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  • Title
    Contract of Sale for the paddle steamer Collaroy, sold by Thacker and Company to the Australasian Steam Navigation Company, Sydney, 4 February 1854
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    MLMSS 10082/Folder 1X
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  • Date

    4 February 1854
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    0.01 metres of textual material (1 outsize folder) - manuscript

    The Collaroy, an iron paddle steamer, was built in 1853 by John Laird and Company in Birkenhead, England for Thacker and Company, Sydney. In 1854, it was purchased by the Australasian Steam Navigation Company and operated for many years as a passenger vessel on the Hunter River trade. In 1879 it was sold to the Newcastle Steamship Company Ltd but ran ashore at Narrabeen close to Long Reef in 1881 during a dense fog. All 24 passengers and their luggage made it ashore in lifeboats. One of the sixteen crew members drowned. The livestock onboard, consisting of 40 pigs and 30 sheep, was successfuly landed and driven into a paddock close to the wreck. Despite strenuous efforts to move the stranded vessel off the beach, it was not refloated until 1884. During this period, the Collaroy was a great attraction and gave her name to this section of Narrabeen Beach and the suburb. After being refloated, the Collaroy was sold at auction, towed to Sydney for repairs and converted to a sailing ship. On its way to America in 1889 with a load of coal it encountered fog near the entrance to Eureka Harbour, California, and was wrecked.

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  • Collection history
    Found by a member of the public in a piece of antique furniture in 2010 and donated to the NSW Heritage Division
  • Scope and Content
    The Contract of Sale for the paddle steamer Collaroy consists of one double-sided page, a cover page and an envelope.

    It documents the terms of an agreement made between John Thacker and Arthur Cecil Daniell, merchants and company partners trading under the title of Thacker and Company of Sydney (the Vendors) and the Australasian Steam Navigation Company of Sydney (the Purchasers) dated 4 February 1854, while the vessel was still on its way from England to Sydney. The vessel was sold for twenty thousand pounds, subject to arrival.

    The Contract is signed by John Thacker and Arthur Cecil Danielle and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Australasian Steam Navigation Company.
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    Copyright status:: In copyright
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    Rights and Restrictions Information:: No publication without prior written approval of copyright holder
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and Courtesy copyright holder
  • Description source

    'Contract of Sale' is taken from the envelope and cover page.
  • Variant title

    Bill of Sale
  • Conservation note

    When donated to the NSW Heritage Division, the contract of sale was split down the centre along the folds. The Heritage Council of NSW arranged for its conservation prior to presenting it to the Library.
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    Amaze Gallery, 6 October 2018-2019 - State Library of New South Wales
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