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  • Title
    [Scientific observations]
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    PXE 725/1562-1615
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    Photographs - 54 photoprints
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    1562. [The sea margin of the continental ice sheet. Coast E. of Cape Denison / Hurley]
    1563. [The ruins of the magnetic igloo at `The Grottoes' / Hoadley]
    1564. [Kennedy observing with the magnetometer `The Grottoes']
    1565. [One of the glacial lakes below the terminus of the ice cap, Cape Denison area / Hurley]
    1566. [Glacial lake below ice terminus, Cape Denison / Hurley]
    1567. [Culture of a mould in a petrie dish; McLean's preparation / Hurley]
    1568. [Madigan Nunatak from the S.E. / Laseron]
    1569. [The magnetograph house, Stillwell standing on the North face / Hurley]
    1570. [Contorted gneiss, Cape Denison area / Hurley]
    1571. [Kennedy rescuing instruments after collapse of igloo / Watson]
    1572. [Kennedy excavating magnetic igloo after collaspe in blizzard, `The Grottoes' / Watson]
    1573. To illustrate Webbs magnetic paper / Mawson
    1574. [View / Mawson]
    1575. [The magnetic station, Caroline Cove / Mawson]
    1576. [Webb visiting the magnetograph house on a clear spring day / McLean]
    1577. [Contortion in gneiss, Locality E. east of winter quarters, Adelie Land / Laseron]
    1578. [Aurora Peak / McLean]
    1579. [Abundant seaweed thrown up along the shore ice, near winter quarters / McLean]
    1580. [Dyke cutting gneiss at Locality F. as viewed from F, Cape Pigeon Rocks; view from the northern rock showing large dyke traversing gneiss in the southern rock / Laseron]
    1581. [View seawards below camp / Laseron]
    1582. [View from D. showing dome-shaped island / Laseron]
    1583. [Madigan Nunatak from the S.W. / Laseron]
    1584. [Anticline in the outcrop at Madigan Nunatak / Laseron]
    1585. [Garnetiferous gneiss at Locality D. Adelie Land / Laseron]
    1586. [Basic dykes at Locality F. Cape Pigeon Rocks, Adelie Land / Laseron]
    1587. [View near Station No.31 showing pinnacled island between Locality D. and Cape Pigeon Rocks, close in view / Laseron]
    1588. [View of Locality B. from the east, Adelie Land / Laseron]
    1589. [Descent to rocks at Locality D. Adelie Land / Laseron]
    1590. [A pleuophyllum meadow / Hamilton]
    1591. [Photo of an auroral band seen in the N. from Cape Denison / Hurley]
    1592. Winter quarters from the south east Adelie Land / Hurley
    1593. [A rocky scarp near Cape Denison / Hurley]
    1594. [A glacial groove in the gneiss on the west side of the Cape Denison area / Hurley]
    1595. [Old raised beach to the east of Cape Denison area / Hurley]
    1596. [Bassic inclusion on gneiss, Cape Denison area / Hurley]
    1597. [The highest peaks on Stillwell Island / Hurley]
    1598. [An ice polished face of gneiss near Anemometer Lake, Cape Denison area / Hurley]
    1599. [A general view of the terminal moraine south of the hut at Cape Denison / Hurley]
    1600. [Cape Hunter, looking north. Figure is Mawson / Hurley]
    1601. [Magnetic station, Caroline Cove, as seen from the west / Mawson]
    1602-1604. [Webbs paper, plates VI & VIII]
    1605. [Erecting framework of Magnetograph House / Mertz]
    1606. [Webb observing with Dip Circle on the inland ice slopes / McLean]
    1607. [Madigan constructs a sledging beacon with pit for instrument observations / McLean]
    1608. [Station on ice cap 301 miles S.S.E. of winter quarters, Cape Denison / Hurley]
    1609. [Field service tent of the Carnegie institution / Watson]
    1610. [Kennedy observing in magnetic tent, Shackleton Shelf / Moyes]
    1611. [Dennedy [Kennedy?] observing on the Shackleton Ice Shelf / Hoadley]
    1612. [The vicinity of `The Grottoes', Shackleton Ice Shelf, Q.M.L./ Wild]
    1613. [Stillwell Id. / Hurley]
    1614. [Sledging on the Adelie Land Plateau west of Aurora Peak, Madigan in lead / Mawson ; Plate LX, fig. 1]
    1615. [Huskies pulling sledge ; Plate LX, fig.2] (photograph digitised May 2002)
  • Source
    Presented 1923-1947
  • General note

    Titled from the contents list of the Australian Antarctic Expeditions at ON 144 Mitchell Library Original Materials Reading Room
    Photographers include Hamilton, Hoadley, Hurley, Laseron, Mawson, McLean, Mertz, Moyes and Watson
    Transfer from the Manuscripts Section (Australasian Antarctic Expedition papers, 1911-1914). Location number: ML MSS 171 Mitchell Library
    Digital order no:a203001
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