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    Burke and Wills Exploring Expedition, 1860-1861
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    SAFE/D 179 (Safe 1/405)
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    Microfilm : CY 885, frames 1-434
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    0.11 metres of textual material (1 box), includes some drawings, photographs and ephemera items

    The Burke & Wills Exploratory Exhibtion left Melbourne on 20 August 1860 and made a stately progress through the settled districts to Swan Hill and Balranald and reached Menindee on the Darling at the beginning of October. Both Burke and Wills perished at Coopers Creek on the return journey in mid 1861.

    Richard Nash was the Government Storekeeper at the time of the Burke and Wills Expedition and in that capacity acted as supplier of stores to the Expedition. He later became the Secretary for Railways.

    Reference: Australian Dictionary of Biography Online. (accessed June 16, 2008)
  • Scope and Content
    This collection of manuscript and pictorial material is comprised of lithograph, photographs, printed material, maps, correspondence, diaries and related documents, mainly concerning the Burke & Wills Expedition, 1860-61, belonging to Robert O’Hara Burke and Richard Nash.

    [1]. Portrait of Robert O’Hara Burke
    [2.] Lithograph portrait of Robert O’Hara Burke
    [3.] Lithograph portrait of William John Wills
    [4.] Lithograph portrait of John King
    [5.] Printed chart giving details of Burke and Will’s track from Cooper’s Creek to the Gulf of Carpentaria (printed 14th Dec. 1851)
    [6.] Photograph of a drawing by artist [Ludwig Becker] `A party of the Burke & Wills Expedition to Cooper’s Creek’ of the Burke and Wills Expedition
    [7.] Original letter from Webster to Burke
    [8.] Cheque No. 17461 drawn by Burke and signed by him on the Colonial Bank of Australasia, Castlemaine Vic. 7th July 1860 for 74pd
    [9.] Original bank notification dated 30th Aug 1860 from Bank of Australasia, Melbourne to James Montgomery Esq concerning R. O’Hara’s Cheque for 74 was refused payment
    [10.] Letter from Burke to Richard Nash (Government Storekeeper) controller of stores issued to the Burke and Wills Expedition
    [11.] Nash’s published letter regarding a pistol of Burke’s. Note Burke’s statement to Nash regarding glass portrait (No. 1 in list). Nash was appointed as Burke’s power-of- attorney before he left on the Expedition (see No. 16 in list)
    [12.] Alex Aitken’s published letter (officer in charge of the camels and stores of the Victorian Exploring party) regarding Burke’s pistol
    [13.] Original letter from Burke to Nash, Sept. (Aug.) 6th 1860 regarding the cheque, stores for the expedition
    [14.] Original document signed by Richard Nash regarding payment to Mr Montgomery for Burke’s dishonoured cheque
    [15.] Original note written by Burke at Swan Hill, regarding supplies (tents) for the expedition
    [16.] Original document executed by Burke to Nash appointing Nash as his power of attorney. Signed by Burke and Nash and witnessed by John Macadam, M.D
    [17.] Original document executed by Burke to Nash instructing Nash to pay 3pd to Mr Payne.
    [18.]. Envelope containing a lock of hair. On the envelope is written `Burke’s hair cut off with a penknife previous to interment. E.J.W. The writer of the inscription on the envelope was a member of Howitt’s search party which found the bodes.
    [19.] Envelope containing Nardoo Seeds. On the envelope is written `Nardoo from Burke’s grave picked at the funeral, E.J.W.
    [20.] Original letter from Hugh Erskine Childers to Richard Nash in which he refers to Burke
    [21.] Original letter from Lord Chamberlain’s secretary, London to Richard Nash regarding the Burke & Wills Expeditions
    [22.] Original document showing Burke’s debts in details, stating that they had been paid by Richard Nash. Signed by R. Nash Note that Montgomery received his 74pd and 4pd interest
