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    Knox family - Papers, 1835-1928, with incidental papers, 1851-1898, including papers of Joseph Grafton Ross, 1854-1894
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    MLMSS 98
    SAFE/MLMSS 98/vol. 65/pp. 1, 79, 231 (Safe 2/11)
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    1835 - 1928
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    Microfilm : CY 1064, frames 1-524 (MLMSS 98/23-24); CY 4398, frames 1-314 (MLMSS 98/60-61X); CY 4464, frames 1-377 (MLMSS 98/102).
  • Physical Description
    95 volumes, 10 boxes, 12 folders - manuscript, printed, typescript

    Sir Edward Knox (1819-1901), sugar-refiner, banker and parliamentarian, was born at Helsingor, Denmark. After commercial training in Denmark he entered his uncle's London merchant house as a junior clerk. He decided to travel to Australia, arriving on 26 February, 1840. By 1842 he had become manager of the Australian Auction Company and in 1843 transferred to the Australasian Sugar Company. In 1855 this company merged to become the Colonial Sugar Refining Company with which Sir Edward Knox remained associated until his death. He was also a director and chairman of the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney at various times from 1845 to 1901, a chairman and trustee of the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company, a founding member of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce and a director of the Royal Exchange of Sydney. He also had pastoral interests in Queensland. Knox was appointed a member of the NSW Legislative Council (1856-1857) and was re-appointed in 1881, but resigned due to ill health in 1894.
    Sir Edward Knox had a close association with the Anglican Church in Sydney, St. Andrew's Cathedral and various other churches and church-related organizations. He was also a founding director of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the Union Club, of which he was President from 1882 to 1901
    On 4 June, 1844 Sir Edward Knox married Martha Rutledge. He had four sons and four daughters. Of these, George Knox (1845-1888) was a solicitor, Edward William Knox (1847-1933) succeeded his father as chairman of C.S.R., Thomas Forster Knox (1849-1919) became managing director of Dalgety and Co. Ltd. and Sir Adrian Knox (1863-1932) was appointed Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia. [ref:ADB 5; ADB 9]
    Sir Adrian Knox (1863-1932), barrister, parliamentarian and chief justice, was born at Sydney, son of Edward and Martha Knox. He was educated at Sydney before continuing his education at Harrow and at Trinity College, University of Cambridge where he graduated Bachelor of Laws in 1885. He was admitted to the Inner Temple (1883) and to the London Bar (1886) before returning to Sydney where he was admitted to the Bar in July of the same year. He was elected a member of the NSW Legislative Assembly for the seat of Woollahra (1894-1898). In 1919 he was appointed Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia and held the position until his resignation in March 1930. [ref:ADB 9]
  • Scope and Content
    Guide and index to correspondents compiled in the Mitchell Library, 56ff (Call No.: MLMSS 98/1)

    I. SIR EDWARD KNOX. 1831-1901
    A. Personal correspondence, 1835-c.1900 (Call No.: MLMSS 98/2-13)
    B. General business correspondence, 1839-ca.1900 (Call No.: MLMSS 98/14-22)
    C. Letterbooks, 1857-1880 (Call No.: MLMSS 98/23-24 ; CY 1064)
    D. Business diary, 1878 (Call No.: MLMSS 98/23-24)
    Maps filed at M Ser 4 000/1 MLMSS 98 Maps 1-3
    E. Papers re business interests, 1838-1899. Including i.a. Colonial Sugar Refining Company; Commercial Banking Company of Sydney; Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company; Coonambula, station, Gayndah, Queensland; Cania, station, Mount Perry, Queensland; Whiteside, station, Moreton Bay district, Queensland (Call No.: MLMSS 98/25-32)
    Maps filed at M Ser 4 000/1 MLMSS 98 Maps 4-5
    F. Papers re various institutions and organizations, 1841-1901, including i.a. the Union Club; the Queen's Jubilee Fund; the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital; Carrington Centennial Hospital; St. Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney; St. Mark's, Darling Point, N.S.W.; All Saints, Woollahra, N.S.W.; Clergy Widows'and Orphans'Fund; Church Society; Berrima Parsonage, N.S.W.; Sydney Grammar School. Includes i.a. letters from Robert Campbell junior to W.G. Broughton (Call No.: MLMSS 98/33-43)
    G. Papers re parliamentary career, 1856-c.1894 (Call No.: MLMSS 98/44-45)
    H. Papers re various trusts and estates, 1851-1900 (Call No.: MLMSS 98/46-84)
    i) 'Severin Kanute Salting', 1858-1900
    Includes correspondence with Severin Kanute Salting, William Severin Salting, George Salting, material re Cunningham Plains station, near Galong, N.S.W., and material re Bonyeo station, near Galong, N.S.W.
    Maps filed at M Ser 4 000/1 MLMSS 98 Maps 6-12
    ii) 'William Rutledge', 1858-1901
    Includes correspondence with William Rutledge, Thomas Rutledge, William Forster Rutledge, Thomas Forster Rutledge, William Rupert Rutledge
    iii) 'William Bradley', 1863-1898
    Includes material re Bibbenluke station, Bibbenluke, N.S.W.
    iv) 'Ada Bransby', 1870-1900
    Includes correspondence with Ada Bransby, also addressed as Ada Stuart and correspondence of A. Stanger Leathes
    v) 'Louisa Australia Blaxland', 1869-1907
    Includes birth certificate of William Blaxland and notebooks of Elizabeth A. Mapledoram
    [3 letters regarding the estate of Louisa Australia Blaxland (pages 1, 79 and 231) and a letter addressed to E.T. Blaxland, Grafton, removed from Vol.65 and placed at Safe 2 / 11]
    vi) 'Emily Crawley', 1854-1898
    Includes correspondence with Emily Crawley
    vii) 'Robert Towns', 1874-1900 viii 'Louis Sentis', 1879-19OO
    Includes correspondence with Louis Sentis, Marie Sentis, Ernestine Desiree Sentis, Paul Phillippe Sentis and Madame Joubert
    viii) 'Louis Sentis', 1879-1900
    Includes correspondence with Louis Sentis, Marie Sentis, Ernestine Desiree Sentis, Paul Phillippe Sentis and Madame Joubert
    ix) 'Reginald Perkins', 1853-1889
    Includes correspondence with Richard Netterfield, Reginald Perkins, Jane Perkins, Herbert Perkins, Henrietta Perkins, Sydney Perkins, E.M. Perkins, Lucy Perkins, material re Mundubbera, station, Gayndah, Queensland
    x) 'Herbert Stiles', 1878-1900
    Includes correspondence with Herbert Stiles and correspondence between Henry Deloitte and Henry and Mary Stiles
    xi) 'Edward John Wall', 1863-1900
    Includes correspondence with Robert Henry Woodward, Charles Woodforde, Charles Neal McKenny, Letitia Wan
    xii) 'Margaret Campbell', 1851-1891
    xiii) 'John D. Brown', 1847-c.1889
    Includes assignment and release of Charlotte Brown
    xiv) 'Augusta Sams', 1881-C.1889
    Augusta Sams married Sir George Macleay in 1890
    xv) 'Robert Tooth', 1859-1861
    xvi) 'Grace Frances Rusden', 1890-1900
    xvii) 'Edwin Campbell', 1850-1859
    I. Financial papers, 1849-c.1900 (Call No.: MLMSS 98/85-91)
    J. Miscellaneous papers, 1846-1901. Includes invitations (Call No.: ML MSS 98/92-93)
    Maps filed at M Ser 4 000/1 MLMSS 98 Maps 13-15
    K. Newscuttings, 1856-c.1900 (Call No.: MLMSS 98/94-96)
    L. Printed material, 1878-c.1900

