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    Dr. Richard Arthur - papers, ca.1883-1932
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    MLMSS 473
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    8 boxes and 1 vol. - 1 Meters
    Textual Records

    Dr. Richard Arthur (1865-1932), medical practitioner and parliamentarian, was born at Aldershot in England and completed his medical training at the University of Edinburgh. He travelled to Australia where he met and married Jessie Sinclair Bruce in 1890. After travelling to Europe the couple returned to Australia where he established a medical practice at Mosman, Sydney. Arthur was an honorary medical officer at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney Hospital and a director of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (1917-1920 and 1927-1931) and Sydney Hospital (1924-1932). He supported the temperance movement, free trade, land reform and increased migration and closer land settlement. Having opposed the Boer War Arthur supported the government's involvement in World War I but concentrated his efforts on the health and welfare of returned servicemen. Arthur was a eugenicist who wrote pamphlets on social purity. He was elected member of the NSW Legislative Assembly in the seats of Middle Harbour (1904-1920), North Shore (1920-1927) and Mosman (1927-1932). Arthur was Minister for Public Health (1927-1930) in the Bavin government.
  • Scope and Content
    Papers concerning Arthur's medical training and including personal correspondence; medical writing, being letters and articles; medical writings, being pamphlets and newscuttings; White Cross, being letters, cuttings and pamphlets (Call No.: MLMSS 473/1)
    Papers concerning Endowment and the basic wage, being letters, articles and cuttings; Land for unemployed and Boys for the land, being letters, articles and newscuttings; Shipping and naval matters, being letters and newscuttings (Call No.: MLMSS 473/2)
    Papers concerning Immigration, being letters, articles and cuttings. [Dr. Arthur was president of the Immigration League of Australia] (Call No.: MLMSS 473/3)
    Papers concerning Immigration, being cuttings (Call No.: MLMSS 473/4)
    Papers concerning Immigration, being pamphlets; inauguration of Immigration Movement in Australia, beingphotograph; origin of the Far West Scheme, being letters and cuttings; Sunshine Club, Mosman Branch, being letters, articles, cuttings and photographs [Dr. Arthur was the founder of the Sunshine Club]; Sunshine Club, Mosman Branch, being illuminated address to Dr Richard Arthur; Country Women's Association - beginning, being articles and cuttings; passes for Returned Soldiers, being letters and cuttings (Call No.: MLMSS 473/5)
    Papers concerning Voluntary Workers in the First World War, being letters, newscuttings and photographs [ Dr. Arthur was the founder and president of the Voluntary Workers' Association] (Call No.: MLMSS 473/6)
    Papers concerning medical examination for casual workers for the railways, being letters and articles; daylight saving, being letters and articles; election manifestos; Dr. Arthur's death, including memorial service, letters and cuttings; miscellaneous papers (Call No.: MLMSS 473/7)
    Scrapbook, being volume of miscellaneous newscuttings, 1928-1930 (Call No.: MLMSS 473/8)
    Illuminated address to Dr. Richard Arthur on his departure for Europe, 18 Feb. 1909 (Call No.: MLMSS 473/9)

    An early version of the list is filed at Aa 111
  • Source
    Presented by Miss G. Arthur in 1961
  • General note

    This collection was listed in 2004 as part of the Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government in NSW 1856-2006 Project.

    Pamphlets extracted from these papers and placed with printed books include medical pamphlets by Dr. Arthur, various issues of life and health, 1929-1930, pamphlets relating to the Drink More Milk campaign, 1929, which Dr. Arthur inaugurated as Minister for Health, and other pamphlets on health and welfare.
    State Library of New South Wales collection of World War I papers
    Digital order no:Album ID : 823239
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