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    Sydney Bush Walkers further records, 1928-2007
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    MLMSS 9249
    PXE 1610
    MLOH 742
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    1.95 metres of Textual material & photographs (15 boxes)

    The Sydney Bush Walkers was founded in 1927. Among its aims was the formation of an institution of mutual aid for recreational walkers in regard to routes and ways and means of appreciating the great outdoors. It also aimed to encourage a regard for the welfare and preservation of the natural environment. The club held regular meetings and its activities included organised bush walks, annual reunions, publication of 'The Sydney Bushwalker', as well as social functions and concerts.
  • Scope and Content
    MLMSS 9249/BOX 1
    Correspondence re Club Registration under the Charitable Collections Act, 1935-36, 1959-67, 1987,
    ‘Sundry Correspondence’, 1964, 1968-1975, 1982-1987.
    Letters received, 1990-1992.
    Letters sent, 1990-1992.

    MLMSS 9249/BOX 2
    Secretary’s Files, being correspondence, 1998-1999.
    Secretary’s Files, being correspondence, 2000.
    Secretary’s Files, being correspondence, 2001.
    Secretary’s Files, being correspondence, 2002 -2003.

    MLMSS 9249/BOX 3
    Correspondence re preservation of flora and fauna, 1928-1933.
    Correspondence re conservation of Narrow Necks, Blue Mountains, 1935-1951.
    Correspondence re conservation of the Greater Blue Mountains National Park, 1937-1953.
    Correspondence and related papers re purchase of land at Era, 1943-1953.
    Correspondence re conservation of Kosciusko State Park, 1945-1950.
    Correspondence re Morton Primitive Reserve, 1947-1953.
    Correspondence re conservation issues: Lake Pedder, 1971-1072; Colong, 1968-1971; Woodchipping, 1983-1987.

    MLMSS 9249/BOX 4
    Correspondence re conservation – The National Park, 1931-1953.
    Correspondence re conservation – ‘Tree, Flower & Creature Protection’, 1934-1953.
    Correspondence re conservation – Miscellaneous Areas including Era, 1937-1953.
    Correspondence re conservation – Morella Karong & Heathcote Creek Reserve, 1937-1947.
    Correspondence re conservation – ‘General Matters’, 1938-1953
    Correspondence re conservation – ‘General Matters’, 1961-1967.

    MLMSS 9249/BOX 5
    Correspondence re conservation, 1994, 1996-1997.
    Correspondence re conservation, 1997.
    Correspondence re conservation, 1998.
    Correspondence re conservation, 1999-2001.

    MLMSS 9249/BOX 6
    Ledger, 1949-1963.
    Ledger, 1964-1987.

    MLMSS 9249/BOX 7
    Cash Book, 1949-1985.
    Cash Disbursements, 1954-1985.
    Magazine Cash Book, 1946-1968.
    Charitable Collections Documents, 1933-1935.
    Treasurer’s File, 2005.

    MLMSS 9249/BOX 8
    Annual Reports, 1936-1940, 1950-1969.
    Annual Reports, 1970-1979.
    Annual Reports, 1980-1986.
    Annual Reports, 1987-1992, 1997-2007.

    MLMSS 9249/BOX 9
    Copies of The Sydney Bush Walkers Constitution, 1932-1980, undated.
    Records Register, 1929-1940?
    Membership Lists, 1963-2007. Includes List of Members holding Offices of President and Secretary, 1927-1960.
    Miscellaneous Circulars – lists of officers, notices of meetings, social events etc., 1945-1960, 1966-1967
    Papers re claim for damages by Frances Drew, 1991-1992.
    Extracts from the diary of Gordon Smith, leader of the first Sydney Bush Walkers “Tigers” trip to New Zealand, 1938. Includes photographs.
    Papers re Alan P. Rigby including funeral oration & obituary by Myles Dunphy, 1966, and letters from Rigby to John Crick, 1962, 1966.
    Article on Marie Byles, 1972.
    Papers re Natural Areas Ltd, 1980-2003.
    ‘The Colong Story’, 1985.

