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  • Title
    Sub-series 3: Work processes and equipment, 1910-1984
  • Call number
    PXD 1458
  • Level of description
  • Date

  • Type of material
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  • Physical Description
    196 photographs
  • Scope and Content
    This sub-series of photographs include images of activities related to the production and delivery of newspapers and include printing processes, printing presses, from the Columbian hand -operated press on which the Herald was first printed, to early Hoe steam driven flat- bed press and Hoe type- revolving press introduced to the herald office in 1859.
    Photos also include reporters rooms, the composing rooms in the hand -setting era. Linotype machines installed in 1903. Composing rooms with the battery of 47 Linotype machines. The arranging of the type in the form in which it appears in the morning paper. The methods of delivering the paper, by car, plane and other.
  • Copying Conditions
    Copyright restrictions may apply: Photographs created before 1955 are out of copyright. Photographs created after 1955 are in copyright. Drawings are out of copyright if creator died before 1955.  Drawings are in copyright if creator died after 1955
    Research & study copies allowed:
    Rights and Restrictions Information:: No publication without prior written approval of copyright holder
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and Courtesy Fairfax Media Ltd.

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