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    Sir Hudson Fysh - photograph of W.E. Hart in his Boxkite biplane, 1912 / J.L. Turner, copyright
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    PXA 1063/276
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  • Physical Description
    Photographs - 1 silver gelatin panel photoprint - image 10.1 x 15.1 cm. , mount 19.9 x 24.5 cm.

    "W.E. Hart, the first pilot to obtain an aviator's licence in Australia, 3 Dec. 1911." -- Reference: Flypast : a record of aviation in Australia / Neville Parnell & Trevor Boughton. Canberra, ACT : AGPS, 1988 (p.14), which see also for further details of Hart and his aviation.
  • Description source

    See articles Life (Melb) [ML 059/L] 1/10/1913 and 1/11/1913 for information on Turner and reference to his taking this image. The flight was arranged by Mr Clancy, Hart's manager.
  • General note

    William Ewart Hart bought one of Joseph Hammond's Boxkites in September 1911 and received instruction from Hammond's assistant L.F. McDonald. By 16 November, he was competent enough to qualify as a pilot, obtaining the first Aviator's Certificate from the Aerial League of Australia.
    In April 1912, Hart was challenged to a race by American daredevil A.B. 'Wizard' Stone. The first air race in Australia took place on 29 June from Botany to Parramatta Park, 25 kilometres distant, for a stake of L250 each. Hart won, finishing in just under 24 minutes. Stone landed lost at Lakemba.
    "On 3rd January 1912, William Hart started a flying school in Penrith, N.S.W., although he crash-landed three days later on the railway line near Mt. Druitt with an overweight pupil. In May 1912, he was forced to pay a dairy farmer who had successfully sued him for stampeding the herd when his plane passed over. He served in the Australian Flying Corps in WW I."
    Jack Turner. William Hart flies over a steam train 1912 -- Alan Davies, Curator of Photographs (2005)
    Digital order no:a1378001
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    "Mr. W.E. Hart / the first Australian aviator / in his biplane" -- in white ink, on the lower edge of the photograph
    "To Mrs Ford / from / Carol S. Clancy" -- in ink, in the lower right hand corner of the mount
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