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    Sydney Opera House construction, 1963-1964 including model of earlier design in Utzon's studio, Hellebaek, Denmark / photographed by R. Brownell
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    PXA 735
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    1998 (photoprints from original photonegatives made 1959-60? and 1963-1964)
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    Photographs - 20.5 x 30.5 and 30.5 x 20.5 cm. - 40 silver gelatin photoprints
  • Scope and Content
    Contents list compiled by R. Brownell
    1. Model of earlier design in Utzon's studio, Hellebaek [1959-1960?]
    2. Stage 1 complete, March 1963
    3. Stage 1 - west elevation
    4. Concourse steps, March 1963
    5. Concourse
    6. Minor Hall stage
    7. Minor Hall, March 1963
    8. Minor and Major Halls, March 1963
    9. Major Hall - exit to lounge bar (harbourside foyer)
    10. Major Hall bar lounge
    11. Underside of concourse looking towards Minor Hall entrance
    12. Concourse beams
    13. Concourse area after heavy rain
    14. Central services passage
    15. A start on Stage 2 - stage rear walls constructed
    16. Reinforcing starter bars for shell base
    17. Reinforcing in place for shell base
    18. Formwork for shell base
    19. Major Hall "octopus" arches and ribs in place, 1964
    20-22. Form for pre-cast elements for octopus arch
    23. Octopus arch - fixing steel for ribs for elements
    24. Octopus arch - element ribs in place in forms
    25. Steel fixing in insitu part of octopus arch
    26. Octopus arches and temporary strutting, Major and Minor Halls
    27. Cage for steel reinforcing assembly for shell element
    28. Sliding forms for shell elements, with central keel
    29. Shell elements in the yard, forms in background
    30. Full range of shell elements awaiting erection
    31. Building new columns for shells central passage area
    32. Erection of telescopic steel erection arch
    33. Setting up for positioning erection arch on shell base
    34. Minor Hall shell base no. 1 and Major Hall ditto with erection arch and first elements in place
    35-36. Major Hall erection of shells
    37. Top of erection arch preparing for placing of element
    38. Shell no. 2, Minor Hall
    39. Preparing to place an element
    40. Full size mock-up of cladding element, 1964
  • Source
    Purchased Feb 1998
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    Australian architect Raymond Brownell worked with Utzon on the Sydney Opera House project. For a list of architectural plans by Raymond Brownell (RPB) see `Utzon's index of plans' available at PXn 873, Original Materials Reading Room, Mitchell Library
    Model of earlier design in Utzon's studio, Hellebaek (No.1) dated by David Messent author of: Opera House act one. Balgowlah, N.S.W. : David Messent Photography, 1997
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    Copyright R. Brownell ... -- label on reverse of each photoprint
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