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  • Title
    Charles T.P. Ulm collection of historical aviation photographs, ca. 1920-1934
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    PXE 1122
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    chiefly ca. 1920-1934
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    Partly Digitised : 24 images
  • Physical Description
    2 boxes (174 photoprints) - various sizes
    1 drawing - image 22 x 27 cm., in mount 32.7 x 37.7 cm. - ink
    1 negative - 35 mm - film
  • Scope and Content
    Note: captions below devised by cataloguer from listing compiled by Ellen Rogers (ML 496/77) and information on the reverse of the photographs. -- May 2005

    PXE 1122/BOX 1
    1. Sopwith Dove aircraft with pilot Moody (sitting); Perce Moodie (left); Ulm (right). June 1920. (Ulm's first aircraft) (2 prints)
    2-35. Australian National Airways Ltd. (A.N.A.)
    2. Avro-X Tri-motor aircraft being assembled at A.V. Roe & Co., Manchester, England. Used on daily services between Sydney-Brisbane & Sydney-Melbourne (each way) 1930 and later Hobart 1931.
    3. Avro-X tested at Manchester, England, 1929
    4. Wing of Avro-X on deck of "Huntingdon" at Sydney, 1929
    5. Fuselage being unloaded from S.S. Huntingdon, Sydney 1929
    6. Chief Engineer's Office at Mascot, 1930. (Mr F.W. Hewitt, Chief Engnr., Miss McGrath, secretary)
    7. Chief Engineer's Office & staff at Mascot, 1930 (L to R: Lance Nicholls, Office boy switch operator, Miss Scipione (seated), Miss McGrath
    8. Interior of Avro-X wicker chairs 8 passengers / photo by Milton Kent, Sydney
    9. Toilet section Avro-X aircraft / photo by Milton Kent, Sydney
    10. Avro-X being tested at Mascot, Dec 1929
    11. Avro-X VH-UMG being tested at Mascot, Dec 1929 / Milton Kent, Sydney
    12-16. A.N.A. workshops at Mascot, 1929-1931
    17-19. Avro-X freight, mail & luggage compartments / photo by Milton Kent, Sydney
    20-21. C.T.P. Ulm, Joint Managing Director, handing tickets to passengers on augural flights (passenger Mr Reubens, no. 21) / S.J. Hood photographer (no.21)
    22. Joint Managing Directors C.T.P. Ulm (seated) & C.E. Kingsford Smith at A.N.A. Head Office, Challis House, Martin Place, Sydney
    23. Christening ceremony, Brisbane, 31 Dec 1929. Christened by Lady Goodwin. C.T.P. Ulm (at left); Mrs Ulm; Sir John Goodwin (Governor of Queensland); E.P.M. Sheedy (auditor of A.N.A.); Premier of Queensland / Courier Photo.
    24. Autographed photo of C.T.P. Ulm at his home dictating to his secretary, Miss E. Rogers, 1930 / Daily Telegraph Pictorial Ltd.
    25. Avro-X damaged on boggy Eagle Farm aerodrome, Brisbane, 1930
    26. Avro-X photographed at night ready for flying over Manly fireworks display, 1930. Advertising night flights were carried out on several occasions with electric signs attached underneath the wing. "Lux" was one "Plaza" another. A new innovation for Sydney.
    27. Photo of Southern Cross with crew & passenger flying to rescue mails from Imperial Airways crashed plane City of Cairo at Koepang, Timor. L to R: Mr O'Groman (Sun representative; G.U. Allan, Co-pilot ANA; F.W. Hewitt, ANA Chief Engineer; C.E. Kingsford Smith, pilot, April 1931
    28-31. 1st all-Australian Airmail to England Nov 1931.
    28. G.U. (Scotty) Allan, pilot-commander talking to C.E. Kingsford Smith at Mascot Aerodrome Nov 1931
    29. G.U. Allan receiving customs clearance from customs officer Mr Glennon
    30. Crew of Southern Sun. L to R: R.N. (Bob) Boulton, Engineer; G.U. Allan, pilot; W. Callaghan, wireless operator
    31. Southern Sun VH-UNA at Soerabaya, Java. G.U. Allan (3rd from left); Col. H.C. Brinsmead, controller of Civil Aviation passenger on the flight (4th from left) / autographed by G.H. Allan
