar
    Black & white photograph
    Leonard Refrigeration, signage on van,
    Black & white photograph
    Robbialic paints, signage, building
    Black & white photograph

    p.14 Althouse & Geiger artwork

    p.15 Collins Bibles, display / W.F. Sedgwick
    Black & white photograph

    p.16 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.17 Grimley Ltd, signage on van

    p.18 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    Osram, billboard scale signage
    Black & white photograph
    Elder, Smith and Co., building signage
    Black & white photograph
    Streatfield Press, building signage
    Black & white photograph
    P & O, Union Line, building signage
    Black & white photograph

    p.20 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.21 Mural work
    2 black & white photographs

    p.22 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    Honour board
    Black & white photograph
    Robert Reid and Co, Ltd, selected retail signage
    Black & white photograph

    p.24 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.25 Johnson & Johnson, Tek toothbrush, illuminated signage
    Black & white photograph

    p.26 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.27 Heraldry

    p.28 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.29 Letter legibility samples

    p.30 Blank

    p.31 Arrows in signage

    p.32 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.33 May-Oatway Fire Alarms, mechanised signage

    p.34 Rosella, signage on van

    p.35 Australian Railways Union, banner
    Black & white photograph

    p.36 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.38 NASCO trade display and signage
    Black & white photograph

    Holden trade display and signage
    Black & white photograph
    Associated Film Printers, signage

    p.40 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.41 Fluorescent lettering signage

    pp.42-44 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    Water Board, display and signage
    Black & white photograph
    Scouting Association, diorama
    Black & white photograph

    pp.46-47 Scotchlite (3M) signage, Coca-Cola, Cottee’s, Shell, Scotch Tape, Exide, Craven A, VW

    p.48 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.49 Brass plate signage, E S & A, Royal Insurance, General Insurance

    p.50 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.51 Metal letters, Althouse & Geiger bldg, Hermann Haege Ltd bldg, Special Light Fittings shop
    3 black & white photographs

    p.52 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    pp.53-55 Plastic letters, Paul’s Opals

    p.56 Lighting brackets

    57. Blank page

    58. Althouse & Geiger illustration

    pp.59-63 Selected signage examples, North American and elsewhere, p.59-63
    A.D.M. Display units, available through Oswald Sealy, Australia, brochure (loose, p.63)

    p.64 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    pp.65-71 Silk screening, Barratts Licorice, Raynes, A & G, Woolworths, Hi-Top, Sea Hawk rod holder

    p.72 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    pp.73-74 Missing when received

    p.75 `W' design

    p.76 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.77 Show-cards, M.V. Manoora, Adelaide Steamship

    p.78 Untitled illustrations

    p.79 Yeronga, Wool Show display, 1959

    p.80 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.81 Native Americans, large-scale painting in progress on canvas, location not identified
    7 black & white photographs

    pp.82-83 B.J. Ball showrooms [interiors], Kent St, includes painting of Burnie Mills
    2 black & white photographs

    p.84 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    p.85 Cumberland County Council planning display, Town Hall, 1948
    Black & white photograph

    pp.86, 89 Stack and Company, motor show, Sydney Showground, 1955
    Buckle Motors, display shown in foreground of Stack and Company (p.89)
    2 black & white photographs of display and accompanying murals

    p.90 Althouse & Geiger illustration

    pp.91-92 Missing when received

    p.93 “Ingola” fabric, Ingot Mills Royal Easter Show, display, 1957
    Black & white photograph

    p.94 Maritime Services Board, motorised parade float, Waratah Spring Festival, 1957
    Black & white photograph

    pp.95-102 Pennants, felt; blazer pockets, club costume badges, examples include Canterbury Bankstown AAC, Port Hacking Sailing Club, Dulwich Hill Amateur Bicycle Club, Methodist Ladies College, Souvenir of Canberra, White Bay Power Station, Balmain A.S.C. and many others

    Perspectives for trade displays, BMC Astor Radio, BMC, W.S. Friend & Co. for Sydney Homes Exhibition, Ingot Mills, Humber Snipe, cyanotypes, unpaginated
  • Copying Conditions
    Copyright restrictions may apply: This collection has multiple rights owners
    Rights and Restrictions Information:: Photographs in this collection created before 1955 are all out of copyright. Photographs created after 1955 are in copyright for the life of creator plus 70 years.
    Please acknowledge: : Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and Courtesy copyright holder
  • Description source

    Collection listed and described by Dr Michael Bogle, 2014
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