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    Ward family - papers, 1831-1983
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    MLMSS 6927/1-33
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    1831 - 1983
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    1896-1941; Correspondence with, among others, Australian-American Co-operation Movement, 1941; George Bowles, 1935; British American Co-operation Movement, 1938, with report by Mrs Preston Stanley Vaughan of her American tour; Lady De Chair, ca. 1925; George Dromgold, 1938; Sir Philip Game, ca. 1936; W. S. Gilbert, 1904; W. A. Holman, 1919; Tom Iredale, 1935; John J. Jaffin, 1935; Dame Nellie Melba, Date unknown; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1940; , Cyril Ritchard, 1936; Alexander Thompson, 1920; Hugh F. Ward and Melbourne Ward, Date unknown (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/1/1)
    1935-1936; Papers concerning South Australia State Centenary Celebrations (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/1/2)
    1936-1938; Correspondence concerning Australia's 150th Anniversary Celebrations (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/1/3)
    1936-1937; Papers concerning Australia's 150th Anniversary Celebrations, including minutes of meetings of the Pageant Committee (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/1/4)
    1905, 1930-1940; Legal and financial papers (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/1/5)
    1916-1935; Invitations and menus (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/1/6)
    1884, 1894-1915; Diary, 1884, with newscutting enclosures, 1894-1915 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/1/7)
    1892-1910; Theatre programmes, playbills and reviews (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/2/1)
    ca. 1890-1937; Miscellaneous papers, including Commonwealth of Australia Certificate of Naturalization, 3 Mar. 1922 and two letters from unidentified correspondent to Frank Hawthorne, 1910, 1912 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/2/2)
    1864-1940; Newscuttings (2 folders) mainly concerning theatre and of personal mentions (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/2/3-4)
    1882-1941; Printed material, including Reveille, vol. XIV no. 7, 1 Mar. 1941, featuring article, 'Hugh J. Ward: Money spinner for war needs', pp. 4-5 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/2/5)

    1911-1935, Date unknown; Certificates and letters of appreciation and introduction (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/3X)

    1911; Illuminated address received from the citizens of Sydney, New South Wales, for realising a fund on behalf of the widows and children of the victims of the Coogee surf disaster, and for the heroes Messrs Baker and Clarken, 25 Feb. 1911, being watercolour and pen & ink (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/4/1)
    1915; Illuminated address received from the citizens of Sydney, N.S.W., for the raising of funds for patriotic and other purposes, June 1915 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/4/2)

    1885-1938; Scrapbook mainly of theatre and opera in Melbourne, including concert playbills and programmes from New Princess's Theatre, Princess Theatre, Bijou Theatre, Theatre Royal, The Alexandra and Her Majesty's Opera House, and newscuttings, with an alphabetical index by title of production (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/5/1)
    189--1926; Scrapbook mainly of newscuttings of verse and prose from regional and Sydney newspapers, compiled by Jas. R. Scott, Cessnock, N.S.W. (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/5/2)
    1894-1902; Scrapbooks (2), 1894-1902 and 1899-1902, mainly of newscuttings concerning actors and actresses (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/6X/1)
    1897-1924; Scrapbooks (2), 1897-1909 and 1909-1924, mainly of Melbourne theatre and opera programmes (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/6X/2)
    1891-1920; Scrapbook including newscuttings and concert programmes concerning and photographs of the soprano Grace Miller Ward, and letters received from, among others, Property staff, J. C. Williamson Ltd, Sydney Theatre, 19 July 1920, on the eve of his departure for the United States, and John Adcock, Honorary Secretary, Melbourne Liedertafel, 4 June 1900, introducing Mrs Grace Miller Ward (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/7/1)
    1899-1906; Scrapbook of theatre programmes, playbills and newscuttings (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/7/2)
    1909-1926; Scrapbook mainly concerning the New Zealand and Australian tours of Hugh Ward Comedy Co., 1909-1911 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/7/3)
    1915; Scrapbook of newscuttings concerning Belgian Day, 1915 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/8/1)
    1918-1920; Scrapbook of theatre programmes, playbills and newscuttings (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/8/2)
    1921-1924; Scrapbook mainly of theatre programmes, playbills and newscuttings concerning the 1923 production 'Bulldog Drummond' at the New Palace Theatre, Melbourne (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/8/3)
    1905, 1911, 1924-1931; Scrapbook of theatre programmes, playbills and newscuttings (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/8/4)
    1935; Scrapbook of newscuttings concerning the King's Jubilee Shilling's Fund (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/9)