    [23.] Duplicate draft of the previous document (unsigned)
    [24.] A receipt initialled R.N. acknowledging `received Burkes salary up to the 20th Feb. 1861
    [25.] Receipt given to R. Nash for 3pd paid on behalf of Burke to Constable Bennett
    [26.] Original promissory note dated 1st Sept. 1859 given to Edward Bell, Hon Sec. of the Melbourne Club for 5pd/10- by Burke. Signed R. O’Hara Burke
    [27.] Original letter from E. Bell Hon Sec Melbourne Club to R. Nash dated 30th Nov. 1860 in closing Burke’s account.
    [28.] A later original document giving details of Burke’s account and drawing attention to the state of it
    [29.] Original document from Fredk. C. Standish, Chief Commissioner of Police to R. Nash, dated 4th June 1862
    [30.] Portrait (albumen photoprint) of Richard Nash, 1860
    [31]. Receipt top R. Nash for 1 selection at Wallan Wallan dated July 12th 1854
    [32.] Invitation card to opening of Geelong-Melbourne Railway dated Geelong June 8th 1857
    [33.] Horticultural Society of Victoria yearly ticket, dated 1857
    [34.] Series of fifteen original letters written and signed by leading citizen s of Melbourne supporting Nash in his application for vacant post of Government Storekeeper. One of the letters are written and signed by John Price, Superintendent
    [35.] Original letter to Nash notifying him of his appointment as Government Storekeeper, dated 16th Oct. 1857
    [36.] Receipt to Nash regarding Net fishing
    [37]. Original letter to Nash from Von Mueller, dated 27th May 1858
    [38.] Original document appointing Nash Secretary to the Department of Public Works and Railways, dated 19th Nov. 1860
    [39.] Original letter from Vincent Pyke to Nash re his appointment as Secretary for Railways, dated 19th Nov. 1860
    [40]. Route map of the Victorian Exploration Expedition from Bilbarka to depot on Cooper’s Creek
    [41.] Copy of despatches from Sir Henry Barkly and the other Colonial Governors on the subject of the Australian Exploring Expedition
    [42.] Review of the labours of several Explorers of Australia by T. Foster also the Narrative of W. John King, 1863
    [43.] The Burke & Wills expedition with portraits and biographical sketches, 1861
    [44.] Progress reports and final report of the Exploration Committee of the Royal Society of Victoria, 1857-1872
    [45.] Journal of Landsborough’s Expedition from Carpentaria in Search of Burke and Wills, 1862
    [46.] Petition to R. Nash from J.T. Roach
    [47.] Letter to R. Nash from C.B. Payne
    [48.] Admittance card for Mrs Nash to St Kilda Ball, 3 Oct. 1961
    [49.] Letter to R. Nash from H.H Kay
    [50.] Receipt to Nash from Sergt. Price of the St Kilda Company for 18pd/10/6
    [51.] Receipt to Nash from Sergt. Price of the St Kilda Company for 25pd
    [52.] Letter to Nash from Hugh Erskine Childers
    [53.] Van Zuilecom’s published letter regarding Nash’s suspension
    [54.] Letter to R. Nash from Col. Geo Dean Pitt regarding the St Kilda Company of Volunteers
    [55.] Nash’s Miner’s right, Otago New Zealand
    [56.] Two original documents assigning claims at the Hepburn Gully, N.Z. to R. Nash
    [57.] Letter to Nash from editor of the Clunes Gazette
    [58.] Bill for 21/ against R. Nash by Money, Wigram & Sons
    [59.] Original diary kept by Richard Nash in New Zealand
    [60.] Albumen photoprint of Burke & Wills statute
  • Source
    Purchased from A. H. Spencer, 7 February 1941
  • Collection History
    Several items contain the bookplate of `F. Hobill Cole MD’ who was a paediatrician. He collected Australian paintings and literature with a local collection of books on the discovery and exploration of Australasia. His paintings were sold by auction in 1923, believed to be a result of his development of Parkinson’s.
  • General note

    A.H. Spencer, 86 Bourke St, Melbourne, label on inside front cover of case.

    For further details of the contents in this collection see contents notes keep with the material
    Digital order no:Album ID : 1055231
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