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  • Title
    Photographs of Sydney, Melbourne and regional New South Wales and miscellaneous personal photographs from B. O. Holtermann , ca. 1870- ca. 1880
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    PXA 365
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  • Date

    ca. 1870- ca. 1880
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    Partly Digitised
  • Physical Description
    145 photographs (4 volumes) - chiefly albumen photoprints
  • Scope and Content
    VOLUME 1
    39 Albumen photoprints of Sydney and Melbourne
    1. [Supreme Court and St James Church, corner of Elizabeth Street and St James Road]
    2. [Blackwattle Bay?]
    3. [Park St, Sydney – looking west]
    4. [North Harbour]
    5. [St Marks Rectory, Darling Point]
    7. [Double Bay]
    8. [Balmain from Millers Point[
    9. [Moore Park taken from Moore Park Rd and Fitzroy St]
    10. [Panorama of Moore Park and Surry Hills from the entrance gates to Moore Park]
    11. [Panorama of Moore Park and Surry Hills ]
    12. [Panorama of Moore Park, showing Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills]
    13. [St Pauls College]
    14. [Glebe Island Bridge]
    15. [Deaf, Dumb & Blind Institute, before extensive renovation and addition, Sydney]
    16. [Balmain]
    17. [New South Head Rd, Darlinghurst]
    18. [St Judes, Randwick]
    19. [Looking west down Bent Street from the Free Public Library]
    20. [Wesleyan Chapel (Methodist Church next to Mortuary Station, Redfern)]
    21. As above
    22. [Looking south down Elizabeth Street]
    23. [Looking west down King St at Kent intersection]
    24. [Clipper ship Cape Clear and wharves, Miller's Point / Dawes Point]
    25. As above
    26. [Mrs Macquaries Chair]
    27. [Jamison Street]
    28. [Corner of Margaret Place and Clarence Lane]
    29. [Looking west along Bourke Street from Long & Son, chemist, corner of Stephen
    Street, Melbourne]
    30. [Menzies Hotel, Melbourne]
    31. [Looking west along Bourke Street from Long & Son, chemist, corner of Stephen
    Street, Melbourne]
    32. [Melbourne University]
    33. [Looking down Stephen Street, Melbourne, from Long & Son, chemist; and the London
    Chartered Bank of Australia (Eastern Branch), corner of Bourke Street]
    34. [Looking east up Collins Street from Civil Service Club Hotel of Henry Trump, corner
    Collins & Stephen Streets, at an entourage, Melbourne]
    35. [West Melbourne Presbyterian Church]
    36. [St James Church, Melbourne]
    37. [Swanston Street from La Trobe Street showing the County Court and printery of B.M.
    Lucas, 221 Swanston Street, Melbourne]
    38. [Beach Street, Sandridge from Mitchell's London Family Hotel (corner Railway Place)
    and Wilms & Gresham's ships chandlery]
    39. [Looking south along Russell Street, Melbourne, from the All Nations Hotel, Lonsdale
    Street (with the towers of Collins Street, background)]

    VOLUME 2
    37 albumen photoprints of Wellington, Orange and Trunkey
    1. [Police station and gaol, Wellington, N.S.W.]
    2. [[Catholic ?] Church, Wellington, N.S.W.]
    3. [Church of England, Wellington N.S.W.]
    4. [Unidentified brick mansion, Wellington, N.S.W.]
    5. [Post Office (and Courthouse), Wellington, N.S.W.]
    6. [Percy Street, (including wine and spirit merchant and Gow's portrait gallery in a
    tent), Wellington, N.S.W.]
    7. [Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, Orange]
    8. [Nelson Bros. Great Western Steam Flour Mill, Orange, N.S.W.]
    9. [Dalton Bros flour mill Orange, N.S.W.]
    10. [The original hospital building, Orange, N.S.W.]
    11. [Masonic Temple, corner of Sale & Kite Streets, Orange, N.S.W.]
    12. [Holy Trinity Church of England, Orange, N.S.W.]
    13. [First Methodist Church, Orange, N.S.W.]
    14. [St. John's Presbyterian Church, Orange, N.S.W.]
    15. [Post Office, Orange, N.S.W.]
    16. [Court House and Gaol, (where bushrangers Ben Hall and Johnny Dunn were
    imprisoned), Orange, N.S.W.]
    17. [Bowen's Steam Flour Mill, Orange, N.S.W.]
    18. [E.J. Heap's Brewery, Orange, N.S.W.]
    19. [Bank of N.S.W., Orange]
    20. [Farm and country road scene (with Merlin's photographic cart), Orange district]
    21. [Anson Street, looking north from Summer Street, Orange]
    22. [Summer Street, looking east from Anson Street and the Commercial Banking
    Company, Orange]
    23. [Merlin's photographic cart and Anson Street, Orange]
    24. [Summer Street streetscape from Nelson Bros, Orange]
    25. [Looking east from James Dale, saddler, Summer Street and Anson Street, Orange]
    26. [Charles Stockwell, innkeeper, and his Commercial Hotel with Royal Mail coach
    outside, Byng Street, Orange]
    27. [Summer Street, east, looking west, Orange]
    30. [Weatherboard house with picket fence, Trunkey]
    31. [Looking south along Arthur Street, Trunkey from the Commercial Hotel]
    32. [Gold mining crusher battery, Trunkey]
    33. [Farmhouse and first police station, with bark outhouses, Trunkey]
    34. Same as above]
    35. [Farmhouse and first police station, with bark outhouses, Trunkey]
    36. [Gold mine, Wilson's Reef, Trunkey]
    37. [Donkey steam engine winch on rails driving gold mine pit head machinery,