    1884; Bobadil, comic opera in three acts. Libretto by Walter Parke. First produced at the New Opera House, Sydney, under the management and direction of Messrs Marjeroni and Wilson, 22 Nov. 1884 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/9)
    Date unknown; The queen's page : opera bouffe in three acts by Harold Witt Stephen, being a prompt-book (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/9)
    1873?; Fleur-de-lys : opera bouffe, in three acts and three tableux / written by H. B. Farnie...first performed at the Royal Philarmonic Theatre, April 5th, 1873...London : W. Gee (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/9)
    Date unknown; Falka : comic opera, MS., with musical score (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/10)

    Collection of playscripts, including MS. and typescript versions, annotated printed copies and prompt-book
    1855?; Still waters run deep : an original comedy in three acts / by Tom Taylor. London : T. H. Lacy. Annotated copy (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/10)
    1850; Prince Dorus, or, The romance of the nose. London : Hailes Lacy. Annotated copy, with signature of James H. Rainford and note: 'Localised by Hawker Banks May 1872, Sydney' (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/10)
    1839; Jack Sheppard : a drama, in four acts / by J. B. performed at the Theatre Royal, Adelphi...; splendidlyillustrated with an etching , Pierce Egan, the younger, froma drawing taken during the representation. London : Webster and Co. (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/10)
    1831; High ways and by ways : a farce, in two acts / by Benjamin Webster. London : J. Cumberland (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/10)
    Date unknown; Going to the derby ! : an original farce, in one act...the only edition correctly marked, by permission, from the prompter's book...London : Duncombe and Moon (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/10)
    Date unknown; The Irish widow : a farce, in two acts / by David Garrick. London : D. S. Maurice (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/10)
    1856?; A conjugal lesson, in one act / by H. Danvers...first performed at the Royal Olympic Theatre, Thursday, July 3rd, 1856. London : Hailes Lacy (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/10)
    ca. 1870-1920; Further playscripts, some incomplete, with notes. MS., typescript (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/11)
    Collection of playscripts and one music manuscript, identified and/or inscribed as formerly belonging to Frank Hawthorne
    Date unknown; 'A Gay Deceiver', MS. (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/12)
    1848; Old heads and young hearts : a comedy in five acts.../ by Dion Bourcicault. New York : Douglas. Modern standard drama no. LXII (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/12)
    Date unknown; 'Too much Johnson / by William Gillette. Processed typescript, with enclosures being newscutting review of and programme of production at palace Theatre, Sydney, 17 Apr. 1915 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/12)
    ca. 1901; 'Charley's aunt'. MS. and typescript versions, with programme of production at Princess Theatre, Melbourne (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/12)
    Date unknown; Music manuscript, being piano part for 'Researching the Amateurs', arranged by Hal R. Dyson (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/12)

    Collection of playscripts, identified and/or inscribed as formerly belonging to W. J. Wilson
    1887-1896; 'Hide and Seek', MS. and newscutting review (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/13/1)
    1891; 'Mixed', MS., being an adaptation by Walter S. Craven (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/13/2)
    1894; 'East and West', MS. (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/13/3)
    Date unknown; 'The heir at law', MS. (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/13/4)
    1848; Jack-in-office; or, prigs in place. A comedy in three acts / by [Edward Jerningham Wakefield]. London : Stewart & Murray (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/14/1)
    Date unknown; 'Bad Lands', mainly MS., with related papers (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/14/2)

    ca. 1858-1908; Papers of W. J. Wilson, assembled by Hugh J. Ward, including carte-de-visite portrait, ca. 1871; stage set drawings; and letter from J. C. Williamson, 10 March, 1880 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/15X)


