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    Item 01: Sketchbook with scenes in Europe and New South Wales, 1836-39 / Emily Anne Manning
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    PXB 524
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    Albums - 14 x 23 cm. - 1 album (47 pencil drawings)
  • Scope and Content
    i. From the collection of F. C. Corlette (nee Manning) List of old sketches by Emily Anne Manning ... [The note lists some items in the sketchbook and five additional separate drawings]
    1. Rolandseck [?]
    2. Drachenfels No 1
    2v. Drachenfels No 1 Continued
    3. Drachenfels No 2
    3v & 4. The Siebangeberg [and] Rolandsek
    4v. I'm now sitting on a heap of baggage at Binn waiting the arrival of the packet that is to convey us to Cologne. It saves such a long walk up to the [...?]. [Text only]
    5. [Studies of a barge and a man]
    6. [Unfinished sketch]
    7. Sketch from [...?]. The view from the drawing room at French[..?] near Bristol. December 1st 1836
    8. Ammonites obtuscis ... copied from Buckland, Feb. [..?] 1837. [Snail shell]
    9. Dutch Man of war. Latitude 36 N. 250 miles from Madeira May 27 1837. [Jellyfish].
    9v-10. Bass's Strait
    11. [Unfinished sketch]
    12. View from Vermont October 27 1837
    13. View at Vermont Oct 31 1837
    14. [blank]
    15. View at Vermont November 3d 1837
    16. [Trees]
    17. [Unfinished tree study]
    18. [Trees]
    19. View from my window at Ultimo December 5 1837
    19v. Sketched December 19 1837. [possibly Sydney Harbour, drawing is upside down in relation to others in the book]
    21. Darling Harbour Sketched from my window December 29 1837
    21v. Baby. No child of mine
    22. Ant's nest [and botanical sketches]
    23. [Unfinished sketch]
    24. View from my room window, Newington, 1838
    25. [Unfinished forest scene]
    26. Newington
    26v. [Studies of aborigines.] There is study entitled `arum'[lilies] at lower right.
    27. [Plant studies]
    28-29. [Sketch of huts]
    30. Sketched at Vermont, May 1st 1838
    30v. Executed by his loving wife
    31. Elephants ears
    32. The Cut Hills near Vermont, 1838
    32v. Maize
    33. Prickly pear
    33v-34. Mrs Macquarie's Seat. The drawing is upside down in relation to others in the volume.
    35. View from my window at Trevallyn, May 5th 1839
    36. Gardener's Cottage at Trevallyn (Paterson River, N.S.W.)
    37 [blank]
    38. Sherwood. Mr. Cr[...?]. [Notes on the drawing indicate errors in sizes of a tree and a shed]
    39. Belgrave (or) The Den of Lions
    40. Ecclestone [i.e. Eccleston]
    41. Orindinna Station. [A note at lower right of drawing reads] Gunya
    42. [Four profile studies]
    43. Cam-Yr-Allyn. [A note at lower centre reads] 6 windows
    44. Front view of Trevallyn House - from the opposite bank of the River Patterson, June 15th 1839
    45. Small. Iron Barks
    46. Side view of Trevallyn House, from half-way up the Vineyard Hill, June 20th 1839
    47-50. [blank]
    51. [Unfinished sketch]
    52. In nature herself ... (Walter Scott). Ultimo. [text only]
  • Source
    Transfer from Manuscript collection, B 524, 1974
  • General note

    Title taken from card catalogue entry
    Sketchbook attributed to Mrs. Manning by the previous owner, a member of the Manning family. Ten sketches are dated and thirty six titled. -- card catalogue entry
    Digital order no:Album ID : 823701
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