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  • Title
    N.L.T. Productions Pty. Limited - Records, ca.1955-1971
  • Creator
  • Call number
    MLMSS 3425
  • Level of description
  • Date

    1955 - 1971
  • Type of material
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  • Issue Copy
    Sound Recording : GR 198 - GR 199; TR 125 - TR 129.
  • Physical Description
    46 boxes (MLK 1798-MLK 1843) 8 outsize items held onsite (KV 11233-KV 11240)
  • Scope and Content
    1968 -1970; NLT Productions - Squeeze a Flower - artists' agreements, publicity material and miscellaneous papers (Call No.: MLK 1798)

    1968 - 1971; Wake in Fright - correspondence with Sir Robert Helpmann, artists' agreements, casting papers, master list of extras, financial material, travel and transport information re filming in Broken Hill, progressive shooting schedules and scene breakdowns, accounting codes, preliminary prospectus, publicity material concerning Cannes Film Festival, miscellaneous papers concerning premiere at Embassy Theatre, Sydney, and newspaper cuttings (Call No.: MLK 1799)

    1964 - 1971; Wake in Fright - publicity material, artists' salary vouchers, routine production forms; The Long Shadow - script by James Workman from a novel by Jon Cleary, correspondence, contract, and costing; African Adventure - correspondence; Animal Doctor - miscellaneous papers including costing and artists' agreements; Anna Russell at Drama - script re-written from 'An Apple for the Teacher, the History of Drama' by Anna Russell and Don Cash, with two scripts of 'An Apple for the Teacher', and costing; Ask a Policeman - script by Kenneth Cook; Ball, Kenny - miscellaneous papers; Barry, Gene - correspondence; Beauty and the Beast - ATN Channel 7 - confirmation of engagement slips; The Bird's Nest - outline; Buckleys Chance - list of planned episodes, preliminary budget and producers' cash statement; C. Y. O'Connor - outline of television documentary; Designing Mob - outline; Double Your Money - correspondence; An Evening with John McCormack - script and production details; Expo'70 - script by Eva von Fiolitz; The Girl from Peking - miscellaneous papers (Call No.: MLK 1800)

    1967; Divorce Court - draft and original scripts, occassionally cast and working lists for the following episodes: 67/1, 67/2; Writer - Marion Dreyer: episodes 67/3, 67/4, 67/5; Writer - Robert Peach: episodes 67/6-15; and episodes for Weeks 4-54, written by Robert Peach, Marion Dreyer, Margaret Dunn, Marcia hatfield, Marcia Masson, Harry Woolerton, John Hilton, B. A. Harris, Anne Brooksbank, Ru Pullen, Francis Dunn, J. A. Ford, Deidre Hopkins, J. Huber, Lynn Foster, Jini Brown, Roger Climpson, Julia McNamara (Call No.: MLK 1801-MLK 1810)

    1963 - 1971; Rolf Harris - correspondence, publicity material and newscuttings; Here's Dawn - miscellaneous papers and index to series; His and Hers - correspondence; The Immigrants - outline; The Jesus Revolution - miscellaneous papers; The Last Word - miscellaneous papers; The Late Show - index to sketches used; Letter Charades - correspondence and script; Love in Amsterdam - casting; Cornel Lumiere - miscellaneous papers; Peter McDonald - correspondence. Memoirs - outline: a. 'The Story of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith', script by Bob Caskey, b. 'The Durack Family and the Great Cattle Drive,' script by Bob Caskey, c. 'The Story of Sir Robert Menzies', script by Lance Peters, d. 'The Story of Albert Namatjvia', script by Lance Peters, e. 'The Story of John Curtin', script by Lance Peters, f. 'Sir Donald Bradman', being filming outline; Sid Melton - correspondence; Trevor Milburn - correspondence; Lisa Minnelli - miscellaneous papers; Mission Hush Hush - outline and script by Marion Dreyer; Mobil-Limb Show - index to sketches and production; Moomba Festival - correspondence; Morrisby Mob - script to episode No.1 (Call No.: MLK 1811)

    1966 - 1971; Moscow Dynamos (soccer) tour - miscellaneous papers and newscuttings; Moving Target - correspondence; Musical Merrie-Go-Round - outline and correspondence; Gordon Mutch - correspondence and production costs re Ourimbah Festival; The Newcomer - outline (15 copies); Neva Eder - correspondence and costing; Northward the Coast - script by Milton Krimo; Oilman - correspondence; On the Fiddle - outline, script to episode 1 by Stan Mars; Open End - correspondence and outline. P.M. - outline (8 copies) and miscellaneous papers; Paradise Strip - outline (4 copies); People and Places - correspondence; Perth - Peter Bernardos - correspondence; The Pig and Whistle - outline (13 copies); Piper in the Market Place - original script and typescript by Kenneth Cook, correspondence, filming sheets and cast lists (Call No.: MLK 1812)