    19OO-1952; Correspondence with, among others, Frederic H. Miller and Melbourne Ward (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/16)
    Date unknown; Address book (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/16)
    1924; Passport (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/16)
    1947, Date unknown; Notebook of theatrical reminiscences mainly concerning Fuller Bros and J. C. Williamson (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/16)
    1922-1925; Scrapbook of newscuttings and theatre programmes (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/16)
    1920-1941, Date unknown; Miscellaneous papers, including photocopy of Life Governor's Certificate presented by The Women's Hospital, Crown Street, Sydney (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/16)


    ca. 1910-1955; Miscellaneous papers (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/16)


    1938?; Diary, May-June 1938?, being chiefly a field diary (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/17/1)

    1925-1965; Personal correspondence with, among others, Stanley H. Boyd, 1941; Australian Natives' Association. Sydney Branch, 1942; California Academy of Sciences, 1925, 1931; Hubert Lyman Clark, 1935; George Dromgold, 1938; Geographical Society of New South Wales, 1930; Institut oceanographique (Monaco); Michael Lerner; Sidney William Jackson, 1939; Linnean Society of New South Wales; Mary J. Rathbun, 1931; James B. Schackleford, 1936; Hugh J. Ward; Len B. Wilson, 1932; and Zoological Society of London, 1939, together with Mel Ward's letters to Dotsie [?], 1932-1934 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/17/2)
    1942; '1942', being folder of mainky letters received (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/17/3)
    1955; Letters of condolence received on the death of his brother, Hugh F. Ward (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/17/4)

    ca. 1943-1966; Melbourne Ward's Gallery of Natural History and Native Art, Medlow Bath, N.S.W. and Pyala Museum, Echo Point, N.S.W. correspondence files:

    Gallery/Museum correspondence: A
    Correspondents include Aboriginal Advancement League of South Australia, Adult Deaf & Dumb Society of New South Wales, Max Afford, American Women's Club of Sydney, Angus & Robertson, F. R. Astle, Australasian photo-review, Australian Board of Missions. Sydney Women's Auxiliary, Australian Broadcasting Commission, Australian Museum, together with agreement between The Hydro (Medlow Bath) Limited and Melbourne Ward, 26 Dec. 1943, signed by Mark F. Foy, Managing Director (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/18/1)

    Gallery/Museum correspondence: B
    Correspondents include Frank Baker, Isobel Bennett, Blackheath Parents & Citizens' Association and Stanley H. Boyd (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/18/2)

    Gallery/Museum correspondence: C-F
    Correspondents include CSIRO and Entomological Society of New South Wales, and correspondence filed under 'E', relating to Entertainment Tax on Educational Exhibitions (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/18/3)

    Gallery/Museum correspondence: G-K
    Correspondents include Great Barrier Reef Committee, W. E. Harney, Ion L. Idriess and Institut oceanographique (Monaco) (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/18/4)

    Gallery/Museum correspondence: L-M
    Correspondents include Linean Society of New South Wales, A. S. Luchetti and W. J. McKell (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/18/5)

    Gallery/Museum correspondence: N-R
    Correspondents include Outdoors and fishing : the sportsman's magazine and Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/18/6)

    Gallery/Museum correspondence: S-Z
    Correspondents include James B. Shackleford, South Australian Museum, Sydney Savage Club, Taronga Zoological Park Trust, United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs, United States. Consulate General (Sydney, N.S.W.), Western Australian Museum and Zoological Society of London (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/19/1)

    1954-ca. 1965; Sample responses on paper slips to questions from children visitors to the Gallery of Natural History, Medlow Bath, and Pyala Museum, Echo Point (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/19/2)
    1948, 1959-1964; Correspondence with adults and children, particularly viewers of his series of talks on TCN Channel 9's programme, 'Desmond Tester's Channel 9-Pins' (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/19/3)
    1954-1965; Papers concerning talks and segments on television programmes, particularly on TCN Channel 9, and for short film productions (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/19/4)