    32. Memorial erected to Southern Cloud, Cooma, N.S.W.
    33. Grave where remains of crew & passengers were interred in Cooma Cemetery. (Pilot T.W. Shortridge, 2nd pilot engineer Donnell, 8 passengers)
    34. Aerodrome Mascot - A.N.A. hanger completed 1929
    35. Sydney Harbour Bridge in course of construction / photographed from A.N.A. plane
    36. C.T.P. Ulm taking delivery of Triumph car (Mrs Ulm in doorway with Mr Bill Buckle), 1931
    37. Faith in Australia VH-UXX at Heston, England with crew for Atlantic flight. L to R: G.A. Allan co-pilot; C.T.P. Ulm Commander-pilot; P.G. Taylor, Navigator-relief pilot; J.A. Edwards, wireless operator (Flight abandoned when plane wrecked at Portmarnock Beach, Ireland, July 1933)
    38. Ulm climbing down from cockpit of Faith in Australia at Heston / Associated Press Photo. London
    39. Flight Lieut. C.T.P. Ulm (centre) with G. Edwards, wireless operator (left) and Capt. P.G. Taylor (right) five minutes before the Faith in Australia collapsed and pinned spectators beneath the wing, Portmarnock Strand, Dublin.
    40. Faith in Australia at Baldonnel Air Force Station, Ireland
    41. Ulm (right) chatting with Maj.Gen. MacNeil (left) and Mr Aiken, Defence Minister (centre), prior to disaster, 28 July 1933
    42. Faith in Australia at Portmarnock Beach just prior to the accident
    43-46. Faith in Australia after the accident; with the tide advancing; Irish Police lifting the wrecked aircraft; the wreck
    47. Ulm and Scotty Allan at the wrecked plane
    48. Faith in Australia at Broken Hill, NSW on return to Australia, 27 Oct 1933
    49. Bob Boulton, engineer with Faith in Australia
    50. Ulm standing on cockpit watching servicing
    51. Reception to crew at Mascot Town Hall after record-breaking flight from England. Mayor of Mascot; Aero Club officials and friends, Oct 1933. G.U. Allan (seated 2nd from left); C.T.P. Ulm (seated 3rd from left); P.G. Taylor (seated 5th from left)
    52. Arrival at New Plymouth, New Zealand, with first lady passengers, 4 Dec 1933
    53. Crew and lady passengers at New Plymouth. (autographed by C.T.P. Ulm, E. Rogers & Mrs Ulm)
    54. Mrs Ulm with bouquet (autographed)
    55. Miss E. Rogers alighting at New Plymouth (autographed)
    56. C.T.P. Ulm responding to welcome at New Plymouth
    57. Mrs C.T.P. Ulm responding to welcome at New Plymouth
    58. Miss E. Rogers (private secretary) responding to welcome at New Plymouth
    59. Reception at Napier Aerodrome, New Zealand
    60. Loading first official airmail Auckland to Invercargill, N.Z., 12 Dec 1933 (titled & signed by Ulm)
    61. Mrs Ulm (seated) and Miss E. Rogers (left) welcomed at Christchurch, N.Z.
    62. C.T.P. Ulm (5th from left) with Air Force friends and others welcomed at Christchurch, N.Z., 1933
    63. Charles T.P. Ulm, N.Z. 1934
    64. Faith in Australia conducting joy-rides at Ohope Beach, Whakatane N.Z., Jan 1934
    65. Faith in Australia on the beach at Murawai ready for take-off with First Official Airmail from N.Z. to Australia, 17 Feb 1934 (titled and signed by Ulm)
    66. Officers of N.Z. PMG Dept. sorting 1st official airmail from N.Z. to Australia, Feb 1934
    67. Photo of certificate carried by C.T.P. Ulm from Returned Soldiers Assn. NSW on 1st official airmail from N.Z. to Australia
    68. Landing at New Plymouth, April 1934. Ulm Commander-Pilot
    69. Ulm in cockpit giving OK sign to Scotty Allan
    70. Ulm ready to leave with first Australian Air Mail to New Zealand
    71. Loading the first official airmail
    72. P.M.G. van arriving with mail
    73. Ulm signing for first official airmail
    74. First official airmail being unloaded at New Plymouth, N.Z., April 1934
    75. Ulm being welcomed at New Plymouth by the Mayor
    76. Ulm greeted on his arrival in N.Z. by his friend Sir George Wilkins / J.A. Austin, New Plymouth
    77. Faith in Australia at Ninety-Mile Beach ready for flight to Australia with airmail 14 April 1934 (record breaking flight) round trip 4 days.
    78. Faith in Australia arriving at Mascot Aerodrome with airmail after record breaking flight
    (nos. 69-71 & 77-78 by Cinesound Review Coverage Barry J. Young)
    79. Ulm presenting Goodwill Message from Australian Prime Minister J.A. Lyons to New Zealand Prime Minister G.W. Forbes, May 1934, Parliament House steps, Wellington, N.Z. / Evening Post, Wellington, N.Z.
