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  • Title
    Pictorial material and ephemera belonging to the Hyde family, 1835-25 June 1936
  • Creator
  • Call number
    PXA 1455/Boxes 1-9/Folder 1
    PXB 578/Boxes 1-2
  • Level of description
  • Date

    1835-25 June 1936
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Physical Description
    12 albums (574 photographic prints, 65 drawings, 45 ephemera, 32 clippings) - 28 x 32 cm. or smaller
    1 folder (24 photographic prints and 1 clipping) - 23 x 18.5 cm. or smaller

    George Oswald Hyde was involved in mining in Newcastle and the South Coast of New South Wales. His son was Henry George Hyde

    Library correspondence file
  • Scope and Content
    PXA 1455
    Box 1
    Album containing 70 photographic prints, mostly portraits, including photos of houses, 'bonded stores', a mining operation and 1 drawing of a woman rowing

    Box 2
    Album containing 36 photographic prints, mostly portraits including:
    Portrait of woman inscribed, 'To John M. Hyde from his mother with love - 1883'; portraits of Lord and Lady Carrington; portrait of Reverend Hussey B. Macartney, a member of the old Irish House of Commons; portrait of A. Hyde, 11 September 1886, born 7 May 1855; portrait of Stevenson Arthur Blackwood, portrait of Colonel Maxwell Macartney; portrait of boy inscribed, 'with love and best wishes for Xmas 98 Harry'; portrait of man in Freemason's attire

    Box 3
    Album containing 59 small photographic prints including:
    Photos of coastal and town scenes, ships, 2 of a ship beached, street scenes, portraits, a cricket match, mines, houses, parades and Fort Dennison, N.S.W.
    Album 1 - has 'Nature Prints' on cover - binding is coming apart
    20 photographic prints including portraits of groups of men and boys, single portraits of men (some in 19th century military uniforms) and photographs of foreign celebrations of Australian Federation in France, Canada and the United States(?)

    Box 4
    Album containing 13 photographic prints of scenes of railways and railway transportation of coal (and coal being loaded onto trains) at Coalcliff Colliery (N.S.W.) and elsewhere in the South Coast region of N.S.W.

    Box 5
    Album containing 65 photographic prints, mostly of natural scenes and the built environment, 8 clippings, including numbers 38 and 39, 'in the Blacks Camp, at Port Stephen's, December 26th 1885' [probably Worimi people], 25 drawings and 37 birthday and Christmas cards from the 1870s and 1880s. List of significant original photographs on second to last page

    Box 6
    Album containing 89 photographic prints, 6 postcards, 22 clippings and 1 Christmas card including:
    Portrait of James Reid Hyde taken at Newcastle, 1881; drawing of Princess Victoria and fiance Prince Louis of Battenberg, January 12, 1889; picture of statue of Queen Victoria, Sydney, 2 February, 1901; photos of the 'Ophir' leaving Sydney with the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York on June 6, 1901 (they were in Australia to open the new Federal Parliament in Melbourne); photo of St Andrew's, Summer Hill, N.S.W., 1906; photo of GPO, Martin Place, Sydney, N.S.W., 1 January, 1901; portrait of Jack M. Hyde at Summer Hill, 1900; drawing of Watson's Bay in 1853; photo of a hot air balloon being lifted, Sydney, January, 1901; photo of Coalcliff Colliery and jetty, Clifton, N.S.W.; photographs of an underground mine entrance at Bulli, N.S.W.; portrait of 'Harry Xmas 1900'; picture of a cricket match at Manly, N.S.W.; pictures of Captain Cook pilot ship and boarding a steamer, 1900; photos of Captain Chudleigh and House, South Head, N.S.W., 1900; several photos around 'Walker Hospital', 1900; photo of Colonel Stokes and Captain Hilliard on horseback, 1896; photo of 'Toronto' (house), Lake Macquarie, N.S.W.; portrait of John M. Hyde in military uniform, 1884; photo of 'Hill View' house, Moss Vale, N.S.W., 1891; portrait of Henry, 1899 at age 12; portrait of Margaret Reid at Newcastle, 1836, portrait of Mable Alice booke, 1895 (aged about 3), portrait of Charles Booke, 1892, photo of Lismore Bridge, 1899; photo of 'The Chinamen Demonstration', 28 February 1900, photo of 'crowd on Lady Macquarie's Point, 28 February 1900, watching contingent to South Africa'; photo of troops embarking ship bound for South Africa and the Boer War, 28 February 1900; picture of horses bound for South Africa; photo of camp at Flemington, Vic., February, 1900; photo of post office at East Maitland, N.S.W., 1886

    Box 7
    Album containing 57 photographic prints including:
    Group portraits, town scenes including several of Newcastle and Newcastle Harbour, photos of ships, a photo inscribed 'entertained by the Automobile Club on the 22nd May 1906', picture features George Oswald Hyde; photo of the landing of Governor Beauchamp in Circular Quay in Sydney, N.S.W.; 2 photos of a rugby game; group portrait of men on a picnic at Williams River, N.S.W., taken by George Oswald Hyde; photos of Lord Carrington and party visiting the Benevolent Asylum in Newcastle area and elsewhere in Newcastle, N.S.W.