    1941-1943; Papers concerning Australian Army Education Service (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/20/1)
    1943-1944; Papers concerning Blue Mountains Naturalists' Club (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/20/2)
    1962-1965; Papers concerning Blue Mountains Civil Defence Organisation (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/20/3)
    1928-1957; Legal and financial papers, including correspondence with F. W. Hall & Edgington, solicitors (formerly D. R. Hall & Co.), 1939-1957; E. H. Hoven & Co., solicitors, 1953; David R. Watson and Leo C. Wood, chartered accountants, 1943-1957; and Colin & Gordon Walker, estate agents, 1945-1957 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/20/4)
    ca. 1930-ca. 1960; Notebooks (12) (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/21)

    ca. 1930-1966; Literary manuscripts, being mainly research and speech notes, radio talks and lectures:

    Include the following titles: 'Legends of Rivers and Oceans', 'Mermaids (Sea Cows)', 'Turtles', 'Living off the Land', 'Notes and Small Essays', 'The Mystery of Perfume', 1935; 'Legends of Lizards' and 'Notes from Lindeman Island, 1934 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/22)

    Include the following titles: 'Folklore of Foot Tracks', 'Folklore of Automatic Figures', ca. 1953; 'Thoughts on Australia', 'In Search of Bubba Peibei', 'Moon Magic', 'A Thought on Brainwashing', ca. 1955; 'Negro America Nos. 1&2 [relating to voodoo]', 'Folklore of Branding', ca. 1951; ' Tiny Toilers [:] The life of Reef building corals', 'Gunnakulla', 'The Story of the Other Wise Man [Artaban, the magician]', 'Music can kill', 'An Afternoon at an Australian Aboriginal Camping Ground', 'Folklore of the Skull', ca. 1953; 'Queen Elizabeth', 'Ireland', 'Flags', 'Wunna, the Wooden Bird : A Study of the Australian Boomerang', 'Ayres Rock & Mountains', 'Folklore of Books', 'Fishing Methods of Primitive People', 'Dogs, Man's First Friend', 1949; 'Folklore of the Road', 'Moon Struck'. 'Folklore of Patriotism', 'Folklore of the Bat', 'Fabulous Monsters of the Australian Bush' and 'Australian Aborigines', and 'Quoth the Lizard', being a collection of short stories (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/23)

    Include the following titles: 'The Folklore of the Axe and its Relations', 'Fowl Folklore', 'Legends of the Mountains', 'Reverie : A Fragment of Memory from Lindeman Island', 'Haunted', 'Murray Island and its People', 'The Voice in the Trees', 'The Origins of Museums', 'Folklore of the Crocodile', 'Witchcraft', 'Scientists and the Community', 'Son of the Rock. A study of Elves', 'Folklore of the Coconut', 'Legends of Rivers and Oceans', 'Notes for the Folklore of Shields', 'History of Humans', 'Legends of Snakes', 'The Origin of Women', 'Kings and Crowns', 'Tears of the Sun - Folklore of Gold', 'They Work Underwater', 1954; 'The Human Face', 'Note for folklore of Justice', Notes on Rape', notes concerning the origin/tradition of Christmas, 'Notes for Talk on the History of Education' and 'The Folklore of Frogs' (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/24)

    Include the following titles, with research material: 'Bull's Camp', including letter received from N. W. G. Macintosh, Professor of Anatomy, University of Sydney, 4 Apr. 1956; 'A History of Women', Folklore of Capital Punishment', 'Queens of England', 'Symbolism', 'A Note on Rosaries', 'Armour', 'The Story of Russia', 'Atomic Weapons and Total Warfare', 'Superstition', being questionnaires and letter received from Stanley H. Boyd, 26 Sept. 1966; 'Frank Walford, J.P.', typescript concerning Nauru, 'Mel Ward's "Pyala" Museum', 'Aborigines of Australia', folder of papers including 'Folklore of Goodness' and Kalori : newsletter of the Art Galleries and Museums Association, no. 12, 12 Oct. 1955, and folder of papers including 'Obscenity Bill and Madam Butterfly' (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/25)