    80. Ulm (2nd from right) with Governor General and Lady Bledisloe at Government House, Wellington, N.Z. after delivering goodwill message from Governor General of Australia
    81. Ulm (left) and G.U. Allan (right) with N.Z. Prime Minister after delivering goodwill message carried on Faith in Australia
    82. Ulm (left) handing goodwill message to N.Z. Prime Minister at Parliament House, Wellington. G.U. Allan and officials look on.
    83. Faith in Australia at Mascot being fuelled. Scotty Allan (centre); Bob Boulton (right); and Mr Allsop of Vacuum Oil Co.
    84. Ulm (standing) Mrs Ulm in car. Faith in Australia ready to take off on Anzac Memorial Appeal Tour of NSW. / H. Hasenpflug, art photographer, Sydney
    85-93. Photographs of Faith in Australia under construction at A.N.A. workshop, Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney, 1933
    94. Faith in Australia christening ceremony by Premier of NSW Hon. B.S.B. Stevens, Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney, 1933
    95. Ulm (seated) with G.U. Scotty Allan testing the wireless in Faith in Australia, 1933
    96-99. Photographs of test flights carried out at Richmond & Forbes, NSW, 1933
    100. Pilots' cockpit Faith in Australia, 1933

    PXE 1122/BOX 2
    101. Ulm in cockpit Faith in Australia, 1933
    102. P.G. (Bill) Taylor (left); G.U. (Scotty) Allan; Allsop (Vacuum Oil Co); C.T.P. Ulm
    103. L to R: P.G. Taylor, navigator & relief pilot; C.T.P. Ulm, commander-pilot; G.U. Allan, co-pilot, wireless operator, 1933
    104. Faith in Australia Ulm and Allan and others at Napier Aerodrome N.Z. 1933
    105. Faith in Australia
    106. Faith in Australia escorted into New Plymouth 4 Dec 1933
    107. C.T.P. Ulm at rail of ship leaving Sydney for England via U.S.A., Aug 1934 to take delivery of his all-British Airspeed Envoy Twin-Motor Aircraft Stella Australis VH-UXY (lost off Honolulu in attempted trans-Pacific Flight Dec 1934)
    108. Ulm's office, Sydney. Mr J.L. Skilling, navigator (at map); Mr Cyril L. Westcott, General Manager Australasia, for C.C. Wakefield & Co. Ltd; Flight-Lieut. C.T.P. Ulm, A.F.C., commander (seated); Mr George S. Littlejohn, co-pilot (right)
    109. C.T.P. Ulm, commander (left); George Littlejohn, co-pilot (centre); J. Leon Skilling, navigator radio operator (right) at Vancouver, Canada. Stella Australis
    110. George Littlejohn fuelling Stella Australis; C.T.P. Ulm in foreground
    111. Charles T.P. Ulm talking to Amelia Earhardt [i.e. Earhart], American aviatrix, at Oakland Airport, California, USA, just prior to attempted trans-Pacific flight in Stella Australis 1934
    112. C.T.P. Ulm (2nd from left) with friends at Oakland airport; J. Leon Skilling, navigator-radio operator (right). Stella Australis being fuelled at airport in USA
    113. Stella Australis at Oakland Airport prior to attempted trans-Pacific flight Dec 1934. Lost off Honolulu.
    114. Mrs C.T.P. Ulm at Honolulu on visit to thank the U.S. Navy and Military Personnel for their magnificent search efforts, 1935. (Mrs George Littlejohn accompanied Mrs Ulm)
    115. Mrs Ulm's personal photograph of C.T.P. Ulm before the Southern Cross Pacific flight (partial inscription on reverse by Ulm "Tiger Jo")
    116-117. Photographs of plaque at Overseas Terminal, Mascot in memory of C.T.P. Ulm (John Ulm and family viewing) / QANTAS photograph
    118. Photograph of McWilliams (left), wireless operator Southern Cross and Litchfield (right) navigator Southern Cross at dedication of memorial, Blenheim N.Z., 1958. Commemorating the Southern Cross flight from Blenheim to Australia in 1928.
    119-120. Photographs of C.T.P. Ulm [& Mrs Ulm] sailing his yacht on Sydney Harbour.
    121. C.T.P. Ulm on beach with Maldon Malley, son of Sq. Leader Garnet Malley.
    122. C.T.P. Ulm with young admirer at Mascot Aerodrome
    123. C.T.P. Ulm flying aircraft VH-UOL over Mascot
    124. C.T.P. Ulm's Avian aircraft VH-ULM
    125. Photo of whale's tooth presented to Kingsford Smith & Ulm at Fiji on 1st Trans-Pacific flight of Southern Cross, 1928 / The Sydney Mail
    126-126a. Southern Cross at Perth, W.A.; Kingsford Smith hands up parcel to Ulm in cockpit, 1928
    127. Southern Cross crew at Maylands Aerodrome, Perth W.A. 1st Trans-Australia flight 1928. Litchfield shaking hands with Kingsford Smith and Ulm shaking hands with McWilliams prior to Southern Cross flying with light load to Tammin aerodrome. Litchfield and McWilliams went by rail to Tammin, 1928.