    1962 - 1970; Psychodrama - outline; Queen Anne and Her Four Kings - miscellaneous papers; A Question of Sport - outline (2 copies); The Ray Taylor Show - miscellaneous papers, scripts and schedules; Return of the Boomerang - artists' agreements, company agreement, procedure instructions etc.; The Reverend Matthew - outline (9 copies), first draft of pilot episode by Margaret Dunn and correspondence; Edward Rissien - correspondence; Rogue Cop, script by Stan Mars; Ruben Kahrn, script by A. E. Hall; Sagitarius Productions - correspondence; Bob Sanders - correspondence; Say It With Stars - script and costing; Sheila Scott - miscellaneous papers; Screen Gems Inc. - correspondence; Senta Maria Runge - correspondence re Face Lifting by Exercise; The Shark Arm Murder - outline and synopsis, newscuttings; Sixteen - outline and notes; Something for Nothing - correspondence, outline and synopsis (Call No.: MLK 1813)

    1968 - 1969; Sound of Music - production reports, Bobby Limb, budgets, Barry Crocker and memoranda; The Sound Scramble - script; Speak Up - miscellaneous papers; Special Squad - outline; Spotlight - casting; Star Struck - outline; Stop, Look and Listen - outline; Hugh Stuckey - correspondence (Call No.: MLK 1814)

    1968 - 1970; Temptation - miscellaneous papers and outline; The Thirty Minute Half Hour - outline (2 copies); Time to Live - outline (5 copies), correspondence; Tommy Hanlon Show - GTV, correspondence; Tomorrow's Champions - summary of programmes; Tonight Show - memoranda; Perth budget; Enzo Toppano - correspondence; Transition - notes and cast list; Treasure Island - correspondence; Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out - miscellaneous papers (Call No.: MLK 1815)

    1967; The Unloved - original groundwork and scripts by Marion Dreyer, with scripts for Weeks 1-36 by Margaret Dunn, J. A. Ford, Kit Denton, Lynn Foster, Harry Woolerton, Frances Dunn, B. A. Harris, Marion Dreyer, Alan Cram, David Reiss, Robert Peach and Ru Pullen (Call No.: MLK 1816-MLK 1821)

    1967; The Unloved - working scripts, recording cue sheets and facilities booking sheets (Call No.: MLK 1822)

    1966 - 1971; Vendetta - script and notes; The Verdict - costing; The View from Beyond, script by Don Cash, costing and miscellaneous papers; Vision of the Immigrant - outline; Walls - correspondence; Waltzing Matilda - review and outline; We Three - miscellaneous papers; Were You Watching - miscellaneous papers and outline; What's It All About, Percy ? - outline; When the Little Light Goes On - synopsis; Where Are You Going - notes; T. G. Whitbread - correspondence; Whodunnit - outline and script; World Championship Rodeo; World On My Back - miscellaneous papers and outline; Would You Believe - publicity material; Yoga For Health - correspondence and publicity material; Young Adults Only - outline (4 copies); Young Australians - miscellaneous papers and outlines (Call No.: MLK 1823)

    1969 - 1970; The Rovers - daily progress reports, casting, unit list, episode schedule, chart with information on episodes 1-39, cards containing footage information (Call No.: MLK 1824)

    1969 - 1970; The Rovers - budget summary, miscellaneous production papers, newsclippings, publicity material (Call No.: MLK 1825)

    1969 - 1970; The Rovers - dubbing scripts, dubbing cue sheets, notes and continuity sheets for the following episodes: Episode 1: Dangerous Cargo - writer Michael Wright. Episode 2: Wide Angle Shot - writer Michael Wright. Episode 3: Long Cry of a Bunyip - writer Michael Wright. Episode 4: Bridie Baines - writer Ron Maclean. Episode 5: Pidgeon Post - writer Kenneth Hayles. Episode 6: The Fugitives - writer Michael Wright (Call No.: MLK 1826)

    1969 - 1970; The Rovers - dubbing scripts, dubbing cue sheets, notes and continuity sheets for the following episodes: Episode 7: U.F.O. Pacific. Episode 8: A Lamb and a Handful of Sugar - writer Glyn Davies. Episode 9: The Strangers - writer Kenneth Hayles. Episode 10: Guitar Boy - dubbing script only. Episode 11: Day of the Black Eagle - dubbing script only. Episode 14: Cannon to the Right of Them - dubbing script only. Episode 16: Forget Me Not. Episode 17. The Odyssey of Reginald Peck - writer Ralph Peterson (Call No.: MLK 1827)

