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  • Title
    Samuel Thomas Gill - original sketches, 1844-1866
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    PX*D 383
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    Drawings - portfolios, 45.3 x 35 cm. - 46 watercolour drawings & 17 pencil sketches in 3 portfolios
  • Scope and Content
    1. Govt. House [...?] from Parklands nearly opposite Bank of Australasia. S T G/44
    2. On the River Broughton Northward S. Australia. 18[-?]
    3. Chambers Cattle Station - Mount Remarkable S. Australia.
    4. On the River Onkaparinga Above Horseshoe Township. 1848.
    5. Mt. Crawford Barrossa [sic] Range. So. A-.
    6. Road to Montacute Mine - So.A.
    7. Near Rivoli Bay - So Australian Coast.
    8. [Landscape with figure]
    8a. Near Boxande R. Murray S.A. 1850.
    8b. Near Botany Bay N.S.W.
    9a. Inner Lighthouse Port Jackson.
    9b. Cook's River.
    10a. Cunningham's monument
    10b. N.Head Port Jackson N.S.W.
    11. Le Prouse's [sic] Monument Botney [sic] Bay.
    12. On the Nepean N.So.Wales.
    13. [Argyle Cut]
    14. Govt. Domain Sydney, May 24 1856. [on mount] Queen's birthday review.
    15. Landing Place of Captn. Cook. [At lower left:] Botney [i.e. Botany] Bay N.S.W.
    16. River Hunter N So Wales - Sydney Steam Boat to Newcastle.
    17. Lapstone Hill New South Wales.
    18. North Head from Inner Light House. Port Jackson
    19. O'Sheys Creek Mt. Keynton.
    20. O'Shay's Creek.
    21. Coogee Bay, Sydney
    22. City of Sydney From (near) St. Leonards North Sho[re]. [Key to buildings on drawing]. [On old label:] S. T. Gill. Sketch made about 1855.
    23a. Sth. Head. Port Jackson
    23b. View on the Campaspe
    24a. Eagle's Nest, N.S.W.
    24b. Portland Pier from Beach. 1860
    25a. On Road to Deep Creek from Forest Creek Victoria.
    25b. On Leakes Station Mt Gambia [sic], 1850
    26. Entrance to P. Phillip looking East from Beach.
    27. Near Portland Bay. S.T. Gill
    28a. Dancing Saloon & Grog Shop Main Road Ballarat, May 30th/55. [At lower left:] Interval for a song volunteer / Forty shillings and take him away.
    28b. Hole on the Gravel Pits /64.
    29a. Dancing Saloon, Welshmen. [At lower left:] On Main Road Ballarat, May 30th/55
    29b. Ballarat Solicitor & Clients.
    30. Mount Macedon Victoria (from Old Road).
    31. Little Bendigo Forest Creek.
    32. Iron Bark Gully Bendigo.
    33. Bendigo Creek.
    34. Iron Bark Eagle Hawk.
    35. Eagle Hawk Gully, Bendigo, 1852.
    36. Dead Kangaroo
    37. Overlanders
    38. [The stockman]
    39. Splitters
    40. [Boundary Rider]
    41. The Pipe Light
    42. [Rocks and breakers]
    43. Wreck of the London.
    44. Arrival of the English Mail. Unpacking new Books, Magazines, &c. S.T.G. /64.
    45. Departure of the Australian Mail. Closing of Stephens' Late Letter Bag S.T.G. /64
    46. On Sale Original Skethes & Drawings by S.T.G.
    47. On the Board of Works.
    48. A City of Melbourne Solicitor. S.T.G.
    49. Spirits in Bond.
    50. "Transitory Enjoyment".
    51. A Sydney Identity by S.T.G. [?]
    52a-53ab. [Designs for theatrical costume]
    53a. [Design for theatrical costume - Swordsman wearing plumed hat] S.T.G.
    53b. Sketch of a woman
  • Source
    Transferred from Drawer 16 Transfer from *D 383, Feb 1973
  • Copying Conditions
    Out of copyright: Creator died before 1955
    Please acknowledge: : Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
  • Finding Aids
    Contents list available in the Mitchell Library Reading Room -
  • Variant title

    Previously titled 29a. Dancing Saloon, Melbourne. [At lower left:] On Main Road Ballarat, May 30th/55
  • General note

    57 drawings are signed `S.T.G.' at lower left. Thirteen dated between 1844-1866.
    Titles appear on the sketch or on reverse.
    `No.51. It appears unlikely that this sketch is by Gill; the signature and the style of painting are unlike others by him held in the Library' -- note from old card catalogue entry.
    Digital order no:Album ID : 823703
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  • Exhibited in
    Gold ! - the goldrush days in Australia, from the earliest discoveries to the 1930's
    Our Town Sydney
    The most useful Art: Architecture in Australia, 1788-1985
    Convict love tokens : the leaden hearts the convicts left behind
    A provincial view - the Nepean region from the first Settlers to 1950
    Faces of Australia: image, reality and the portrait.
    Observing Sydney - views of and from Observatory Hill
    S.T. Gill's Bendigo
    Gold and civilisation
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