    128. Southern Cross flying over New Zealand waters en route to Christchurch. 1st Trans Tasman Flight. N.Z. Air Force planes escort. / New Zealand Air Force
    129. The Rt. Hon. J.G. Coates, Prime Minister of New Zealand (left) shaking hands with Kingsford Smith, 1928 / Auckland Weekly News
    130. Kingsford Smith and Ulm in N.Z. Air Force plane about to leave Christchurch for Blenheim, 1928 / Weekly Press, Christchurch
    131. Southern Cross crew at Capt. Findlays home, officer commanding N.Z. Air Force at Wigram Aerodrome, Christchurch. L to R: T.H. McWilliams, wireless operator; Kingsford Smith, co-commander; Ulm, co-commander; Litchfield, navigator, 1st Trans Tasman Flight 1928 / Weekly Press, Christchurch
    132. Snap with N.Z. Air Force friends, Christchurch. Kingsford Smith (left) & Ulm in uniform, Litchfield (right), McWilliams seated in front
    133-134. Snaps at Richmond Air Force Station prior to Australia-England flight with friends of the Southern Cross 1929
    135. Bertie Heath being chaired by Kingsford Smith & Ulm. McWilliams (left) Litchfield (right) when he landed at Coffee Royal in 1929
    136. Southern Cross photographed over Sydney being tested after re-conditioning necessary after exposure when lost at Coffee Royal, W.A., 1929
    137. Southern Cross at Singapore, 1929 en route to England
    138. Southern Cross at Karachi, 1929 en route to England
    139. Southern Cross at Karachi, 1929 en route to England. Left: T.H. McWilliams (white shorts) radio operator; C.E. Kingsford Smith, co-commander; C.T.P. Ulm, co-commander / Aeroporto del Littorio
    140. Southern Cross being welcomed at Croydon, London, 1929. Left: C.T.P. Ulm; C.E. Kingsford Smith; Sir Sefton Brancker / Central News Ltd., London
    141. Cartoon published in Daily Mail London 1929 / Tony Webster
    142. Southern Cross at Amsterdam. Crew welcomed with garlands / N.V. Vereeniode Fotobureaux
    143. Southern Cross at Amsterdam. Crew being motored through welcoming crowds 1929. Ulm & Kingsford Smith (standing); McWilliams & Litchfield (seated) / N.V. Vereeniode Fotobureaux
    144. Southern Cross at Amsterdam 1929. Crew being welcomed. Left: Litchfield; McWilliams; Ulm; Kingsford Smith / J.L. Holleeder
    145. C.E. Kingsford Smith photographed with trophy presented to him by Australian Flying Corps Assn. 1931 / Lupton Studio, Sydney
    146. Memorial tablet erected at Oakland Airport California USA to commemorate Kingsford Smith & Ulm in Southern Cross
    147. Record-breaking round Australia flight, June 1927. Bristol fighter G-AUDJ. C.T.P. Ulm & C.E. Kingsford Smith with Norman White (Gen. manager Brisbane Daily Mail) handing newspaper to Ulm to deliver to Keith Murdoch (Melbourne Herald).
    148. Mrs C.T.P. Ulm, 1928 (Mary Josephine Ulm) / Monte Luke, Sydney (hand col. photograph)
    149. At SV/228
    150-158. First Official airmail, Australia to New Zealand in Faith in Australia, April 1934 / Cinesound Productions Ltd Sydney (photoprints from original nitrate negatives)
    159-173. Airmail flights from Australia to New Guinea and return made by Faith in Australia, 1934 / Cinesound Productions Ltd Sydney (photoprints from original nitrate negatives)

    Cartoon re Ulm and Kingsford Smith / ink drawing by Cecil L. Hartt (News Item). (No.149).

    Sopwith Dove aircraft with pilot Moody (sitting); Perce Moodie (left); Ulm (right). June 1920. (Ulm's first aircraft)

    Forms part of The Charles T.P. Ulm collection of historical aviation records, Part 1, 1919-1965 at MLMSS 3359.
  • System of arrangement
    Arranged and listed by Ellen Rogers, c. 1977. Ellen Rogers (1906-1985) was Charles Ulm's private secretary and author of: Faith in Australia : Charles Ulm and Australian aviation / Ellen Rogers. Crows Nest, N.S.W. : Book Production Services, 1987.
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    Presented by John Ulm, September, 1977 Pic.Acc.5116
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