    Box 8
    Album containing 38 photographic prints and 38 drawings including:
    Photos of Watson's Bay, N.S.W., a terrace house (family home?), 2 interiors of a home inscribed, 'Xmas, 1899', Various pictures of Paris landmarks; Sketch titled, 'Outside Dublin', 1840; drawing of the Rock of Gibraltar; Photo of Trinity College and the Bank of Ireland, Dublin, 1881; Numerous drawings of scenes in Germany and Ireland made in 1849; Drawing of isles at the entrance of the Bay of Naples, Italy, 1835; portrait of 'Grandma' Hyde and her grandsons (1 is Harry), July 1892; small portrait of Reverend James Macartney; portrait of Dr Maxwell Macartney with an unknown woman; photo of the laying of the foundation stone of the pedestal for the statue of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, 2 August, 1881; drawing of Notre Dame in 1845; interior photo of cathedral at Newcastle, Easter, 1886; group portrait of the Bishop Pearson and the Synod, 1884; photo of Baden, Germany, 1884; 2 photos of Interlaken, Switzerland, 1848; pencil sketch of scene in the Illawarra, N.S.W., 1848; sketch of Port Macquarie, N.S.W., taken from the Police Magistrate's house, 1848; watercolour of woman by A. M. Reid, 1840; photo of fountain at Schloss, Baden, Germany; portrait of Margaret Brand, eldest daughter of Lord Hampden, and Algernon Francis Ferguson, on their wedding day at St. Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, N.S.W., 21 April, 1897; photo of Lord and Lady Carrington's first visit to Newcastle, 19 April, 1886; photo of hunting party at Port Stephens, N.S.W., 1889; portrait of John M. Hyde and nephew, Harry, in garden, 1890; portrait (by George) of James Reid Hyde and nephew Harry Hyde in garden, 1890; drawing of Nobbys Head, Newcastle, N.S.W., 1849; early photo of Watt Street, Newcastle, N.S.W.; photo of a waterfall in County Wicklow, Ireland

    Box 9
    Album containing 20 photographic prints including portraits of groups of men and boys, single portraits of men (some in 19th century military uniforms) and photographs of foreign celebrations of Australian Federation in France, Canada and the United States(?)

    Folder 1
    Folder containing 24 photographic prints and 1 newspaper clipping including:
    Photo of Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron Club House; portrait of James Reid in his 63rd year; portrait of James Reid, aged 79 in 1869; panoramic photo of main arena at the Sydney Royal Easter Show; clipping from 'The Sun', 25 June 1936, of a game of 'Safety First', a game modeled on 'Snakes and Ladders', and other family portraits

    PXB 578
    Box 1
    Album containing 41 photographic prints, mostly portraits, 2 clippings and 2 drawings, including:
    Clipping of Right Honorable C. T. Richie; portrait of 'Jim and two nephews A.(?) and Harry'; portraits inscribed 'The Princess of Wales now the Queen of England and the Prince of Wales now the King of England'; portrait of Sir Arthur Blackwood, 1885; portrait of Reverend Joseph Barrick; portrait of Mrs Macartney Hyde and children, 1885; photo of Davos, Switzerland, 1886; portrait of John M. Hyde, 1882; portrait of George R. Macartney Hyde, 1890; portrait of Jack Hyde and two other males, 1888; portrait of the Earl and Countess of Jersey, 1891; portrait of Lieutenant H.D.K. Macartney in military uniform, 1876, with small clipping from 'The Telegraph', noting his selection to go to England as an exchange officer; photo of London Bridge, 1887; portrait of Lord Carrington's daughters, with their infant sibling; photo of Ivanhoe Family Hotel, Blackheath, N.S.W., 1890; 1 clipping from the 'Telegraph', November 1895, 'A Military Fracas - German Count Sentenced for Murdering a Sergeant'

    Box 2
    Item 1
    Album containing 79 photographic prints, mostly portraits, 1 Christmas card, 1 drawing of a comet, 1882 and including:
    portrait of Queen Victoria with younger woman (her daughter?); portrait of Ellen Tompson; portrait of man inscribed, 'for John Hyde A(?) M. Hyde, 7th May '55 at Watson's Bay'; portrait of woman inscribed, 'for John M. Hyde, his mother'; four 19th century photos of Newcastle Harbour and town including railway junction and Nobbys Head; drawing of gravestone of Rosanna, wife of James Reid, daughter of Andrew Macartney, died 20 May, 1871, aged 74

    Item 2
    Album containing 7 photographic prints being portraits, including one of Lynda Hyde. Also includes clipping of drawing of Beatrice Cenci
  • Source
    Presented by Mrs H. G. Ryde, 9 April 1970 Pic.Acc.1869
  • Copying Conditions
    Out of copyright: Created before 1955 (photographs)
    Out of copyright: Artist died before 1955 (Drawings)
    Please acknowledge: : Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
  • General note

    Pic.Acc. Upgrade Project - Information transferred from Pic.Acc.1869 as part of the eRecords Project 2011-2012
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    Many photographs, drawings and clippings in this collection have inscriptions on the back and below them, detailing names of subjects, dates, biographical information etc. However, many of these notes are difficult to decipher and have been left out of the description above
  • Date note

    The photographs relating to Coalcliff Colliery were dated via comparison with photographs at
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