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    New South Wales - Governor - General standing orders, 1791-1810
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    Safe 1/17b
    Safe 1/17c
    Safe 1/18b
    Safe 1/18c
    Safe 1/18d
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    : 207 (Safe 1/17b).
    : 223 (Safe 1/17c).
    : 104 (Safe 1/18b).
    : 196 (Safe 1/18c).
    : 249 (Safe 1/18d).
    : CY Safe 1/88 (xerox copyflo on open access; original transferred to State Records NSW).
    : Transferred to State Records NSW).
    Microfilm : CY 1072, frames 1-192 (Safe 1/17a.)

    Early governors of New South Wales issued daily orders which formed the legislation of the colony. The orders were circulated throughout the colony by such means as having them read in church. Some orders and proclamations were printed as broadsides, but only a few examples survive. In 1802 a book of orders was published as 'The New South Wales General Standing Orders'. Printed at the Government Press by George Howe, it was the first book published in Australia. From 5 March 1803 orders and proclamations were printed in the newly established newspaper the 'Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser'. -- Source: Record Group NG: the Governor, 1787-1935, Archives Authority of NSW, 1969.
    Copies of general orders and proclamations were entered into the orderly books of the New South Wales Corps. The Corps' commanding officer was the Lieutenant Governor who was required to act in the Governor's absence. The Corps' books include many orders not printed in the 1802 publication.
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    1791-1806; 'New South Wales general standing orders...', 1802, and 'New South Wales continuation of general standing orders...', 1806. Two printed volumes bound together. The front endpaper is inscribed 'William Henry Wells, Surveyor'. In the 1802 volume, both the title page and the first page of the index are signed 'W.H. Wells' and 'J. Hay'. The title page also has a manuscript inscription, crossed through: 'Robertus Howe' [partly erased] and 'Sydney Gazette Office'. The text contains printer's corrections. The text of pages 151 and 152 are written in manuscript, and some pages are annotated in pencil. The title page of the Continuation volume is signed 'W.H. Wells'. (Call No.: CY 1072, frames 1-192 (Safe 1/17a))

    1791-1802; 'New South Wales general standing orders: selected from the general orders issued by former governors from the 16th of February 1791 to the 6th of September 1800, also, general orders issued by Governor King from the 28th September 1800 to the 30th of September 1802', Sydney, printed at Government Press, 1802. The last page contains an index, in pencil, to several topics. The volume has signature and bookplate of David Scott Mitchell. (Call No.: CY 1480, frames 125-207 (Safe 1/17b))

    1791-1806; 'New South Wales, continuation of general orders, from the 28th September 1800 to the 13th of August 1806, Part II', Sydney, printed at Government Press, 1806. The volume includes an 'Appendix to New South Wales general orders: containing orders omitted under their respective dates'. The last page contains a manuscript index to several topics. The volume has signature and bookplate of David Scott Mitchell. (Call No.: CY 2564, frames 106-223 (Safe 1/17c))

    1795-1802; New South Wales Corps orderly books (3). Include copies of general orders issued by Governors Hunter and King. For more description see separate related record. (Call No.: CY 1071, frames 1-104 (Safe 1/18b); CY 1071, frames 105-196 (Safe 1/18c); CY 731, frames 168-249 (Safe 1/18d))

    1800-1804; General orders (Call No.: Formerly at Safe 1/61; original now held at State Records of New South Wales, SZ 986-992)
    1809-1810; General orders (Call No.: Formerly at Safe 1/18a; original now held at State Records of New South Wales, SZ 993)
    1789, 1796 ; General orders: 1. Regulations to be observed by the Night Watch, 7 Aug. 1789, signed by Governor Arthur Phillip and David Collins, Judge-Advocate. A later regulation dated 9 Nov. 1789 has been added. 2. Instructions to the watchmen of the town divisions, 18 Nov. 1796 (printed). 3. Instructions for the constables of the country districts, 16 Nov. 1796 (printed). (Call No.: CY 365; photocopy at CY Safe 1/88; Formerly at Safe 1/88; original now held at State Records of New South Wales)
  • General note

    'The New South Wales general standing orders', 1802, was the first book published in Australia.
    The volume at Safe 1/17a was purchased by David Scott Mitchell at a sale of Sir John Hay's library.
    The two volumes at Safe 1/17b and Safe 1/17c are accompanied by two documents: A note, 14 March 1892, signed by J.H. Vannooten stating that he sold the books to D.S. Mitchell, and that he obtained the volumes directly from the King family; an unsigned letter, 29 Oct. 1891, offering the work in two volumes to the Librarian of the Melbourne Public Library.
    A manuscript transcription, probably made in the 1860s, of the two volumes of General standing orders published in 1802 and 1806 is located at B 525 and B 526.
    The volumes at Safe 1/17a-c are described in 'Bibliography of Australia' by John Alexander Ferguson (item 358).
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