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    Wentworth family papers, 1785-1827
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    A 751-A 755 (Safe 1/332-Safe 1/337)
    A 756-A 761 (Safe 1/338-Safe 1/343)
    A 762-A 765 (Safe 1/344-Safe 1/347)
    SAFE/MLMSS 3726X (Safe 1/348)
    A 767 (Safe 1/349)
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    MicrofilmRefer to Contents for location numbers
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    0.99 metres of textual material (17 vols. including 1 outsize item) - manuscript

    D'Arcy Wentworth (ca.1762-1827), medical practitioner, was born near Portadown, Ireland. He came to Australia in 1790 on the ship 'Neptune'. He travelled to Norfolk Island where he was appointed an assistant in the hospital and later superintendant of convicts. He returned to Sydney in 1796. Wentworth was appointed principal surgeon of the Civil Medical Department in 1809 and held a number of civil and medical posts during his career.

    William Charles Wentworth (1790-1872), explorer, barrister, landowner and parliamentarian, was the son of D'Arcy Wentworth and Catherine Crowley. Catherine Crowley was transported on the ship 'Neptune' arriving at Sydney in 1790 and then to Norfolk Island on the 'Surprize' with D'Arcy and the infant William. Catherine Crowley died in 1800 and William was sent to England to attend school returning in 1810. He was granted land on the Nepean in 1811 and in 1813 accompanied William Lawson and Gregory Blaxland in their exploration of the Blue Mountains. Governor Macquarie granted him a further one thousand acres for crossing the mountains. Wentworth returned to England in 1816 and was admitted to the English bar in 1822. Wentworth returned to Sydney in 1824. Wentworth acquired further land holdings after his father's death in 1827 and acquired Vaucluse in that year. Wentworth was an elected member of the old Legislative Council (1843-1854). He was a member of the NSW Legislative Council (1861-1862).

    Reference: Australian Dictionary of Biography Online
  • Scope and Content
    Wentworth family correspondence, 1783-1808
    Correspondents include: Dr William Balmain, The Colonial Office, J. Clementson, Dr John Savage, Lieutenant-Governor George Molle, Governor Bligh, Thomas Jamison, Earl Fitzwilliam, James Villiers, Lord Castlereagh, Charles Cookney, James Dawson, Governor Hunter and George Howe
    A 751, Safe 1/332 (Request microfilm: CY 699)

    Wentworth family correspondence, 1809-1816
    Correspondents include: D’Arcy Wentworth, Lachlan Macquarie, John Thomas Campbell, Lord Fitzwilliam, Lord Castlereagh, Lord Liverpool, Captain Eber Bunker, Charles Cookney, William Charles Wentworth, Thomas Jamison, Garnham Blaxcell, Alexander Riley, Colonel William Paterson, Anthony Kemp and William Charles Wentworth
    A 752, Safe 1/333 (Request microfilm: CY 699)

    Wentworth family correspondence, 1817-1820
    Correspondents include: Lord Fitzwilliam, Lachlan Macquarie, Alexander Riley, George Molle and John Thomas Campbell
    A 753, Safe 1/334 (Request microfilm: CY 699)

    Wentworth family correspondence, 1821-1827
    Correspondents include: Dr Edward Luttrell, Lachlan Macquarie, John Thomas Bigge, Thomas Brisbane, David Collins, Frederick Goulburn, James Dawson, Lord Fitzwilliam, Philip Gidley King, John Wylde, Charles Cookney, William Balmain, Dennis Considen, D’Arcy Wentworth, William Wentworth the elder, John Wentworth, John Thomas Campbell, Lachlan Macquarie, Elizabeth Macquarie, Robert Lathrop Murray, John Piper, Thomas Brisbane, William Redfern, James Dawson and Leonard Dobbin. Includes statistical information for population, land and stock in 1821 and General Muster statistics for 1821 A 754/1, Safe 1/335 (Request microfilm: CY 700)

