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    Eileen Wearne - photographs and papers mainly concerning the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games, ca. 1920-1947, ca. 1990-2002
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    PXA 998
    R 941
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    ca. 1920-1947, ca. 1990-2002.
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    Partly Digitised : 14 photographs
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    Photographs - 48 black & white photoprints - 6 x 8.5 cm. to 30 x 24.5 cm.
    Photographs - 12 colour photoprints - 10 x 15 cm.
    Textual Records - (typescript)
    Objects - 1 badge - 13 cm. diam.

    Alice Eileen Wearne (1912- ) became the second woman to represent Australia in athletics at the Olympic Games when she competed in the 100 metres sprint at Los Angeles in 1932. Unfortunately she was not at her best and was eliminated in the heats. Other members of the Australian team included swimmers Clare Dennis, Frances Bult, Bonnie Mealing and Andrew 'Boy' Charlton. On her return to Sydney Eileen Wearne continued to compete in athletics and won state and Australian honours throughout the 1930s. In 1938 she represented Australia at the British Empire Games (forerunner of the Commonwealth Games) where she won a gold medal in the 4 x 100 yards relay and a bronze medal in the 220 yards sprint.
  • Scope and Content
    PXA 998/BOX 1
    1. Alice Maude Latham (Eileen Wearne's mother)
    2. Eileen Wearne as a young girl.
    3. With actresses Ruth Selwyn & Anita Page, 1932.
    4. The Indian representatives with Eileen Wearne and Bunny Seawright (trainer), 1932.
    5 & 6. Mrs Chambers (chaperone), Bonnie Mealing, Clare Dennis, Frances Bult, Eileen Wearne, Thelma Kench (N.Z. sprinter), 1932.
    7. At Snowy Baker's Country Club, 1932.
    8. Manual Arts High School, Los Angeles, 1932.
    9. Bonnie Mealing bargaining with Pago natives, 1932.
    10. Ted Gill, Frances Bult, Alex Hillhouse, Bonnie Mealing on the Mariposa, 1932.
    11. Frances Bult, Eileen Wearne, Mrs Chambers, Clare Dennis, Bonnie Mealing, 1932.
    12. Australian Olympic Team, 1932.
    13-15. Eileen Wearne training at Manual Arts High School, Los Angeles, 1932.
    16. Bonnie Mealing training at the Olympic Pool about 20th July 1932.
    17. Bonnie Mealing, Mrs Chambers, Frances Bult, Eileen Wearne and Clare Dennis with the child actors of the TV serial 'Our Gang'.
    18. Bonnie Mealing, Mrs Chambers, Frances Bult, Eileen Wearne and Clare Dennis with 'Spanky' of 'Our Gang.'
    19. Eileen Wearne and Clare Dennis with Jacquie Lyn of 'Our Gang.'
    20. The Australian Olympic Team at the Olympic Stadium.
    21. The Australian Olympic Team with actresses Ruth Selwyn and Anita Page in the Olympic Stadium.
    22. Anita Page and Ruth Selwyn signing autographs for the women members of the Australian team.
    23. Frances Bult and Eileen Wearne wit their Olympic commemorative medals.
    24. Clare Dennis, Bonnie Mealing, Eileen Wearne and Frances Bult on the steps of a Goodyear airship.
    25. The women members of the Australian Team at MGM studios with Jackie Cooper and Jim Thorpe.
    26-28. Members of the Australian team, including Andrew 'Boy' Charlton at Ruth Selwyn's home.
    29. Members of the Australian team at Paramount Studios with child actor Robert Coogan.
    30. Eileen Wearne wearing the grass skirt she bought in Suva on the voyage to Los Angeles (photograph taken in her backyard at Strathfield, 1932).
    31. The Australian Olympic team.
    32-33. Eileen Wearne
    34. Frances Bult, Clare Dennis, Eileen Wearne, Mrs Chambers and Bonnie Mealing.
    35a. Eileen Wearne and Jim Carlton. Inscribed 'Good wishes Eileen from Jim Carlton Dec. '32'.
    35b. Sports Ground 16 Dec. 1933 ( start of a race).
    36a. Eileen Wearne and an unknown athlete.
    36b. Showground 1 Jan. 1934 (Eileen Wearne winning a race).
    37. Group of male athletes including Basil Dickinson, George Golding and Jack Metcalf.
    38. Group of women, including Eileen Wearne, April 1935, Brisbane.
    39. Sports Ground 4 Jan. 1936. Eileen Wearne winning the NSW State 100 yards Championship.
    40. Eileen Wearne. Australian Championships, Melbourne 1937.
    41. Start of a race. Inscribed 'From Eileen, with fond memories of 17-2-40 and 27-2-40.'
    42. Iris head, Eileen Sheppard, Eileen Wearne. Western Suburbs team.
    43. Agnes Sims, Elsie Crewez, Gadys Teasdale & Eileen Wearne. Western Suburbs team, Sydney Sports Ground, 1930 or 1931.
    44. Iris Head, Eileen Sheppard, Eileen Wearne. Western Suburbs team.
    45. Studio portrait of Eileen Wearne.
    46-47. Studio portraits of Eileen Wearne, ca. 1938-40.
    48. Eileen Wearne with her niece, 1947.

    PXA 998/BOX 2
    49. Eileen Wearne at Mt Blue Cow, 1990.
    50. Eileen Wearne - return visit to Suva.
    51. Ted Winter, Basil Dickinson & Eileen Wearne, Olympic Torch Relay, Echo Point, Katoomba, 2000.
    52-59. Reunion of former Olympians, 2002. Includes Eileen Wearne, John Konrads, Basil Dickinson, Merv Wood, John Treloar, Bonnie Mealing.
    60. Eileen Wearne, ca. 2000.
    Includes 'Souvenir of the Olympic Games 1932', invitations and correspondence, 1932, 1938
    Mainly concern the 1932 Olympic Games and the 1938 British Empire Games, 1932-38, 2002.

    R 941
    1 hand embroidered circular badge.
    At centre a felt waratah in red, black and green on blue cloth with "N.S.W.W.A.A.A. / 1937" stitched around edge [New South Wales Womens Amateur Athletic Association]
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    Presented by Miss Eileen Wearne in July 2003
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    Copyright restrictions may apply: Photographs in this collection created before 1955 are all out of copyright. Photographs created after 1955 are in copyright for the life of creator plus 70 years
    Please acknowledge: : Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and Courtesy copyright holder
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