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  • Title
    Photographic views of Fiji Vol.1
  • Call number
    PXE 854 (v.1)
  • Level of description
  • Date

    [187-? - 192-?]
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Physical Description
    Albums - 32.5cm x 26.5 cm. - 1 album (162 albumen photoprints - 20 postcards)
  • Scope and Content
    Cover. a. [group portrait of Wesleyan missionaries in Fiji]
    b-c. portraits
    1a. Levuka, South
    b. Levuka, North
    3a. View of Dako, Savu Savu
    b. Levuka Creek
    4a-b. Levuka, Sept 1910
    5a. Scene: South Levuka
    b. View in Levuka
    6a. Levuka Sept 1910
    b. Levuka Hospital and the Monastery
    7a. Grove of Cocoanut Trees
    b. Levuka North
    8a. S.S. Tofua at Levuka
    b. Evening before hurricane, Levuka
    9a. View on the Beach, Levuka
    b. Levuka looking South
    10. Levuka
    11a. Shute's Plantation, Savu Savu
    b. Naidi River, Savu Savu
    12a. Fiji
    b. Fijian Festival
    13a. Group taken at Naidi
    b. Boiling Spring, Savu Savu
    14a. Fijian Festival
    b. After a hurricane, Fiji
    15a. View on the Naidi River
    b. Capt. Barrack's Ginning Establishment, Savu Savu
    16a. After a hurricane, Fiji
    b. Fiji
    17a. Capt Barrack' Residence, Dako
    b. Native town, Savu Savu
    18a-b. Fiji
    19a. Naidi Bay
    b. Group taken at Savu Savu
    20a. Cane train bridge, Fiji
    b. Fijian entertainment
    21a. Naidi Bay
    b. Savu Savu Bay
    22a. Coolies, Fiji
    b. Homestead sugar plantation
    c. Sugar plantation, Fiji
    23a. Native Town, Naidi
    b. Levuka Native Town
    24a. Fiji
    b. Cane train bridge, Fiji
    25a. Captain Martin's Plantation, Naidi
    b. Capt, Barrack's Residence, Darko
    26a-b. Nadi, Fiji
    27a. Levuka South
    b. Hot Springs, Savu Savu
    28a Nadi River, Fiji
    b. Nadi Public Hall
    29a. Hot Springs, Savu Savu
    b. Mount Vernon, Levuka
    30a. Bulli Nadi's ...[?] & Family
    b. Nadi, Fiji
    31a. View in South Levuka
    b. Part of Beach Street, Levuka
    32a. The Orphans, Nadi Beach
    b. Coolie Hospital, Nadi
    33a. Part of Beach Street, North Levuka
    b. View in South Levuka
    34a. Coolie Hospital, Nadi
    b. Nadi, Fiji
    35a. American Consul's Residence, Levuka
    b. Interior of the Church of England, Levuka
    36a. Nadi, Fiji
    b. Nadi Hills with clouds on them
    37a. British Consulate, Levuka
    b. Wesleyan Church, Levuka
    38a. HMAS "Iris" [postcard]
    b. Coast scene, Taviuni, Fiji [postcard]
    39a. Clarke & Showart's Ginning Establishment
    b. Levuka
    40a. Nadi Beach, high tide
    b. Navou[?] Ginu[?]
    41a. Levuka
    b. J.C. Smith's Ginning Establishment, Levuka
    42a. Levuka, Fiji [postcard]
    b. Suva, Fiji [postcard]
    43a. Scene in South Levuka
    b. Native Teacher's Residence, Levuka
    44a. View from Hospital, Suva [postcard]
    b. Victoria Parade, Suva [postcard]
    45a. Scene in South Levuka
    b. Residence of King Cakobau
    46a. Walu Bridge [postcard]
    b. Salomon Hut, Fiji [postcard]
    47a. View on the Naidi River, Savu Savu
    b. Native Town, Levuka
    48a. Botanical Garden, Suva [postcard]
    b. Buretta River, Ovalau [postcard]
    49a. Scene in South Levuka
    b. Fiji House of Delegates [portraits & 3 buildings]
    50a. Palm Grove, Taviuni [postcard]
    b. [Unidentified interior view. (newscutting)]
    51a-b. North Levuka
    52. Levuka
    53a. North Levuka
    b. Scene in South Levuka
    54a. Roroma Kava group, Fiji [postcard]
    b. Levuka, Fiji [postcard]
    55a. View in Levuka
    b. Levuka : "A. Rogalsky & Co. Established 1866"
    56a. Fiji - An old Cannibal [postcard]
    b. Holy Trinity Church, Suva, Fiji [postcard]
    57a. South Levuka
    b. Plantation scene in Darko, Savu Savu
    58a. Q.V. Memorial Hall, Suva, Fiji [postcard]
    b. Coastal scene, Ovalau, Fiji [postcard]
    59a. Levuka Reading Room
    b. M.S. Ship St. Mary's
    60a. Levuka, Fiji Island [postcard]
    b. River scene, Ovalau, Fiji [postcard]
    61a. Levuka No 1
    b. Part of Levuka No 2
    62a. Church of the Redeemer (Anglican) Levuka, Fiji [postcard]
    b. Church and Convent of the S.H. [postcard]
    63a. Part of Levuka No 3
    b. Levuka No 4
    65a. Levuka No 5
    b. Scene on Naidi Bay
    67a. Residence of Otty Cudlip, Esq, Levuka
    b. Levuka No 6
    69. Ratu Thomas
    71. Prince Timoci
    73a. View in Levuka
    b. Levuka No 7
    75a. Levuka North
    b. Hot Springs, Savu Savu
    77a. Capt Barraek's Residence, Daku
    b. View in Levuka: suburban
    78a. Thakombau's War Canoe House, Bau, Fiji / Degotardi
    b. [portrait of man] / Carl Leibinger
    79. Kai Colo or Mountaineer
  • Source
    Purchased Dec 1912 Transfer from Mitchell Library Printed Books Q988.8/P, July 2000
  • General note

    "F. H. Dufty, Photographer, Levuka, Ovalau, Fiji" -- printed cutting pasted inside back cover
    Title inscribed across top of page 1 (in different hand to inscriptions)
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