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    Volume 01-08: The Daily Telegraph war cartoons, 1914 / original drawings by Hal Eyre
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    PXD 518/nos. 1-38c
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    41 drawings - 63 x 50.5 cm.-50.5 x 63 cm. - ink
  • Scope and Content
    Volume 01
    1. The European situation, 4 Aug
    2. The lion aroused. "Want war do you? Very well - Come on!", 6 Aug.
    3. Shade of the peacemaker ... 10 Aug 1914
    3b. Bravo Belgium! ... 11 Aug 1914
    4. 1815-1914, Shade of Napoleon (to the Kaiser) - `come over here!'

    Volume 02
    5. German Empire ... Aug 15th
    6. Moving him on - Japan (with the utmost politeness) - "Will the honourable German graciously move on please?" Aug 20th 1914
    7. The Kaiser's nightmare - the English Expeditionary Force has landed safely in France and is speeding to the seat of war, Aug 22nd 1914
    8. Recognising bravery - England & France (to the man who held the fort) - "Bravo! Belgium, you were indeed the right man in the right place"
    9. The sower. What will the harvest be? - Aug 22nd

    Volume 03
    10. The Day - The British bull-dog: "The day is here so why don't you come out & fight? "
    11. "Coming events -"
    12. Austria and the bear - The Austrian Army, owing to the victory of the Russians is now an unimportant factor in the war, news item. Sept 10th 1914
    13. The British way - Government notice, during the war no bye-elections will be contested signed John Bull, England
    14. Winged - It is officially reported that the German Army in France is retreating rapidly in a disorganised condition before the French & British Allied Forces. Sept 15th 1914

    Volume 04
    15. The price of admiralty - The Min. for Defence has announced that the Australian submarine AE1 with 35 officers & men has been lost
    16. The writing on the wall - Berlin is being placarded with posters on which is written "We want peace"
    17. Mine laying - John Bull: "This mine-laying is a game I don't take to but I must play according to German rules"
    18. Still they come - Indian troops have landed in France. The Kaiser: "Ach! here is another one!", Oct 8th 1914
    19. Little Jap horner, Oct 10th 1914

    Volume 05
    20. The line of least resistance - Germany: "What a great warrior am I! only 2 months ago I started to conquer the world and since then I've been almost to Paris & back again, and I've broken the back of this large ferocious lion", Oct 13th 1914
    21. Still at large - Germany: "So! here's the Belgian lions den alright; but the lion & his cubs are not herein", Oct 17th
    22. Not yet - Germany: "Come with me & share my victories" Turkey: "Please excuse me, I haven't got my punch back yet"
    23. Not received
    24. The German soldiers load - The German soldiers `fighting for freedom' will be a decided gainer - if he is defeated
    25. Carried away - Turkey: "Allah be merciful! this German bred beast has bolted"

    Volume 06
    26. Turkey's mistake - Turkey (to Russia after shooting) "I beg your pardon Mr Bear, I didn't mean to, I didn't know it was loaded" Nov 5th 1914
    27. Huffed - During a raid off the English coast by seven German cruisers the British submarine D5 was sunk, the Germans escaped (news item). The Kaiser: "I'll huff you John for not taking my man". John Bull: "But the game is not finished yet"
    28. The incoming tide - German colonies, Nov 10th 1914
    29. A feather in his cap. H.M.A.S. Sydney engaged the famous German cruiser Emden off the Cocos Islands with the result that the Emden was run ashore on Nth Cocos Island & became a total wreck (news item)
    30. Our ally - King Winter ... of the severe European winter the Germans are falling back, Nov 14th 1914

    Volume 07
    31. But his spirit lives
    32. The double-headed eagle bites - Turkey: "Bismillah! I forgot this Russian eagle has two beaks"
    33. Another German `success' - Gen. von Hindenberg (to the Kaiser) "I've got him your majesty but I haven't quite annihilated him"
    34. Scotch that snake (treason), Oct 29th 1914
    35. Scotched (treason)

    Volume 08
    36. Now it's Warsaw - The Prussian soldier: "First it's Paris, then it's Calais, now it's Warsaw, where next?"
    37. `Murdered sleep' - The Kaiser's condition is causing grave concern. He is reported to be in a highly nervous state & suffers from sleeplessness
    38. Another attempted German outrage - The German party (to Santa Claus) "Halt! by command of the Kaiser you are not to appear this season"
    38b. Peace: "Won't you please come inside and talk it over?" - Efforts are being made to secure a peaceful settlement of the dispute between Austria & Servia by the neutral powers (news item)
    38c. On the road to Paris - Germany: "We're coming closer to Paris John Bull". John Bull: "The further you advance the longer will be the road back to Berlin"
  • Copying Conditions
    Out of copyright: Creator died before 1955
    Please acknowledge: : Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
  • Published Information
    A selection of these drawings are reproduced in:¶The "Daily Telegraph" War cartoons : a collection of cartoons / by Hal Eyre. Sydney : Watkin Wynne for the Daily Telelgraph, [19-]
  • General note

    State Library of New South Wales collection of World War I pictorial material
    Digital order no:Album ID : 1012339
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    Hal Eyre lower edge
  • Conservation note

    Some drawings are on artists prepared coated paper
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