    1969 - 1970; The Rovers - dubbing scripts, dubbing cue sheets, notes and continuity sheets for the following episodes: Episode 18: Crisis. Episode 19: Wright's Peak. Episode 20: Double Exposure. Episode 21: Sittin' Pretty. Episode 31: The Sailor - writer Michael Wright and Ron MacLean. Publicity material (Call No.: MLK 1828)

    1969; Publicity material, correspondence concerning music, notebook referring to prints, miscellaneous material, notebooks referring to master tapes, routine forms and miscellaneous correspondence (Call No.: MLK 1829)

    ca. 195-; Publicity Material - advertising rates file, N.L.T. portfolio (printed), miscellaneous papers including biographies from artist agencies, and theatre programmes annotated mainly re Tivoli Theatre (Call No.: MLK 1830)

    1965 - 1969; N.L.T. newsletters, newscuttings, business records - address books, petty cash books, accounting books, miscellaneous records (Call No.: MLK 1831)

    1965 - 1969; Business records - bills, receipts, account books, accounts A-Z and accounts B-C and S-T (Call No.: MLK 1832)

    1965 - 1969; Business records - bills and receipts etc. (Call No.: MLK 1833)
    1965 - 1969; Business records - bills and receipts etc. (Call No.: MLK 1834)
    1965 - 1969; Business records - bills and receipts etc. (Call No.: MLK 1835)
    1965 - 1969; Business records - bills and receipts etc. (Call No.: MLK 1836)
    1965 - 1969; Business records - bills and receipts etc. (Call No.: MLK 1837)

    1962 - 1969; John G. Stephenson & Company file, Insurance file, Commonwealth Trading Bank file, Confidential Report and presentations for STW - Channel 9, complimentary lists, and Leslie Joseph Tinker - correspondence (Call No.: MLK 1838)

    1961 - 1971; Files concerning Anti-Crime Systems of Australia, newscuttings, telegrams, telexes, outgoing correspondence, legal papers, miscellaneous papers, miscellaneous papers concerning building - 28 Alfred Street, North Sydney, equipment file, accounting notes (Call No.: MLK 1839)

    1961 - 1971; Miscellaneous papers, Aztec Services Pty. Limited - correspondence, cheque butts, tax returns re New Zealand, files re trips (including correspondence), ratings file, television award contracts, Southern Talent - N.L.T. Pty. Limited (balance sheets and supporting accounts), Memorandum and Articles of Association, standard proof corrections, A-G general correspondence, personnel files on associate producers, release forms (printed), Chief Secretary's Department - correspondence, advertising book, actors' award file, managers' award file and musicians' award file (Call No.: MLK 1840)

    1964 - 1971; Minutes of meetings of Executive Board with associated notes, job applications, general correspondence (Call No.: MLK 1841)

    1955 - 1969; Taxed fees and group certificates fees, L. Martin - weekly show production costs, Tivoli Circuit (Australia) Pty. Limited - accounts, Tivoli Artists Corporation Pty. Limited - balance sheets and accounts, hold file, touring data books (Call No.: MLK 1842)

    1967 - 1968; Business records - routine forms, folder of suggestions for programmes, folder of suggestions concerning joint film ventures, correspondence with WBC Productions Inc., correspondence with Benedict Pictures Corporation (Call No.: MLK 1843)

    Date unknown; Squeeze a Flower - preliminary/final budget; Wake in Fright - preliminary/final budget; Wake in Fright - costs book; miscellaneous items relating to 'Anti-Crime', and seating plans of Showground Grandstand (Call No.: KV 11233 )

    1965 - 1966; N.L.T. Artists - cash books and productions (Call No.: KV 11234 )

    1964 - 1967; Cash books (Call No.: KV 11235 )

    1963 - 1967; Cash books, group certificates and fees (Call No.: KV 11236)

    1967 - 1968; Group certificates and fees (Call No.: KV 11237 )

    1966 - 1969; Group certificates and fees, musicians fees (Call No.: KV 11238 )

    1966 - 1969; Perth fees, cash books, statement of earnings (Call No.: KV 11239 )

    1956 - 1966; Cash books and Lew and Leslie Grade Agency Pty. Limited - ledger sheets (Call No.: KV 11240)

    Date unknown; Gramophone records (GR 198-GR 199) and audio tape recordings (TR 125-TR 129)
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    This material is held offsite and can take up to four days to retrieve.
  • General note

    A detailed contents list to this collection is available in the Mitchell Library Reading Room.
    This collection includes pictorial material at PXA 1637,
    SLIDES 227, and ON 498 (formerly Pic.Acc.4215).
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