    II. EDWARD WILLIAM KNOX, 1854-1928 (Call No.: MLMSS 98/99-100)

    III. THOMAS FORSTER KNOX, 1862-1897 (Call No.: MLMSS 98/101)

    IV. MARTHA KNOX nee RUTLEDGE, 1847-1901
    1847-1901; Letters received (Call No.: MLMSS 98/102)

    V. GEORGE KNOX. c.1871-1887
    ca.1871-1887; Correspondence (Call No.: MLMSS 98/102)

    1836,1860-1899; Include letters by Jane Knox senior, 1836, and Jessie Knox, 1860-1899 (Call No.: MLMSS 98/102)

    A. Papers of Joseph Grafton Ross, 1854-1894, mainly re the estates of the Samuel Bennett and William Alien families (Call No.: MLMSS 98/103-106)
    B. Correspondence of Sir Thomas A. Dibbs, 1888-1898 (Call No.: ML MSS 98/107)
    C. Miscellaneous papers, 1851-1889 (Call No.: MLMSS 98/107)

    VIII MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE, date unknown (Call No.: MLMSS 98/108-117)

    This collection includes pictorial material. For location and description of this see Pic.Acc.4763 in Pic. Source File.

    Abbott, Joseph Palmer, Sir, 1842-1901
    Barker, Frederic, 1808-1882
    Carrington, Charles Robert Wynn-Carrington, Baron, 1843-1928
    Cowper, Charles, Sir, 1807-1875
    Cowper, William Macquarie, 1810-1902
    Cox, George Henry, 1824-1901
    Darley, Frederick Matthew, Sir, 1830-1910
    Dibbs, George R. (George Richard), 1834-1904
    Dibbs,T A.(Thomas Allwright), 1832-1923
    Fairfax, James Reading, Sir, 1834-1919
    Fairfax, John, 1804-1877
    Faithfull, William Pitt, 1806-1896
    Hale, Mathew B. (Mathew Blagden), 1811-1895
    Halloran, Henry, 1811-1893
    Harris, Matthew, Sir, 1841-1917
    Hodgson, Arthur, Sir, 1818-1902
    Hunt, John Horbury, 1838-1904
    Jersey, Victor Albert George Child-Villiers, Earl of, 1845-1915
    Knox, Adrian, Sir, 1863-1932
    Knox, Edward, Sir, 1819-1901
    Knox, Edward William, 1847-1933
    Knox, George, 1845-1888
    Knox, Thomas Forster, 1849-1919
    MacLaurin, Henry, Sir, 1835-1914
    Manning, William Montagu, Sir, 1811-1895
    Marsden, Samuel Edward, 1832-1912
    Nicholson, Charles, Sir, 1808-1903
    Parkes, Henry, Sir, 1815-1896
    Rusden, G. W. (George William), 1819-1903
    Towns, Robert, 1794-1873
  • Source
    Presented by A. E. Knox in 1947
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  • General note

    This collection forms part of the Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government in NSW 1856-2006 Project.
    This collection includes ten volumes located at MLMSS 98/108-117 comprising miscellaneous correspondence extracted from papers at MLMSS 98/1-107 for reasons of conservation and preservation. Letters are encapsulated and incorporated in volumes numbered MLMSS 98/108-117. Previous location is noted in pencil on top of letters.
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