    MLMSS 9249/BOX 10
    Sydney Bush Walkers 1943 Reunion.
    Sydney Bush Walkers 40th Anniversary Reunion Camp & Dinner, 1967.
    Sydney Bush Walkers 50th Anniversary Dinner and Camp, 1977.
    Sydney Bush Walkers 70th Anniversary Celebrations, 1997
    8 Song Books, 1960s-1980s.
    SBW Members Survey, 2001.
    ’12 Jungle Gadgets for Australian Boys’.
    Newscuttings, photographs etc. donated to the club by members. Includes articles and/or photographs re Dorothy Butler, Marie Byles and Wade Butler, and pages from Deua River Visitors Book, 1938, 1939, 1994, 1996, undated,
    Memorabilia and photographs kept by Jess Martin and donated to the club by Edna Gentle, 1930s-1970s.
    Copies of ‘The Sydney Bushwalker’, Feb. 1932; Oct. 1948 (21st Anniversary issue); Oct. 1952 (25th Anniversary issue); Sept. 1956; Oct. 1977 (50th Anniversary issue); Oct. 1997 (70th Anniversary issue); Oct. 2002 (75th Anniversary issue); Oct. 2007 (80th Anniversary issue).

    PXE 1610/BOX 1
    Album containing photographs of: Swampy Plains River; Hannells Spur; Kosciuzko Range; Blue Lake; Colo River; Mount Warning; Valley of the Albert River; Bungonia Creek; Kanangra Walls; Deep Creek, Narrabeen; Galong Creek; Coxs River; Goolara Peak; Kowmung River; Burragorang; Harrys River; 'Carlons'; Winter on the Southern Alps, undated.
    Album: 60th Anniversary Dinner, 23 Oct. 1987.

    PXE 1610/BOX 2
    BOX 12
    Album of bush scenes, unidentified and undated.

    1610/BOX 3
    50th Anniversary Dinner, Menzies Hotel, 21 Oct. 1977.
    Camp – 22 October 1977, Pennant Hills Scout Camp.
    60th Anniversary Nostalgia Night, 1987 (includes photographs of Paddy Pallin).

    PXE 1610/BOX 4
    BOX 14
    Reunion, 1935.
    Reunion Campfire, 1938.
    Reunion, Morella Karong, 1940.
    40th Anniversary, 1967.
    60th Reunion, 1987.
    Reunion, 1991.
    Reunion, 2000.

    PXE 1610/BOX 5
    BOX 15
    Various Walks, Camps, Reunions & Concerts, 1928-1987.
    Mountain Trails Club members, 1942 including Myles Dunphy, Bert Gallop & Alan Rigby.
    Cradle Mountain, Blue Gum (Nattai River) & Gangerang Range, by Bill Cosgrove.
    Various Walks and reunions, 1938-1942, by Reg Alder.
    Alex Colley’s 90th.
    Club Auction.
    Alan Doherty’s Easter Walk, 1988, by Margaret Niven.
    Unidentified rural scenes.

    (Not to be issued – master tapes only. Awaiting digitisation)
    1. Frank Duncan – Foundation of the Sydney Bush Walkers, 7 May 1986.
    2. Wally Roots – Early Sydney Bush Walkers Reminiscences, interviewed by Dot Butler, 23 July 1986.
    3. Interview with Dot Butler, awarded Adventurer of the Year, 1989.
    4. Paddy Pallin, Frank Duncan, Tim Coffey talking, 5 May 1986.

    This collection contains a number of maps which have been transferred to the Maps Collection. Call number: M ser 4 000/1 MLMSS 9249.
  • Source
    Presented by W.R. Holland on behalf of the Sydney Bush Walkers, November 2008
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    Partly restricted: MLOH 742
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    This material is held offsite and can take up to four days to retrieve. - Applies to MLMSS 9249
    Master only. For access to this oral history collection please submit your request through Ask a Librarian - Applies to MLOH 742
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    Copyright status:: This collection has multiple rights owners (refers to manuscripts)
    Copyright restrictions may apply: Photographs in this collection created before 1955 are all out of copyright. Photographs created after 1955 are in copyright for the life of creator plus 70 years.
    Please acknowledge: : Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and Courtesy copyright owners
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    Information updated as part of the Unprocessed Manuscripts eRecordsP roject 2103-2014
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    Many photographs are captioned
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