    Include the following titles: Folder of papers including 'Fishes of New Guinea'; folder of papers including 'The Search for Water', 'Amongst the Denizens of a Coral Reef'; folder of papers including 'Cats', 'The Horse', 'The Dragon', 'Butterflies', 'Animal Worship', 'The Fox', 'The Griffin', 'The Unicorn' and 'Harpies and Bats'; folder of papers including 'Tales told during the Legend walks at the Hydro' and publicity material for Mel Ward's Museum at Echo Point, Katoomba, N.S.W.; and folder of papers including 'The New Australians', being a collection of short stories, and 'The Divine Train' and 'Mountain Magic' (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/26)

    ca. 1961, Date unkown; Folders (3) of papers, being mainly notes and scripts for the radio programme, 'Out of the Past' (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/27)
    Date unknown; '"Eyes on the Stars" / Introduction, and up to 1910', partly drawn from scrapbooks (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/28/1)
    Date unknown; 'Eyes on the Stars / The Story of a Theatrical Family / By /Melbourne ward', being family traditions not drawn from scrapbooks (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/28/2)
    1929, Date unknown; Folder of papers, mainly of typed transcripts of 'Theatricals in Australia' by Hugh J. Ward, Date unknown, and copies of newscutting: 'Let's Peep Inside - Flat No.1 "Bellevue Gardens" Mr Hugh Ward's Home', Sunday Pictorial, 28 July 1929, p. 33 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/28/3)

    ca. 1903, Date unknown; Folder of papers, including typed transcripts of Hugh J. Ward's and J. C. Williamson's Thoughts on Acting, ca. 1903 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/28/4)

    ca. 1910-ca. 1915; Scrapbook: 'This is the first scrapbook I ever had !' (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/29/1)
    1916-1926, 1948; Scrapbook of newscuttings concerning Dorothy Brunton, donated to the Natural History Gallery by Howard Nicholls, 1948. Includes photoprints of Brunton and letter from Frank Morton to Hugh J. Ward, 3 Apr. 1916 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/29/2)
    1926-1946; Scrapbook of newscuttings, mainly concerning Mel Ward's career as a naturalist (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/29/3)

    192--1963; Newscuttings (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/30/2)
    1944-ca. 1960; Newscuttings concerning superstition and witchcraft (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/30/3)
    1956-1958; Newscuttings mainly concerning witchcraft and black magic in New Guinea (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/30/4)

    1947; Papers concerning Pioneer Tours Darwin Holiday, 16 June-13 July 1947 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/31/1)
    1957; Travel miscellanea (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/31/2)

    1914-ca. 1962; Miscellaneous papers, including passports, 1922 and 1957; MS. article by Dame Mary Gilmore, 10 July 1956, concerning her father and his building trade; and a copy of Taronga Zoological Park and Aquarium Sydney, Australia : official record of Sydney's Zoological Gardens, past and present, with illustrations, May 1940, by H. B. Brown (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/31/3)

    Date unknown, 1924-1966; Printed material, including Camp Enterprise, Coasters Retreat, Pittwater (1931?) Directors: Hugh Ward Jun. [and] Mel Ward F.Z.S., being processed typescript (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/31/4)
    1921-1938; Papers of John MacPherson concerning Australian medical history, with particular reference to John Lhotsky and Thomas Arndell. Correspondents include A. A. Arndell, W. H. D. Le Souef [?], George G. Reeve, Tremayne Roddy and Henry Selkirk (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/32/1)
    194-; Presentation album to Elsie Waine of sheet music of popular songs by various composers, with autographs of, among others, Peter Dawson, Gladys Moncrieff and Ethel Brunton Gibb (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/32/2)
    Date unknown; 'Redwine' by Tal Ordell, being synopsis of the story. Typescript with author's signature (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/32/3)


    1932-1933, 1938; Letters received from Mel Ward (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/32/4)
    1941-1968; Correspondence with, among others, Guy Boyd, Mark F. Foy, 'Gilgum' (Gilbert P. Whitley), Gladys Moncrieff, N.S.W. Civil Defence Organisation, F. H. Talbot, Frederick Watson and Eric Worrell (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/32/5)
    1966-1967, 1983; Papers concerning tributes to Mel Ward, including death notices; correspondence with Stanley H. Boyd and 'Gilgum' (Gilbert P. Whitley), with a reprint of his article, 'Melbourne Ward', from Proceedings of the Royal Zoological Society of N.S.W, 24 Feb. 1967 (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/32/6)
    1957; Notebook/diary concerning trip to the United States (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/33/1)
    195--1983; Miscellaneous papers, including passport, 1957; and notes: 'The Potential Development of Mel Ward's Museums' (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/33/2)
    1948-1983; Newscuttings (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/33/3)
    1936-1981; Printed material, including booklets by Mel Ward: Waratah Legends, Legends of the Mountains, Waratah Legends of the Mountains and Legend Walk : Australian Aboriginal Legends (1981) (Call No.: MLMSS 6927/33/4)

