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    Ursula Dubosarsky literary papers, 1984-2004
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    MLMSS 8045
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    0.51 metres of textual material (3 boxes)

    Ursula Dubosarsky is an award-winning children’s author, born in Sydney in 1961. She studied languages at Sydney University, then taught French to primary school children and worked as a public servant in Canberra. She has published three picture books, including her first book, Maisey and the Pinny Gig (1989). A prolific author of 19 novels for children and young adults, Dubosarsky’s highly regarded debut novel, High Hopes, published by Penguin in 1990, won a Family Therapists’ Award for Children’s Literature. Following a year spent on a kibbutz she wrote The White Guinea-Pig, winner of the 1994 NSW State Literary Awards, Children’s Book Award and the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards, Diabetes Australia Alan Marshall Prize for Children’s Literature. The First Book of Samuel (1995), based on a story related by her Hebrew teacher at the kibbutz, explores Jewish family life and generational trauma. The novel won the 1995 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, Ethnic Affairs Commission Award. Her sequel to the novel, Theodora's Gift, published in 2005, deals with family conflict, the Holocaust and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Dubosarsky was the Nestlé Write Around Australia pilot project’s author in 1993.

    Library correspondence file
  • Scope and Content
    BOX 1
    Folder 1
    ‘Assorted Correspondence’, 1991-2000, being letters received and mainly regarding presentations, readings, speaking engagements. Correspondents include Wilma Norris (State Library of NSW), 1993; Irmgard Janka (International Youth Library, Munich) 1999-2000; Allen & Unwin, 2000

    Folder 2
    ‘Correspondence with Penguin [Books Australia Ltd]’, 1988-2004, being mainly letters received, regarding High Hopes, The Last Week in December, Over the Ocean, The White Guinea Pig, The First Book of Samuel, Black Sails, White Sails, Honey and Bear, The White Guinea-Pig, The Strange Adventures of Isador Brown, Zizzy Zing, My Father is Not a Comedian !,The Game of the Goose, Special Days with Honey and Bear, The Two Gorillas, The Magic Wand, Abyssinia and Rex

    Folder 3
    ‘cards, compliments slips from Penguin’, 1993-2003

    Folder 4
    ‘letters from writers’, 1990-2002, being letters received mainly from Ed Campion, 1998; Gerard Windsor, 1999; Duncan Ball, 1997; Mary Smart, no date; Maureen McCarthy, 1998; Antigone Kefala, 1998; Jim Davidson, 1994, 1997; Lisa Shanahan, 1999; Debra Adelaide, 1996, 1998; Sophie Masson, 1997, no date; Catherine Jinks, no date.; Rachel Flynn, 1996; Roberta Landers, 1990-2002; Gabrielle Carey, no date; Charlotte Calder, 2000; Jane Godwin, no date; Paul Horsfall, 1996-97; Helen Chryssides, 1997, 1999; Jonathan Appleton, 1990, 1998, 2000

    Folder 5
    ‘friends / family correspondence about my books’, 1990-2004, being letters received from, among others, Myfanwy Horne, 1993; William Coleman (brother), 1990, 1996; Susan Bridge, 1991; Enid Jenkins, 1997, no date; Gabrielle Carey, 1998, 2004

    Folder 6
    ‘Correspondence & draft ms – short stoies’, 1991-1997, includes correspondence with Penny Matthews and Margaret Wild (Omnibus Books), 1991-1992, with printouts of ‘The Golden Gate’ for horror stories anthology; Debra Adelaide, 1997; Gabrielle Carey, 1996; and Emma Royan-Smith (Random House Australia), 2002, regarding enclosed manuscript draft and page proof of ‘Percival’, a story for The Road to Camelot anthology

    Folder 7
    Correspondence regarding Maisie and the Pinny Gig, 1987-1992

    Folder 8
    Letters received from Children’s Book Council of Australia (NSW Branch), 1997-2001, regarding mentoring program, and mainly from Monica Oppen

    Folder 9
    ‘Letters from children’, 1996-2002

    BOX 2
    Folder 1
    ‘cover roughs’, 1993-2003, being cover art (not originals) for various books

    Folder 2
    ‘First Book of Samuel / Theodora’s Gift’, 1993, 2004, mainly regarding Theodora’s Gift, sequel to The First Book of Samuel, including author’s notes and letter received, with enclosed report, from Dmetri Kakmi, Senior Editor, Books for Children and Young Adults, Penguin Group (Aust.)

    Folder 3
    Typescript of Maisie and the Pinny Gig and correspondence, 1999, with Jane Godwin (Penguin Aust.) regardingThe Game of the Goose

    Folder 4
    ‘Zizzy Zing manuscript’, 1984-1992, being correspondence mainly with Walter McVitty, 1984; Jane Bowring and Cathie Tasker (Golden Press Pty Ltd and Collins Angus & Robertson), 1989-1992; and Margaret Burke (State Library of NSW), 1992

    Folder 5
    Photocopy of edited typescript of The Magic Wand from Kay Ronai (Penguin Aust.), no date

    Folder 6
    Letters received from Dmetri Kakmi (Penguin Aust.), 29 Dec. 2003 & 21 Jan. 2004 re How to be a Great Detective, with enclosed photocopied corrected proof with editor’s and author’s edits

    Folder 7
    Letters received from Penguin Aust., 1996-1997, with original edited typescript of Black Sails, White Sails

    Folder 8
    ‘Bruno & the Crumhorn’, 1993-1994, including letters received from Penguin Aust. with report on and edited typescript of ‘Bruno and the Crumhorn’

    Folder 9
    Proofs of cover art for Fairy Bread, 2000-2001

    Folder 10
    ‘The Doll’s House’,2003, including editorial notes/report and edited computer typescript of The Doll’s House

    Folder 11
    Letter received from Jane Godwin (Penguin Aust.), 17 Aug. 1989, with enclosed editorial notes, with copy of reader’s report and corrected computer typescript of High Hopes

    Folder 12
    ‘December’, no date, being photocopy of edited chapter, ‘December’

    Folder 13
    Letter received from Jane Godwin (Penguin Aust.), 14 Jan. 1993, with enclosed editorial notes, re The White Pig

    Folder 14
    Letter received from Kay Ronai, 7 Aug. 2002, with editorial notes regarding, and cover art for, The Strange Adventures of Isador Brown

    Folder 15
    Author’s notes regarding ‘The Red Shoe’ [to be published in 2005], with outline of Work in Progress Conference, Macquarie University Dept. of English, 18 June 2004, including abstract of ‘The Red Shoe’

    BOX 3
    Editorial correspondence, 1998-1999, regarding Honey and Bear and Special Days with Honey and Bear; photocopies of original illustrations for Honey and the Bear; and rough layout of Honey and Bear

    Roughs and corrected page proofs of Special Days with Honey and Bear, 1999-2001
  • Source
    Purchased from Ursula Dubosarsky, June 2005
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    This material is held offsite and can take up to four days to retrieve.
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    Copyright status:: In copyright - This collection has multiple rights owners
    Research & study copies allowed: Applies to material in which Ursula Dubosarsky owns copyright
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