    Wentworth family correspondence, 1785-1826
    D'Arcy Wentworth supplementary papers
    Correspondents include: J. Archdekey, David Killican, Fitzwilliam Wentworth, Charles Cookney, Lachlan Macquarie, M. Sinnamon (sister), Mary Overend, William Wentworth (brother), Elizabeth Wentworth (sister), Martha Johnson (sister). Also includes accounts, many from Charles Cookney, a certificate of appointment for D’Arcy Wentworth to Assistant Surgeon to the settlement in New South Wales, appointment of D’Arcy Wentworth as Justice of the Peace, 1810, Commission as surgeon to the Settlement of New South Wales
    A 754/2, Safe 1/336 (Request microfilm: CY 700)

    Wentworth family correspondence
    Correspondents include: Major D'Arcy Wentworth, F. Auber, D’Arcy Wentworth (junior), John Beckett
    A 755 Safe 1/337 (Request microfilm: CY 700)

    Wentworth family, letters sent from W.C. Wentworth
    Correspondents include: William Charles Wentworth, D’Arcy Wentworth, Charles Cookney, John Macarthur, Henry Grey Bennet, Henry Bathurst, D’Arcy Wentworth, John Thomas Bigge, Robert Wilmot, Earl Fitzwilliam and Alexander Riley
    A 756, Safe 1/338 (Request microfilm: CY 700)

    Wentworth family correspondence, 1814–1857, letters to W.C. Wentworth Correspondents include: Lachlan Macquarie, Elizabeth Macquarie, George Johnston, Henry Goulburn, Earl Fitzwilliam, Charles Cookney, J, Naylor, Sir R. Bourke, Alex W. Leay, Frederick Goulburn and Henry Grey Bennet
    A 757, Safe 1/339 (Request microfilm: CY 701)

    Wentworth family correspondence, W.C. Wentworth miscellanea Correspondents include: John Mackaness, Lieut. Condamine, Sydney Turf Club, Robert Wardell, Ann Hudson. Also includes copies of Sarah and W.C. Wentworth’s certificate of marriage and certificate of Baptism for their child Fitzwilliam, documents and concerning the sale and transfer of land, documents relating to the death of W.C. Wentworth and accounts.
    A 758, Safe 1/340 (Request microfilm: CY 701)

    D’Arcy Wentworth’s office account book for three years ending 31st December 1827
    A 759, Safe 1/341 (Request microfilm: CY 701)

    Fitzwilliam Wentworth correspondence, 1886-1900
    Correspondents include Fitzwilliam Wentworth, H.W. Keay Young, T. Kirby and the Burlington
    A 760, Safe 1/342 (Request microfilm: CY 701)

    Wentworth family correspondence, papers relating to the Sydney Hospital
    Correspondents include: Lachlan Macquarie, D’Arcy Wentworth, Garnham Blaxcell, Alexander Riley, John Thomas Campbell
    A 761, Safe 1/343 (Request microfilm: CY 705)

    Wentworth family correspondence, medical stores, hospital returns, etc. Correspondents include: D’Arcy Wentworth, Dr Thomas Jamison, John Thomas Campbell
    A 762, Safe 1/344 (Request microfilm: CY 736)

    Wentworth family correspondence, 1812-1825
    Treasury orders, etc, Primary correspondent is Lachlan Macquarie
    A 763, Safe 1/345 (Request microfilm: CY 705)

    Wentworth family correspondence, 1819-1822
    Petitions for wine & spirit licences
    A 764 - A 765, Safe 1/346-347 (Request microfilm: CY 727)

    Wentworth family correspondence, 1822-1824
    Colonial revenue account
    MLMSS 3726X previously located at A 766, 1/348 (Request microfilm: CY 774)

    Wentworth family correspondence, 1826
    List of landholders by district
    A 767, Safe 1/349 (Request microfilm: CY 736)
  • Source
    Most of the papers in this collection were presented by Fitzwilliam Wentworth in Nov. 1912. The contents of A 754/2, and a few letters which were added to other volumes were presented by William Charles Wentworth in Feb. 1938
  • Published Information
    The Wentworths : father and son / John Ritchie. Carlton, Vic. : Melbourne University Press, 1997
  • General note

    Selected correspondence and documents in this collection are indexed in the Mitchell Library Manuscripts index card catalogue.
    MLMSS 3726X (previously A 766) was transferred to Safe 1/348
    Microfilm copies made, 1982; refer to sub-series records for locations

    This collection was listed on PICMAN in 2005 as part of the Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government in NSW 1856-2006 Project.
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