    VOLUME 3
    Miscellaneous photographs mostly albumen photoprints
    1. ‘Cassilis’ a photo-mezzotype
    2. [Imperial Hotel (Wee-Waa, N.S.W.?) taken by E. Hogan]
    3. [12 horse team carting wool ]
    4. ‘Backbord Batterie, SMS Bismark’
    5. [Female passengers on board the SMS Bismark] albumen print mounted on board
    6. [Passengers on board the SMS Bismark] albumen print mounted on board.
    7. [Passengers and crew on board the SMS Bismark] albumen mounted on board
    8. [Three passengers on board the SMS Bismark]. Backing board is inscribed in pencil,
    unable to decipher.
    9. Commercial Bank of Sydney (previously Union Bank), Bathurst
    10. St. Michael's & St. John's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Bathurst (from the tower of
    which the Bathurst panorama was taken)
    12. Looking west across Farm Cove from Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney (with sailing ship
    Sandfly in the Cove)
    13. Looking up Macarthur Street from Spring Street, showing the Treasury and St.
    Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne
    14. Street leading down the hill to the City Family Hotel, Sandhurst (Bendigo)
    15. Madeline Street, Carlton from the Harp of Erin Hotel (no.75) and Madeline House,
    drapery of Edward Cornell, corner of Queensbury Street
    16. William Street, east side, looking north east from Howick Street, Bathurst
    18. Group of gold mines on Hawkins Hill, showing Turon Valley in background, Hill End
    19. Gold miners and mine, Hill End
    20. Gold mines, northern end of Hawkins Hill and Nuggetty Gully, looking south, Hill End
    21. Gold mine at Hill End near Turon Valley
    22. [Angler at waterfall inscribed on mount W.A. Nicholas, Photo Artist – Natlui?
    23. [European city]
    24. [Huahayne ie Huahine] inscription on reverse indecipherable
    25. [Konig …Raiatea] inscription on reverse indecipherable
    26. Missions Haus Raiatea
    27. [European city]

    VOLUME 4
    42 albumen prints (some bound on card) of Bathurst, Bourke, Cobar, Geelong, Gulgong, Hill End, Newcastle
    1. All Saints Church of England, William Street, Bathurst
    2. George Street, looking north east from Russell Street at St Stephen's Presbyterian
    Church and school and Club House Hotel, Bathurst
    3. All Saints Church of England and parsonage, Bathurst
    4. Fruit, vegetable and poultry market in Russell Street, Bathurst
    5. Panorama of Bathurst
    6. Panorama of Bathurst (looking down Russell Street)
    7. Bathurst, looking east from top of Russell Street
    8. Methodist Church, Bathurst (before the spire was added in 1876)
    9. Commercial Bank, Bourke (W.Beasley Manager
    10. Public School, Bourke (Teacher, O’Brien)
    11. Colless? or Collep? Hotel Bourke
    12. Joseph Brokers? Staff, private house Bourke
    13. Wholesale wine & spirit store and Beehive store J.Nancarrow Bourke?
    14. Darling River, Bourke
    15. Sheep crossing pontoon, bridge in rise of flood, Darling River, Bourke
    16. J. Adolph, wholesale and tail stores, Bourke
    17. No. 9 East Cobar, at Devils Tent
    18. No. 8 J.Cohn Snr. Team Cobar
    19. No. 7 Birds eye view of Cobar
    20. No. 6 Cobar, east by north, J Cohn, artist phot.
    21. No. 5 Cobar
    22. No. 4 North shaft, south Cobar, looking north
    23. No. 3 North west Cbar, J. Cohn
    24. Moorabool St, Geelong looking north
    25. Williamson's Corio Hotel, Hood's coachbuilding and clocktower in the market square,
    26. Streetscape, Malop Street, Geelong (showing George Mercer, bookseller and stationer)
    27. Patrick Glasheen and family outside his Golden Age Hotel, Trunkey Creek
    28. View of goldmines, Hawkins Hill, Hill End
    29. Panoramic view of Hill End from a hill south of Germantown, looking east.
    30. Men and children outside residence or workplace, Hill End?
    31. James Stein photographers and Royal Hotel, Hill End.
    32. Pullen and Rawsthorne's "Little Wonder" Stamper Battery, opposite the southern end
    of Clarke Street, Hill End -- [the battery which crushed the Holtermann Nugget - Lois
    Carrington (Oct 2005)]
    33. View of Newcastle, N.S.W. looking north east.
    34. View of Newcastle, N.S.W. Looking west from Captain Allan’s Hill
    35. View of Newcastle, N.S.W. looking west from the Old Gaol.
    36. View of the lighthouse (Nobby’s), Newcastle, N.S.W.
    37. Continuation of the view of Newcastle, N.S.W. looking west from the Old Gaol
    38. Continuation of the view of Newcastle, N.S.W. looking west from the Old Gaol (same
    as above)
    39. View of Newcastle, N.S.W. looking S.W. from Queen’s Wharf
    40. View of Lake Macquarie Road, Newcastle, N.S.W. looking S.S.W. from Church Street
    41. View of Newcastle Harbour, looking N.W.
    42. View of Newcastle Harbour, looking N.
  • Source
    Purchased from Harry Holtermann in 1982 with images at PXD 352 Pic.Acc.5240
  • Copying Conditions
    Out of copyright: Created before 1955
    Please acknowledge: : Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
  • General note

    Many of the images in these volumes have been catalogued separately and the glass photonegatives for these images can be found at ON 4

    These albums were created to house the images when they became a part of our collection. All items are unsigned and undated however many have been identified on reverse
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