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    Murray family pictorial material, 1866-1887
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    PXE 1635
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    1 box (45 photographs) - black & white - various sizes.
    1 folder in box (textual material) - manuscript (handwritten)

    George Pultney Malcolm Murray was born at Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, on 13 October 1837 and he was educated privately at home. He arrived in Sydney with family in 1842 at the early age of 5 years. In 1854 Murray came to Maryorough and for 3 years engaged in pastoral pursuits. He was appointed 2nd lieutenant of native police in 1857, and formed their first camp on the Athelstane Range, near Murray's Lagoon, at the back of where Rockhampton now stands.

    He was promoted 1st lieutenant in command of the Northern division of Native Mounted Police in 1861. In 1866 Murray went to Springsure as chief inspector of police and in July 1872 was appointed police magistrate and gold warden of Clermont and Copperfield. He was transferred to the Warwick police magistracy in November 1877 and to Toowoomba in 1882. In 1893 was made assistant police magistrate at North Brisbane. He retired in 1904, and died in 1910.

    Mr. Murray was married in 1863 to a Miss Jardine, the issue being five sons and five daughters.
  • Scope and Content
    45 images mainly of Queensland Native Police; Mounted Police; Inspectors; Springsure, QLD; Mine at Peak Downs; public buildings in Blackall, QLD; Cooktown, QLD; G.P.M. Murray, wife and children.

    PXE 1635/Folder 1 (3 photographs)
    1. Group portrait of 5 police Inspectors, ca 1866, probably Springsure. Inscriptions on verso: Aulan L. Morisset, Sub-Inspector; Henry L. Finch, Acting Sub-Inspector; Chief Inspector, G.P.M. Murray; Charles P. Droken, Acting Sub-Inspector; I.B. Nutting, Acting Inspector
    2. Group portrait of 10 men, July 1, 1868, Springsure. Inscriptions on verso.
    Front row, left to right: M.C. Thomson, W.S. Paul, S.P.M. Murray, A. Henry, H.Z. Finch.
    Back row, left to right: M. Wormald, Hon. E. Ellis, I.B. Nutting, A. Kilgour & Mr. Morgan.
    3. Group portrait of 6 men, July 1, 1868, Springsure. Inscriptions on verso.
    M.C. Thomson; H.L. Finch; S.P.M. Murray; Alfred Henry; C.S. Droken (front right); I.B. Nutting (back right)

    PXE 1635/Folder 2
    Compound Keepers Night Home. No date or location. (5 photographs)
    1. Store and my room left of store room in middle
    2. Troopers humpys – troopers and families outside their homes
    3. Long building in compound
    4. Officers and others as they appeared when they emerged from the bowls of the Peak Downs Cooper Mine, February 1872: G.P.M. Murray, Chief Inspector; F.I. Murray, Sub-Inspector; W.M.F. Taylor, Doctor; Frank I. Gregson, Squatter; Arthur Elliot, a young swell; George W. Waddell, Bank Manager
    5. Presentation of silver service and watch, presumed to be for George Murray.

    PXE 1635/Folder 3
    G.P.M. Murray with his wife and family, ca 1883 (9 photographs)
    1. Paul Charles Jardine Murray, aged 5 years and 5 months. February 6, 1883.
    2. Maude Mary Jardine Murray, aged 11 years and 4 months. February 6, 1883.
    3. Ruth Edith Jardine Murray, aged 7 years and 1 months. February 6, 1883.
    4. Jessie Isabella Jardine Murray, aged 9 years and 2 months. February 6, 1883.
    5. Pultney Malcolm Jardine Murray, aged 3 years. February 6, 1883.
    6. George Pultney Malcolm Murray.
    7. George Pultney Malcolm Murray with probably his 2 sons, Pultney and Paul
    8. Jane Jardine Murray with young boy.
    9. George, Jane with probably their 3 daughters.

    PXE 1635/Folder 4 (1 photograph, 1 photocopy)
    1. Rockhampton, January 1864. G.P.M. Murray (Lieutenant). Commanding 1st Division, North Queensland Police. Inscription on verso. "To Miss Minnie Murray Warrawang from your affectionate brother G.P.M. Murray, Lieut. Comm. Of 1st Division Police Native Mounted Police. Headquarters, Rockhampton, January 12, 1864".
    Back row, left to right: Carbine, 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal Michael
    Front row, left to right: Barney, Trooper Hector, Trooper Goondallie, Trooper Balantyne, Trooper Patrick.
    2. Photocopy group portrait of police. No location, ca 1872.
    Left to right: Carbine, Inspector Marlowe, Inspector George Murray, Inspector Robert Johnstone, Billy go Nimble.

    PXE 1635/Folder 5
    Springsure, 1871. Inscriptions on verso. (12 photographs)
    1. Cassidys Public House. (Photographs 1-5 as indicated on the images, line up to give full view of the town. Original no. 3 not in collection)
    2. You can just make out the hospital on the ridge amongst the trees.
    3. National school. The creek is where the two large trees stand beyond it, on the opposite bank of the creek close to the tree to the left, stood the hut where the murder was committed.
    4. The back of Ellis Hotel and the mountain.
    5. Thomsons Hotel, Huntons Processing Store, Huntons Retail Store, Ellis Hotel.
    6. The hospital
    7. National school. Tamia Cottage just visible to the left of tree on the ridge
    8. Mountain as seen from the town.
    9. Roman Catholic Chapel.
    10. The principle Inn and store. The logs in the foreground is the foundation of the new Court House.
    11. Presbyterian Church.
    12. Presbyterian Manse, Rev A.A. Laing on verandah. Tamia tree in front.

    PXE 1635/Folder 6
    Clermont, 1876 (11 photographs)
    1. Hospital Clermont, 1876
    2. Bridge over Clermont Lagoon. Town Clubs office, Court House on the right.
    3. A.J.S. Bank Clermont. Chinese Publican called Doctor Saui, Mr Scott bank clerk, George Plum, Mr Robertson bank managers, H.B. Rogers Harrison license surveyor, Mr Brook.
    4. Bridge over Clermont Lagoon. The Court House is on the right, close to the end of the bridge.
    5. Front of Clermont Court House.
    6. Residence.
    7. National school.
    8. Post and Telegraph offices, Mr Bauer at front door.
    9. Bullock wagons in town, no date (no.1)
    10. Bank of New South Wales and associated traffic, no date (no.2)
    11. Bullock wagons in town passing Wholesale and Retail James McKenzie General Store, no date (no.3)

    PXE 1635/Folder 7
    G. Cooktown, 1887 (3 photographs)
    1. Main Street, Cooktown, Queensland. Shows S.P. Murray’s house, lower right. October 3, 1887.
    2. Blackall, 1885, Lands office, Telegraph office, Court House, G.P. Murray office with Bob and clerk; Lockup and police quarters with Sergeant and Constable.
    3. Quarters of the Inspector of Police, Blackall. Taken at race time 1885.

    PXE 1635/Folder 8
    Miscellaneous sheets of paper (2) with biographical details of Murray's police career; list of photographs; original envelopes that contained the photographs
  • Source
    Presented by Mrs Kerry Cole, July 2013
  • Copying Conditions
    Out of copyright: Photographs created before 1955
    Research & study copies allowed:
    Please acknowledge: : Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and the Murray family
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