    Author/Artist entries:
    Aboriginal Advancement League of South Australia
    Adcock, John
    Adult Deaf & Dumb Society of New South Wales
    Afford, Max, 1906-1954
    Ageold Public Relations Pty. Ltd.
    American Women's Club of Sydney
    Angus & Robertson
    Arndell, A. A.
    Astle, F. R.
    Australasian photo-review
    Australia. Army. Education Service
    Australian Board of Missions. Sydney Women's Auxiliary
    Australian Broadcasting Commission
    Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies
    Australian Museum
    Australian Natives' Association. Sydney Branch
    Australian-American Co-operation Movement
    Australia's 150th Anniversary Celebrations Council
    Baker, Frank
    Bennett, Isobel, 1909-
    Blackheath Parents & Citizens' Association
    Blue Mountains Civil Defence Organisation
    Blue Mountains Naturalists' Club
    Bowles, George
    Boyd, Guy, 1923-
    British American Co-operation Movement
    Brown, H. B. (Howard Bruce)
    Brunton, Dorothy, d. 1977
    California Academy of Sciences
    Chisholm, Alec H. (Alec Hugh), 1890-1977
    Clark, Hubert Lyman, 1870-1947
    Craven, Walter S.
    Dawson, Peter, 1882-1961
    De Chair, Enid, Lady
    Dodd, Tremayne
    Dromgold, George
    Entomological Society of New South Wales
    Foy, Mark F.
    Game, Philip, Sir, 1876-1961
    Geographical Society of New South Wales
    Gilbert, W. S. (William Schwenk), 1836-1911
    Gilmore, Mary, Dame, 1865-1962
    Great Barrier Reef Committee
    Harney, W. E. (William Edward), 1895-1962
    Hawthorne, Frank
    Holman, W. A. (William Arthur), 1871-1934
    Hydro (Medlow Bath) Limited
    Idriess, Ion L. (Ion Llewellyn), 1890-1970
    Institut oceanographique
    Iredale, Tom, 1880-1972
    Jackson, Sidney William, 1873-1946
    Jaffin, John J.
    Le Souef, W. H. Dudley (William Henry Dudley), 1856-1923
    Lerner, Michael
    Linnean Society of New South Wales
    Luchetti, A. S. (Anthony Silvester), 1904-1984
    Macintosh, N. G. W. (Neil William George)
    McKell, William, Sir, 1891-1985
    Melba, Nellie, Dame, 1861-1931
    Melbourne Liedertafel
    Miller, Frederic H.
    Moncrieff, Gladys, 1893-1976
    Morton, Frank, 1869-1923
    New South Wales. Civil Defence Organisation
    Ordell, Tal
    Outdoors and fishing : the sportsman's magazine
    Preston-Stanley, M. (Millicent), 1883-1955
    Rainford, James H.
    Rathbun, Mary J. (Mary Jane), 1860-1943
    Reeve, George Gresham
    Ritchard, Cyril, 1899-1978
    Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales
    Scott, Jas R.
    Selkirk, Henry, 1857-1930
    South Australia. State Centenary Committee
    South Australian Museum
    Sydney Savage Club
    Talbot, F. H. (Frank Hamilton), 1930-
    Taronga Zoological Park Trust
    Thompson, Alexander
    United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs
    Waine, Elsie
    Ward, Halley Kate
    Ward, Hugh F.
    Ward, Hugh J. (Hugh Joseph), 1871-1941
    Ward, Mary Grace
    Ward, Melbourne, 1903-1966
    Watson, Frederick, 1878-1945
    Western Australian Museum
    Whitley, Gilbert P. (Gilbert Percy), 1903-1975
    Wilson, Len B.
    Wilson, W. J., fl. 1877-1907
    Worrell, Eric
    Zoological Society of London
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